Not good enough.
I love the level of information that I have found in this program is wonderful. Not only do they get to the heart of the issues affecting our economy, but they have great insight on what an investor can do to protect himself in these volatile times.
Chris gives vital information, much of it hard to obtain elsewhere. His picks and suggestions have made me beaucoup dollars. The show is a first rate production with extremely high production values. This show can save your family's fortune.
Well well done!! Incredible guests, market savy and professional -- not some screaming entertainment they put on tv. This is not some fun game, this is my money. My family's wealth, nest egg... I am again a millionaire baby boomer! You should charge to access of this kind of information.
Love the podcast, intellect and music. But Kal is really crazy sounding with all his talk of conspiracies. It really doesn't match up with Chris' thorough and calm demeanor. Kal if you predict a bank holiday and it doesn't come true when you said it would just own up to it and stop doing it!

By Dkm09
First rate show
Chris and Bobs analysis is "spot" on