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Subscribed for 5 years. This podcast used to be one of my favourites when it was about science and nature. Fantastic source for information. Not only was the Covid 19 commentary biased, it also wasn’t very good. Unsubscribing.
I’m just here for the science. It may be hard for others to appreciate anything science related these days but not me. That’s all.
Back when this was hosted by Alok Jah, it was my fave podcast. Ian Sample is good but apparently not considered for taking over. Instead they’ve added a couple of poorly spoken girls—yes they present as girls, not women— who do embarrassingly trite interviews. The whole thing has become fragmented and dull. I delete most of them these days. Now we are told that we shall have “science without the scientists” and just go about asking “real people” what they think! Ugh! I’m done—DELETED.
Just finished listening to the episode on coral reefs and was very disappointed to learn that Dominion Energy (which relies on fossil fuels) and Toyota (which is siding with tRump as he guts fuel efficiency standards) are sponsoring the podcast. I thought The Guardian was a leader in informing the world on the climate crisis. With sponsors like these, how can we trust its content on climate?
The episode “Are alternative meats the key to a healthier life and planet” has an egregious error stated by presenter. She says “vitamin B12 is also known as folate or folic acid “ This is not true. Folate and Folic Acid are different forms of B9. Cobalamin is the alternative name for B12. This could have dangerous consequences because a listener might take folic acid thinking they are preventing B12 deficiency. You must correct this episode or remove it.


Pacing is good, thoroughy enjoyable for those topics you already have an interest in.
My favorite podcast for keeping up with what's new in science. It is presented in a way that is thorough and also accessible to the layman.
I didn't realize it, but since Trump got sworn in Science Weekly decided to experiment with a series called "A neuroscientist explains" with Dr Glaser and Max Sanderson; it was a disaster. Oh my god, I didn't realize how much it drained me until I heard one of the older episodes with Ian Sample, Nicola Davis, or Hannah Devlin. I unsubscribed because of the experiment: it just wasn't engaging as topics on materials, cosmology, climate change, or the Concorde. I think Dr. Glaser's voice put me to sleep and Mr. Sanderson sounded juvenile. Now it looks like SW is returning to the old format, and I've subscribed again. No longer will I feel drowsy at the gym! SW team, please don't fix what isn't broke. You're the only science podcast I love since here in the US we have NPR's Science Friday with Ira Flatow (whose delivery I cannot stand).
A once superb podcast has degenerated into a trendy mush of cutesy sound effects and editing that has resulted in distracting and boring this listener. So sad that content has taken a back seat. Each thirty minutes has about fifteen minutes of substance now. Please stop trying to be the TED radio hour and I might come back.
This should be an excellent podcast but the presenter is so conceited that he just can't help interrupting the narrative with his boasting. It's a major distraction and ruins the whole thing. He keeps pointing out that he's a "neuropsychologist" (as opposed to what, a dermal psychologist..?) and interrupts often with his opinions. There are much better ones out there. I've deleted it.
It's a great podcast. I really enjoy it. I wish I could mark it down to 4.5 because sometimes the audio quality suffers at the recording time. But I'm not going to rate lower because content is so good.
This is my favorite science podcast.
I really enjoy this podcast. It pairs well with other science podcasts. I learn a lot and always find it interesting, well-researched and thought-provoking. Science is awesome and learning about it is wonderful! :)
Having been familiar with most of this material previously, KI find it highly agreeable and first rate quality. Clear enunciation and cites sources often. Top marks!
This is the best science podcast I've come across. Always interesting.
My favorite Podcast. There is a ton of interesting information presented in an easy to understand way. The hosts are entertaining but do nto get in the way of the information. Perfect balance.
This and NPR Science Friday and BBC's science in action-is EXCELLENT- some of the best in depth interviews and you don't have to have a science degree - I use their information for teaching high school and overall inspiration-KEEP up the good work!
This is a great podcast for those looking to stay informed on the latest science news. The overviews helps keep track of what is changing, and the depth helps understand why the news is important (or not important.) Keep up the good work. Cheers from the Midwest of America.
How is it possible that more people aren't raving about the podcast?!
Funny, informative, insightful. Great supplement to the online/print edition.