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This is a great podcast for a beginning or advanced drummer. It is a very interesting and well put together show. Why pay hundreds of dollars on drum lessons when you could just watch this? This is well worth the time to watch and is a must have.
Wow this is horrible! I haven't heard such a bad teacher. You need to be an intermediate player before you even begin to teach.
Darren does a great job of answering questions and addressing relevent topics for beginning to intermediate drummers.
He definetely knows his stuff. Good advice for all levels.
I'm just getting back into drumming after several years. Darren's lessons are very helpful, interesting, and well produced. I recommend them highly.
Straightforward good advice. Simple to follow ideas that you can apply to your own drumming. Everything is practical and not terribly complicated. This is not a "look at me and how good I am" kind of podcast, so you feel more included like a peer.
Drum lessons by a drummer/instructor/student of drumming who enjoys his craft. After listening/watching for months, you really get the sense that Darren enjoys playing the drums and doing these podcasts. I highly reccomend these podcasts to the beginner all the way through to the professional drummer. Great job, Darren! Keep up the good work
Great Podcast! I Look Forward To It Every Week! He Always Gives Away Free Stuff!!!!
great podcast good for all levels of drummers very informative and covers a lot in a matter of minutes keep it up unirunner!
...for podcasting unirunner. it's a gem and darren is serious about loving to play drums. thank you, darren. i can't thank you enough. your generosity, skill, and dedication to this simple podcast and current/potential students of the drums brings a grin to my face. and it's FREE. (like life). i don't smile when i don't play drums without this podcast i wouldn't be able to progress and learn basic terminology.... and stay challenged. thank you darren!.
Darren Matthes' unirunner Video Podcast Drum Lessons are a real treat. Each one is well-organized, to the point, informative, and very practical. Best of all, he covers topics that other instructors or drum students may have neglected in the past. Getting access to these is like a dream come true.
This guy knows his stuff and does a great job getting it done in such a short time. I would suggest having practice recordings of what you are doing Darren....like playing triplets.....maybe having 8 mesures of triplets at slower and faster speeds where we could practice with our drumsets at home. Great Podcast!!!!
Getting back into drums and getting an iPod at the same time has now perfectly jelled thanks to unirunner video drum lessons. A big thank you for taking the time to create, edit, and post this podcast!
Thank you, Darren Matthes, for taking the time to post these podcasts. They are fabulous! I am currently using them to brush up on techniques during my practice time. Each podcast is concise and very helpful. Matthes is a natural teacher.
What a great podcast! Good lessons taught by a good instructor. Well done!
These podcasts are awesome! These podcasts deal with some easy and difficult things but the instructions that are given are not hard to follow. I recomend any drummer to subscribe to them. I mean, c'mon they're FREE!
okay, I see only band geeks would like this podcast. Why would I like to learn how to drum? I have no intrest in such lame stuff. Maybe if it was funny it would be better but for now I'm just gonna give it one star.
I've been trying to get help playing the drum for a while and I new the basic but when I found this Podcast it helped me out so much. I advise anyone that is learning how to drum to get this podcast. And what makes it even better every thursday it gets updated so you could take thursday and maybe friday to learn some new material then you're ready for the weekend :)


By ryoga
Lots of info across in a very short time.
Yay Darren! Now I've got to get a video podcast. Or you've got to get a video iPod. Our plights are somehow congruent. Maybe we can trade. Corey V.
Found this podcast by accident and I'm really glad I did. Darren gets a lot across in a very quick fasion. Thanks