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it became nothing but reporting on the election. Is there no other news in the UK until the election's over?
Very informative and entertaining. A great daily listen.
A cutting news summary full of pointed analysis. Warning: it is slightly anglocentric, so non-Brits may be bored with stories on the English national health service (I think Brits are too though). My only criticisms are the silly sound effects at the beginning, the violin screeching, and the slightly pedantic tee-heeing whenever stories involve difficult-to-pronounce foreign names. It makes a little mockery of the supposed liberal open-mindedness of the newspaper when they get their kicks from laughing at other people's names. Overall, though, an excellent daily production.
Even though I'm in the, US, I never miss a weekday of Newsdesk. John Dennis and co. have a light-hearted yet respectful approach to the news that can't really be found anywhere else, least of all on American TV!!! The one problem is, I get so used to John's voice leading the broadcast that when he's away, it's just not the same.
The Guardian has always had an impeccable reputation as a paper, and now, they've transferred that notoriety to the new technology of Podcasts with wonderful results. Newsdesk provides only the facts without any bias, thus maintaining The Guardian's good reputation. Newsdesk is truly a great news-podcast to listen to every day. And, it's only just one of many great programmes from Guardian Unlimited (I especially like The Ricky Gervais Show-when it's free, Science Weekly and Football Weekly).


By tyduffy
This podcast is witty, informative, and highly amusing. My day would not be the same without a lovely dose of John Dennis. It is refreshing to hear the news delivered with a sense of humor, dreadfully needed in these dark times. I quite enjoy the string section. The only negative I can see is that I have the Volvo C70 commercial constantly stuck in my head. This review may be disjointed, but that is what you get from an insomniac American college student at 4:30 AM. Keep up the good work.
This is a very fine daily exploration of the news - ignore the other, negative reviews here, which are obviously written by people who either hate The Guardian's politics or are engaged in some sort of negative 'buzz marketing' campaign intended to sabotage this excellent liberal journalism. The truth is that what you will find here is the exact opposite of Fox News and just what readers of the New Yorker or viewers of BBC News will enjoy. The idea that liberal Americans are not smart enough to see through an on-line review that equates a podcast from The Guardian with Fox News or USA Today just shows the intellectual level at which the knee-jerk, anti-liberal campaign operates in this country.
If you like reading USA Today and watching Fox, be sure to subscribe. If you like the Times, Washington Post, New Yorker, CNN-anything else-stay away. Lots of talking. Little informing.
It seems the best podcasts are actually coming from newspapers, and this is no exception. The only problem is that screeching sound at the beginning. That needs to go.
It's a bunch of crap