Friday Night Party Line and Acceptable Vices

Reviews For Friday Night Party Line and Acceptable Vices

Many interesting topics are covered. There are some minor tech glitches, but nothing too extreme. Some segments run a little long and should be cut shorter. As a whole it is still good and worth listening to.


I love the show great job!

By eliw
I think this podcast is a great podcast, and after listening to the first episode i was surprised to see that a first episode can be that good and i think it will only get better with time :)
been listening for a while and it's a really good podcast! Thanks for the show! Keep it up!
I found the Friday Night Party Line to be a smart and witty podcast. If you're a fan of NPR, you'll really get a kick out of this show. The topics vary wildly but get tied together well.
This is an easygoing podcast kinda like comfort food. The topics are not too geeky but are interesting. I recommend downloading the "Best of FNPL" for a taste test. Keep it up Guys & Gals.
I was doubtful at first, but after the conversation about A.I, I was hooked. This is an intellectually stimulating podcast, even when the topics are things as silly as old people getting married or people with too many pets. It's refreshing to hear a podcast that's put out by smart people that AREN'T trying to be some sort of radio personality. This is just a bunch of educated people talking about interesting topics. Very fun to listen to. I give it 4 stars because the audio quality isn't the greatest and occasionally the hosts will talk about a topic for longer than is interesting (clothes). Anyway, it's a fun show to listen to.
Some of the topics were pretty interesting, especially the talk about the new TIVO and the stuff about A.I. Some of it was a little banal, though, a little too much kivetching too. If you can get the technical issues ironed out and have a little bit more of a directed conversation, you could have a very good show on your hands.
These guys are some of the best podcasters I have listened to. I try to listen to the show whenever I can. Always interesting, and (sometimes) very informative.