Accounting Best Practices with Steve Bragg

Reviews For Accounting Best Practices with Steve Bragg

I have listened to every single episode and whether the topic directly related to my career or not, the information has always been valuable. Great job on this podcast Steven! Keep up the good work.
Great resource. Hard to believe such a free resource exists and is so well done.
I left this podcast feed sitting for months, but I finally started to listen to the back episodes. I love the length of the podcast as well as its tendency to go through every detail of accounting. I especially love the episodes that directly relate to small business (all episodes probably indirectly relate to small business.) I was about to give this 4 stars, because I didn't think it had the extra 5 stars umpth, but when the host shared he had braces (which personalized the podcast), I realized this podcast does have the umpth, so I give it 5 stars. I look forward to the practical learning and intellectual stimulation.
This podcast is pure gold for someone with a long commute and a thirst for all things Accounting. Downloaded over 50 episodes over the weekend and have already listened to 30 in the span of the workweek (thank you 1.5x speed and long commute!) The podcasts are the perfect length and consistent enough in formatting and presentation that binge listening is super easy and informative. Thank you sir for sharing your expertise, it is much appreciated!
This is the best accounting podcast I have been able to find. I have no training in accounting, but Steve's way to explain accounting makes it easy for me to understand. Give it a try!
Very well done!
Excellent stuff. Great review across the board... The content is very applicable. The timing is in manageable chunks perfect for medium commutes. The pace is fantastic. While accounting is a painfully dry topic, this orator is better than any accounting prof or mentor I ever had.
This has been a great podcast as I’ve been getting into the accounting world. Steve has a range of topics and covers them well. I see me coming back to replay shows while going through my career for new ideas and new things to implement. Keep up the great work Steve.
Loving this podcast. Episode topics are interesting, the content is incredibly helpful, and the episode length is perfect. Keep up the great work, Steve.
WOW…Accounting Best Practices Podcast is flat out awesome. Good production quality. Easy to listen. Very impressed Steve. Keep bringing it.
Nice nuts and bolts info. Comprehensive, in vew of what has been laid out over the last few years. Bragg nicely provides a lot of practical and thoughtful insights into real world business and accounting practice. Would have like some more podcasts on ERP developments as they apply to accounting, but then again, that opens up far too much to consider, were Steve even to merely gloss on that area. It's too much to consider. The real complaint I have is that the podcasts needs to be truncated so as to eliminate the promo and music nonsense. On thing about accountants is that their pinnical of musical tastes is Kenny G., and thats not a good thing.
I've been working for 6 years now in public accounting and this introduces fresh topics. Some topics may not apply to my position; however, reminds me what an intern / 1st year might be thinking.
I've been getting my interest for the accounting field, so I've been reading accounting forums from LinkedIn. This is just an awesome podcast.
Listen to every episode on the way to work and save certain topics for occasional review. Thanks. These are great
I have just recently delved into rife accounting world and I have had my struggles with interest and terrible bosses, this podcast has gotten me over many issues I could not get shy help from, as well as inspire me to do better in my field. Take the time to listen and subscribe. Thank you Steve Braggs!
Listening to Mr. Bragg's podcast is a quick, concise way to stay on top of issues within the Profession without having to pay dues to CPA organizations. Great podcast.


The best available. Makes every other podcast in and outside of this category disappointing. I loved it at first, but really appreciate it now that I am trying to find an other one - having listened to many of these episodes a number of times. Thank yo Steve Bragg.
I only found this podcast a few months ago, but I've already listened to every single episode. They're jam-packed with valuable information, even for folks like me, a manager who's no longer a practicing accountant. Easily one of my favorite podcasts and a valued resource for up-to-date and useful accounting information and news.
I starting listening to this podcast about a year ago, and since that time I've easily listened to every episode; most of them multiple times. This is a great podcast whether your in public accounting, private accounting, corporate finance, or an accounting student. Even if you're not in one of the aforementioned groups, this is still a great podcast that delivers a substantial amount of information about all sorts of important business processes. I've tried listening to other accounting-related audio out there. Most of them are either inconsistently posted, far to dry (what a suprise...), or just incomprehensible. This podcast delivers the information while keeping you engaged. Download it. Now.
This is a must-listen podcast for users of financial statements. Steve deftly guides listeners through the mine fields associated with “generally accepted accounting principles” and describes helpful tactics for deciphering convoluted financial accounting issues.
I'm a recent MBA in the the process of taking the CPA exams, and Bragg's podcast is not only the best accounting podcast I've ever heard, it's also the best business-related podcast as well. Bragg is articulate and plainspoken, and provides a concise and clear presentation of each topic he covers. I decided to write this when I came back to get all the back episodes.
I enjoy Steve Bragg's informative podcast series, "Accounting Best Practices". Steve's style is informative, topical, timely, practical, and relevant. The tone is conversational and I always come away with some good ideas or different perspectives. Keep it up!
Steve not only has a great wealth of knowledge (or knows speakers with more knowledge) but he is also willing to share it through the podcast. Check out his books as well given he has one for almost every accounting topic.
This is simply the best accounting podcast available. The infomation is practical and useful today, in addition to exploring emerging accounting issues. Don't get trapped in the office. Use the ABP podcast on your commute to shorten your month end close, improve controls and go home at a decent hour. If you're an accountant at any level, you owe this podcast a listen. Mark