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This podcast is great and entertaining. It just feels like listening to every day Nintendo players like me. All for hosts plus the patron guest hosts are just as likable. keep up the good work Infendo
Team Infendo have a lot of fun talking all things Nintendo. The hosts provide multiple interesting points of views wile keeping the show fun and entertaining. Keep up the good work! -Mustard Giant Cow
This is the great podcast to listen to if you have any interest in Nintendo. the hosts have a great chemisty with each other and you can tell they really get along with each other. They also have a live chat every wednesday on Youtube at 630 MST and its a blast.
Love the personalities. Love the topics but* sound quality is in and out on the few I listened too and also music over voice makes it hard to listen.
Hosts are a perfect combination of structured and off the rails (in a good way). You'll never find a more genuine group of guys who genuinely enjoy quality gaming. Highly recommend the live show on YouTube. You'll practically be part of the show in the chat. Lots of laughs
Just wanted to write a review with a little bit of constructive criticism. First off I wanna say I enjoy this podcast, it's definitely entertaining and informative and I enjoy the discussions every episode. I do have a few complaints, however. The people on the show often talk over each other and interrupt each other, so often that it's honestly annoying. I understand this happens in podcasts, but there are times when one person is a good 3 or 4 seconds into their sentence and somebody else will interrupt to tell a joke or make a point about something else, and this will happen several times before the original person gets around to finishing their original point. From a listener's point of view, it's very obnoxious and distracting and it happens way too often. Another complaint is just from a technical perspective. There are times when one person's volume will either be way too loud or way too quiet compared to the rest of the people, and it'll happen randomly throughout the show. Perhaps try to work on that in the editing process. With all that aside, like I said I do enjoy this podcast for what it is. Just wanted to give some constructive criticism for you guys to make your show even better. Thanks!
Its nice seeing a podcast almost exclusively about Nintendo games and systems. Their reviews are trustworthy and they've got good taste in games. It's definitely worth giving them a listen.
This podcast is horrendous! It's boring and the hosts have little actual knowledge on the subject that they cover. Worse they actually pass on the ignorance! Now there are Nintendo fans that think the WiiU has 8 or 32GB memory. Podcast hosts need to do their homework and know what they're talking about. Worse they don't seem to be up to date on information either. Mii-Verse has darn near 1GB of RAM available to it exclusively. If you're going to analyze the WiiU do it right! They have dedicated double the RAM to the tablet and system functions. That's double the memory of PS3 and 360. XBL does what it does while having extremelly limited memory constraints. 512MB is shared for gaming, video and system functions(XBL) WiiU has twice that to accomadate the tablet and the Mii-verse connectivity aka system functions.
This podcast has became a staple part of my life. I enjoy the thoroughness that is given to literally every imaginable scenario possible in the Nintendo realm. As a life long Nintendo fan, this podcast does a phenomenal job mixing both the up and coming titles with the retro ballads I can't live without. To think that twenty plus years after Nintendo published games came out there are still enough people interested in them to justify three individuals creating an online discussion panel blows my mind. To those who say Nintendo is dead, I say it has became immortal. I look forward to following this podcast for years to come. Thank you for taking time out of your busy lives to let us know the news and rumors in an entertaining way.
This podcast has gone downhill.


By Jay5002
This podcast has become garbage.
Great Podcast Glad it is back!:) Although I will miss the old hosts (Blake and Derek) these 2 new guys are a good substitute. You can tell they really care about the topic.
I love this show and tune in as soon as possible. I just don't like the mic because they come from one one side of my mic per commentator (if that makes sense) Btw: LUIGIS MANSION 2!!!!
I just started listening to this podcast. It's really great and really informative! I'm a big Nintendo fan and you two do an excellent job at keeping me filled in. Thanks for the podcast.
It's like the old infendo radio got a super mushroom! Keep it up guys, loving it so far. :)
INFENDOS BACK BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I did look forward to you guys every week. It's been a while now, are you guys ending Infendo podcasts? You guys had the best Nintendo podcast! Come back, guys. Seriously. I expected at least some Skyward Sword podcasts about this time.
I know Blake is selling infendo but Derek, please continue with the podcasts. It was the only one I constantly listened to, please find a way to continue.
Infendo Radio is intelligent passion for all things Nintendo. It's also one of the few Nintendo podcasts that takes an objective approach to the topic. The hosts praise AND criticize Nintendo, which is refreshing. Their discussions are smart. Their insight is...insightful. They're also very handsome. And I'm not just saying that because I host the show.
These two fine gentlemen present us Nintendo fanboys with the best podcast on the market today! If you like Nintendo, then listen to this podcast! If you don't like Nintendo, then go home to your Nintendo hating family that raised you and take them all on a long space journey to another planet!!


By Jitsu99
You guys are one of my favorite pod cast. Love the show and keep it coming.
I applaud this podcast for being a fan of Nintendo yet still a critic. However, I've been listening to the recent episodes on the 3DS and have been constantly disappointed, not by their pessimistic approach, but by the utter ignorance displayed. Time and again I'm catching them saying stuff that exhibits a lack of knowledge about the very gadget their podcasting about. For instance, Nintendo has been working on stereoscopic 3D for a long time, since the Game Boy Advance, GameCube, and even back to the Super Nintendo. Look up Nintendo's "Iwata Asks" article on the 3DS. I haven't listened to a lot of other episodes, I admit, so I don't know how much research they normally do before discussing a topic. I won't be coming back to this podcast for info any more. Again, I do think it's wonderful that Infendo doesn't just get caught up in bias praises of the 3DS like another herald of it I know of.
Nintendo may hav inspired other game makers but their stuff is getting old and is crap
I love this podcast, this guys really know about Nintendo and how to entertain the fans. I really would like to have in the pod cast Alexis Santos and Zack.
This podcast is great because it keeps you informed about new games and it gives you detail so you don't have to buy the game and find out yourself
Once again I love this show! It has a great cast that is entertaining and full of interesting points of view.
You guys are awesome. I wish I could show up to the live chats more often, but even downloading the podcast is still awesome and fun. Keep it up.
They talk about boring crap, and fail at predicting outcomes of game sales, mainly by saying things like, "Kids hate the Beatles!" or "Grandparents aren't gonna buy Conduit!"
When Infendo Radio first started it was a fun and insightful show. Now that original cohosts Blake Snow and Scott Johnson have moved on there is a significant lack of personality and (more importantly) interesting insight. While Kyle Crane had taken over for hosting duties, the rest of the cast seemed to continually change (with Kyle now leaving too), replaced by individuals who enjoyed playing Nintendo games, but didn't really have much to say outside of basic "we like Nintendo" and "ooh, that'd be a nice feature" comments. The show, sadly, has turned into a bit of a zombie, a fallen star in the gaming podcast world. If you go back and listen to the older shows there was always user created content on the show and e-mails or voice messages. Now, it's just bland discussion about what was posted to the site that week and little else. I can read the site, so I don't need to wade through an hour of nothing to find the news that I want to hear. Furthermore, I can't remember the last time the show actually made me laugh outloud and I'm saddened to unsubscribe from the show.
and I have to say that after only episodes I am digging it harcore.Keep up the great work guys and thank you for the show.
Great reviews and a lot of banter make the podcast fun and informative!
So I have listened to every podcast so far and its been great. The podcast isnt as good or as long as it once was with Blake and Scott but its still good.
I subscribe to this podcast more for the entertainment value than the news. Sometimes they come across a topic of which no one in the podcast seems to know much about, and I'm left cringing. More often than not, however, the news is informative and the discussions are insightful, and of course the 'this week in gaming history' and the 'two cents in sixty seconds' segments never fail to entertain.
The best nintendo podcast out there. I'm sorry Scott's gone but Blake and Kyle will keep it going. Check out ExtraLife if you miss Scott.
I've been a long time listener to Infendo, and it seems like they are slipping. Scott is hardly on the show anymore, and the production quality is starting to decline. Keep it together boys, you have the best Nintendo podcast out there, but not for much longer!
i have been listining to extralife and some of scott johnsons other podcast so finding this one i have to hear this one of course.
Dude, these guys rule!! They always have the news im looking for. I get kinda sad when podcasts dont come out on weekends sometimes, but when it does come out it makes my day. Keep it up guys
Scott, Blake, and Kyle could be the ultimate podcast trio in all of podcasting. Their knowledge, style, and great sense of camraderie is bested only by their wonderful senses of humor. Each episode is full of timely news, fun cameos from Rosscott and company, quality info, and a healthy dose of well-needed nostalgia. Makes you proud to be a wii owner. Can't recommend this enough. Makes every Monday commute that much better.
This show is pretty interesting. I'm not particularly interested in nintedo news and such, but I do enjoy this podcast. I'd definately recommend it.
You guys are awesome, the fact that you guys are funny, knowledgable, and have great personalities combines to make you guys complement each other, this is a great 'cast!!
Hands down the best Nintendo podcast outhere! My only complaint is we need more episodes!!
I got hooked on Infendo after I got a Wii in April. I really enjoy the professionalism and fun Scott brings, combined with Blake and Kyle's vast Nintendo knowledge. I even went back and listened from show number one and even thought it wasn't current news it was still informative and entertaining. Great Show Keep it going!!!!!!!
The title says it all, if you want to get around the fanboyism and want quality intelligent discussion on Nintendo, then this is the podcast for you. Expert hosts and quality content make this podcast a must-listen.
This show keeps up to date on all the current Nintendo hardware and games! Lots of humor.
Very informational and funny! Toataly not poopsky!!!
This is great! you just can't find the kind of info you get on the show anywhere! Great job guys!
Hey guys I think your show is great and I have a subjection. I think it would be GREAT to have you make a video version of your podcast. I think this would be great because you could show examples and plus without the Video in video games it would just be games. So keep the audio version but if you can, try to make a video (it doesn’t even have to be every week it could be once every month). Your listener, White Wolves
infendo radio really is the only podcast i rush to listen to every week. infendo forever.
These guys do a great podcast. They know their subject matter in and out, they're fun to listen to... and worst of all, their podcast is addictive! Any Nintendo fan will quickly get hooked on this show. Scott and Blake do a good job of presenting the week's Nintendo rumblings while bringing up many good points that the gaming media never takes the time to think of. It's tough to keep my Nintendo geekiness to myself, especially when most gamers I know are of the Sony or Xbox persuasion, so it's really refreshing to hear intelligent conversation that's purely Nintendo-centric. Highly recommended for anyone who's excited about the Wii and DS systems. thanks for the awesome show guys!