Reviews For The Brutal Truth about B2B Sales & Selling - The show focuses on Hacking the Sales Process

Bosses want results, their bosses also, with little to aid in pursuit of such. Brian’s podcast brings some sanity to the profession. As SDR/ AE for SMB in other roles. Becoming better is #1. Brian has enabled this desire even when the road is rough! 5 stars all day!
A great approach with excellent guests in a new world of selling.
So I listen to this on my Spotify account... I have not listened to sales training, and or workshop type information for years... Brian however made me want to Download the app and leave a review simply because if this info was available when I was a new rep holy cow would I have had much more success waaaaaay quicker! I haven’t wanted to purchase any sales training material in years this though I will absolutely be taking advantage of all that Brian’s podcasts and workshops offer. I am now systematically listening to his old podcasts, reading his e-book, taking advantage of the companies and systems he uses and will bit by not going through his workshops. So I can continue to identify things I have done “naturally” not just to know myself but more importantly teach my young reps! I’m telling you if you aren’t listening and more importantly applying Brian’s methods you are missing the boat!!!


By glvl37
It’s okay. Not really any sales tactics that you can use in the day-to-day. More background on “experts”
This is the only sales podcast hosted by someone who has clearly sold and knows what he is talking about. I tried the others and they are Jr. reps or marketing content people who just talk fluff.
The only sales podcast by someone who has sold vs. author or failed SDR. Great conversations and ideas. Total value with the usual bs... I have learned a great deal.
This podcast is good for getting sales advice and get you motivated for the day, however, it’s 50% a pitch for his course. I actually purchased his get the meeting course and it’s a lot of fluff... not worth it imo.
Half of the episodes are plugs for his own courses instead of value for you.
The thing that separates Brian from the other guys out there is his committment to staying current. He is NOT "old sales guy" who yearns for the day when his favovrite sales technique worked. Rather, he focuses on principles that are timeless, while tailoring the techniques to what works TODAY. I just finished listening to anniverasry episode from last Sept. It's gold and a great place to start, if you've never listened before. Good selling!
Brian provides the B2B sales leader a great podcast here. I can't imagine any serious sales leader not finding this an invaluable tool. Thanks Brian
Great podcast. You nailed it on the recruiting one. A players are willing to move, they are just not aggressively looking. Many companies are bad at execution or have a bad manager. Those players are interested.
I’m more focused and bringing in more business thanks to the help of Brian!
I used to love this podcast but realized the lack of diversity in guests on the show. They are all men. Not a true representation of the sales force!
Great content and great guests!
Brian keeps his interviews focused and always hammers on the areas that help you evolve in the ever-changing world of sales. I was reluctant to listen to any sales podcast at first, but Brian is the best at this, and I have yet to hear one that I didn’t get value from.
Brian, Thank you for the great advice! I’m moving into an agency sales role in the next month or so and I have truly enjoyed hearing your perspective on succeeding in the B2B sales world. Chris
Love this podcast! I've been listening for over a year and have learned a lot. Yes Brian it took me year to write a review :)