Reviews For Ouch!

Wonderful hosts. Great producing. My partner is disabled and this podcast has been a great resource and very informative. It's a must listen for all friends and family of people with disabilities.
Old episodes with Liz Carr and Mat Fraser are wonderfully blunt and comedic in their approach to serious and often taboo disability issues. They truly changed how I felt about my own disability and often articulated thoughts I had but could never quite communicate. The more recent years with different hosts, format, and tone are still fantastic. More informative and newsy than comedy but just as meaningful.
I've been listening since the days of Matt and Liz. I came to learn more about disability culture (I'm an OT and I thought it would be 'good for me' so I could 'better help others'), but I stayed because of the hilarious and irresistible banter between the hosts, as well as the truly honest, meaningful, and informative content. This podcast has really helped me to move out of the mindset that healthcare workers can easily get into - that people with disabilities are in need of us to 'fix' them, and that because I went to school and got a degree I'm somehow an expert on disability. Now I realize on a conscious level that those things are not true, and that it's my job to work WITH people to meet THEIR self-identified objectives, not what I think should be a priority. Thank you to Liz, Matt, Rob, Damon, Simon, Kate, Emma, Laurence, Beth, and everyone else whose names in forgetting at the moment. Please keep doing this!
I *ADORE* this podcast. It's smart, fun, & interesting as hell. If you're not listening, you are definitely missing out.
Endlessly entertaining and informative! The hosts are smart and funny and the topics are accessible and relatable whether or not you have a disability. I look forward to a new installment every week! Now go listen.
The disabled community are horribly underrepresented in our society. It's so refreshing to hear relevant disability content presented in an entertaining way. Thank you!
This has become one of my favorite podcasts. I've learned more than I ever expected & it's helped me learn to laugh & smile with myself. The best part is it's a little piece of community for me. Keep up the amazing work!
This is the only podcast in the world that helps me feel less alone and it is humorous plus it makes people aware of disability more than any other public show in the world. A must for everybody!!
Fabulous, vibrant, sparkling, and naughty! Includes all my favorite breeds of humor: satire/political, socially-awkward tales, self-deprecating, verbal mixed-martial-arts, body(bawdy), scatological, miscellaneous taboo, and the occasional PUNishment. Fast-paced, full of variety, and often eye-poppingly honest.
Hilarious- disabled, not (yet) disabled, or "disabled" ( really just annoying)- you must listen. You'll laugh and maybe learn.
This podcast takes everything you already know about other people's concerns, turns it 127 degrees, and plops it right on top of anything you might personally be bothered with. It's very funny. That's always a good place to start. I don't want to be specific in compliments because the hosts, supporting players, guest hosts, guests, and performers are all fun, entertaining, and/or at least interesting. Of course, there is one unbelievable stand-out in the group. It's someone who delivers far and away the true meat and essence of the show. I'm sure that person is aware of their qualities, and is much, much too humble to want me to name them out. I'll just say: good job.

By Eoth
Always makes me laugh, one of the funniest podcasts by far, on any topic.
I always listen to this on my way to school and people think I'm a looney 'cos I'm always laughing out loud. Fanastic show, loads of humor. What also is great about this is that it has some touching stories without getting all Disney on us. Amazing! A must for anyone who wants some comedy on their iPod.


This show is awsome...it's great and funny! Keep up the good works guys!!!
I just discovered this show and I am loving it. I can't wait for the next show to come out. Whether or not one is disabled, it is just a fun show to enjoy.
The BBC Ouch Podcast has quickly become my favorite podcast on iTunes. I cannot wait to hear the next episode. It has wonderfully dark humor with a wicked sense of fun. Very refreshing and inspiring. I highly recommend it. Indeed, I've told all of my friends about the Ouch Podcast. Keep up the great work. Your podcast brings a smile to my face each time I play an episode.
Great fun, whether or not you're disabled. Definitely reccomended for a listen.