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Often the headline asks a question which the programme itself doesn’t actually address.
A more civil version of pundits yelling at each other on TV. Most of the guests are partisans blatantly trying to spin rather than analyze, which isn’t really my cup of tea. Tends to run long for the amount of content as well; there are a lot of empty calories here.
Great show


By apflor
Fine, but the panelists talk over each other which makes difficult to listen.
Generally a good weekly analysis of what is going on, though the contributors vary widely in terms of quality. Polly Toynbee is the worst. Full of opinions presented as facts combined with shallow analysis e.g. ERG = crazy fanatics. Owen Jones and Will Tanner much higher quality.
I live in the United States, in Florida to be exact(yes, it’s very hot here). I’m very interested in UK politics. Even though I’ve never visited, I dream too one day. This podcast presents different viewpoints(conservative, labour, lib dem) and is a useful source for hearing discussions about political issues throughout the UK. It’s nice to hear a little about US politics too. - Tyler from Pensacola, FL
I am a decades long Guardian reader and am beyond disappointed by this bland, uninformative podcast. Instead of featuring established and informative Guardian journalists (Toynbee, White, Kettle, etc.) they have a juvenile sniggering line-up who do not engage with the real issues. The latest episode is a case in point. They featured a Tory apparatchik (the kind of Mockney who pronounces the t in 'often' and thinks the world of Lynton Crosby), the pseudo-progressive Baer and a moderator who sounds like a teenager. Later, the Guardian Election Daily podcasts are quite a different matter. Owen Jones and Jonathan Freedland and their guests (including the excellent Stepehn Bush) are knowledgable, articulate, and informative. These are vastly superior to the regular podcasts and one can only hope that, when the election is over, the podcasts can keep up the "Election Daily" standards.
The most recent episode talks in-depth about economics and how actions improve the U.K. There's very few political shows in the US that speak to people on this level. It's good but I would have to actively listen to an episode to get it.
The other reviewer is a nut -- it doesn't get better than this Guardian podcast. Political "slant" is left-center of course. Eminently bright & witty conversation to be had here. [8/25/11 addendum: "Let's all pencil in a 30-day vacation for August! That's certain to be a slow news month."]
Center left with Julian providing the Conservative party slant. Great way to keep up with UK politics.
This podcast seems to be an extension of the Conservative Party perspective. It is not balanced, so the listener should have the expectation of such bias. There may be better sources for fair-minded discussion of the issues, especially as relating to the PM. Not all that Labour does is bad - in fact, Labour has done some great things that have made the UK one of the best places to live.