The Good, The Bad, and The Geeky!

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Tune in and listen if you're into tv and film.
Great podcast to listen to get your current fix on all the geeky. I really enjoy the conversation of the hosts. Listened to Stranger Things Season 3 and Frozen II - I liked how the hosts talked about the characters, plot, and provided insight into the storyline. Awesome topics and shows chosen to discuss; keep up the great work!
A great fun, geeky, wild ride. Highly recommend!


By mlred
Love this podcast and all that it covers. So much fun
Found this & tried to listen to the Gravity falls episode but couldn’t take more than 20 min even at max speed. The host is maybe one of the worst of any podcast I’ve listened to. And that’s saying something.
I recently started listening to this podcast, and I can't stop laughing and smiling as I listen to it. People around my might be confused when I try to interject a nerdy point of my own that I am just SHOCKED that Nick and his guest may have missed, but that's just how it has to be. Now I have to go off and explain The Siege Perilous to my coworkers..
The live shows they’ve started to do have been a blast. their Christmas show was great, and their new bit parody thing of Doctor Who is pretty good too. Keep up the Live Episodes!
I recently started listening to this show and it was funny! It can sort of be a boy's club in terms of the humor... Which coming from a girl's perspective is perfectly okay.. But I enjoyed some of the topics too... From technology to just the hosts, all boys... being silly. Fun listen!
Great Show Love to hear their antics and parady songs. Nitro trys to go the extra mile to get you some interviews with interesting people in the tv industry. always looking forward to hear who he will interview next..
This is a hilarious show! That Nate guy and Nick definitely have some strong opinions, and it's fun to hear them going at it. I want to hear more about the street guy, Jimmy. They have some great ideas for ways to torture him. I want to see how they pan out.