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Stop talkin trash! You listne everyday cause there is no guessing what can come next, or what they will say!! Other words why are you taking the time to search for Chio in the Morning. I havent looked but I am sure ur corny wannabe the Chio Show has one too. Go comment there P1!
This is by far the hottest morning show ever! Better then stern or any other am radio show you can think of. Listen and you'll see! P1!!!
Chio is the best! This stuff is claaaaasic!
I've been listening to Chio in the Morning for a long time. I never had a reason to listen to anyone else! I mean once you've listened to the best...why try the rest? P1!!!!!!!!
Greattest podcast ever to exist. Listen everyday dont miss a beat. Catch me on the podcast too. I am a daily and most enthuisastic caller of Chio in the Morning and Wired 96.5 "Where HIt Music Lives."