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This podcast has taught me a lot and has helped me through my good and bad times ! I’ve listened to just about every episode and it makes me feel better ! I can’t wait to visit Lakewood one day ! God bless you Joel and Victoria ! !
Any preacher who refuses to present God’s word in context and in fullness is no one to listen to. There is no substance to Osteen’s teaching. Only a feel-good message that keeps sinners blinded to their sin. Read the Bible through. Don’t listen to this man who pretends to be for God, but who is really for himself. Repent, sinners. Turn to God. Believe on Jesus Christ as God’s son and leave your sin. By grace ye are saved through faith, and that not of yourself it is the gift of God. Not of works, lest any man should boast. that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord May we sin that grace may abound? Heaven forbid. If you love me, keep my commandments. Be holy as He is holy. You can’t live the usual, ungodly, popular life and be a true Christian.
Thanks pastor Joel for all your help ! Thanks to God and you amazing messages God has touched my life in a Great way. My thinking has changed from complaining to to being grateful every day.🙏🏼 and I’m experiencing Gods favor in my Life. Thank you so much. And God bless you.
I heard for the first time in car by chance, and now I now that wasn’t!
Joel and Victoria speak the truth in such a way that it feels like you can be a better person, receive more of the good things of life, and enjoy life more. This podcast has given me hope in the dark moments of my life and changed my mind from making bad decisions in the past. Listening to this is absolutely worth your time! As a side note Anyone who trashes another person’s EFFECTIVE ministry is no one to be respected. Show me your church that 10,000+ people voluntarily come to every Sunday to learn and grow in relationship with Jesus, then you can talk- otherwise SHUT UP. Don’t curse what the Lord has blessed! Everyone else, watch this podcast- it’ll change your life!
Whenever I feel low, I switch over and listen to Joel Osteen’s podcast. It up-lights my mood to the next level, it’s my version of morning coffee. God speaks to me through his messages. Thank you Victoria and Joel. Much love from India
Uplifting and biblical based!
I Feel very strongly that Joel is a great leader of faith. His messages , in repetition, can improve your knowledge and Faith! Thank You for sharing your stories and jokes. These times I spend listening to your Podcast are well spent. Gratitude.
Joel is really just a motivational speaker, not a pastor. Many of the things he teaches are not in the Bible. The gospel is not about how we can be positive and live a good life... it’s about how we failed, how God created us in his image and then we sinned against him. After we sin against him, we can no longer be with him because God is holy and can not tolerate sin. But, God sent his only son to die in our place so that whoever trusts in him might have eternal life with God. The whole reason we have the gospel is because, we can’t be good. “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”[Romans 8:28]. Since we can’t be good, Jesus took our punishment so that we could be with God. Joel, is teaching we just have to work hard for a good life, that happiness is our priority. But this world is sinful, everything on this world is going to let us down. Why would we choose something temporary and meaningless if God promises us eternal life!? I am a Christian. I am a sinner through and through, but Jesus took my punishment so now I am righteous. The world says to be happy... I have more than happiness. When you have been saved by Jesus, you are free. I am free from my sin, I have JOY! This joy is invincible! The joy that is promised is not reliant on circumstances. You can be joyful even in the darkest of times! Ok, so I would not recommend this podcast, it is NOT the gospel and it is misrepresenting Christianity.
Joel is my preacher. As a man that is Greek Orthodox and a student of the Book of Moron that statement speaks for itself. Thank you Joel...
You always lift my spirits !! I love you and your family. I watch you every Sunday Live and on Utube and listen to your Podcast always. Very motivational, inspirational and always positive. Guaranteed to lift your spirits!! Blessings always 🥰
I am very grateful for Joel and Victoria’s messages. I am always able to find peace and encouragement in them, and the podcast episodes are always a great way to start the day as I listen to them on my way to work.
God speaks right through Pastor Joel. Lately, his messages have been right on point with this season I am going through. He is great at expressing the message with real life examples that everyone can go through. He elaborates the message so everyone can understand the moral of his sermon that day. I listen to him every week during work and it just eases up my day. Thank you Pastor Joel for being available everywhere at anytime for those who seek the true understanding of life.
I thank God for this podcast ministry. This breaths life into me when I’m so discouraged with the weight of all my mistakes, failures, doubts, hurts. My God uses this to remind me of His love.
Love.. my morning inspiration.
Before listening and watching joel and Victoria I was on the wrong path drinking and smoking not living a healthy life gaining weight depressed not myself. Then one day the pod cast popped up In my suggestions since then I’m no longer single I’m happier I’ve quit smoking and lost 15 pounds thank you very much for all y’all do. Praise be to he
God bless Pastor Osteen for the messages that he brings. I am consistently uplifted and encouraged after listening to him. I pray God’s continued blessings on him.
I need some Joel in my spiritual diet. It’s good to have at least one cheerleader sermon each week.
I really enjoy his jokes in the beginning of his sermon. It really lightens up the lesson. His an awesome pastor. I usually beat myself up a lot and his messages helps me to give myself some grace
Four years ago, I began watching Joel on Sunday’s. He made me believe and have faith in god. I am now sober for the past 4 years. And I thank Joel for opening the door for believe in our lord. Thank you and keep up the awesome sermons!
I do NOT agree with your “teachings” using the Bible! You use A LOT of money to live on and drive beautiful cars! Your family has wonderful things. I NEVER hear the work that you and your family have done to help the poor, the homeless, the elderly and the Veterans! You and your family live in a $10 million dollar home! Where else does your money go?
It never fails, when I am having a tough time, and I listen to Joel, I feel so much better afterwards. I don’t have anyone in my life of all the Christian people that I know personally who inspire and encourage me like that man does. Most of the people I know think they have a right to judge people...I am grateful for Joel’s genuine efforts as a minister for God. Personally, I think Jesus would give Joel a pat on the back, and say, well done my faithful servant.
Joel Olsteen preaches hope, faith, motivates and inspires me everyday. His words uplifts me and give me hope especially when he shares stories of faith could be the same thing I’m going through that very day. I appreciate his words of wisdom knowing it’s coming straight from Jesus. Thanks to Joel Olsteen for inspiring me when I am feeling down and my thoughts may not be as positive as it should be, Joel lifts me up. Praises to him for his words in Jesus name. He touches on marriage, family, depression , just life experiences in general, debt, promotions, you name it he covers all walks of life and is all bible based.
I need inspiration in my life. When things are falling apart Joel and Victoria always help me keep it together. Grab your favorite cup of coffee and start your morning on the right foot.


He might not be everyone’s preacher but he always has been mine since 2014. He definitely knows how to give you hope and motivation to keep going!!!!!
Thank you Joel you have lifted me up so many times when I was at my lowest. I remembered one night I woke up because I was so depressed and sad about the minute things in life, I was crying feeling lost and alone. I took up my remote and turned my TV on and there you were. The words you spoke was as if someone told you my story and sent you to me with you messages. I will never forget, you saved me. For all those of you with your negative posts... your words make no sense. You criticize but you have no substance in your words. “Don’t listEn Joel he is a false prophet” Why? Still waiting...come with a better excuse than he doesn’t preach from the Bible. Did Jesus preach from the Bible? Joel you are a blessing do your work. We appreciate you every time
Thank you. Grazie mille.
Every morning that I arrive at work I put on Joel and Victoria. I listen to them for up to 3 hours! I love it! I have a very stressful job and hearing this podcast keeps me calm, keeps me focused and reminds me that I am important. I am a Masterpiece. I AM BLESSED and I WILL CONTINUE TO LIVE AN ABUNDANT LIFE. My best days are still ahead of me. 🥰 I won’t lie there are several times where I have cried because I was so moved by The Word. What I love Most is that Joel is so positive, up lifting and inspiring. Truly a “Cup is half full” kind of man and I truly Appreciate his words. You wanna know something funny lol I steal Joel’s jokes 😂 and tell them to my husband and my 3 boys and they just laugh and shake their heads 😂🥰
Joel brings the Lord and hope into my home and heart.....A real blessing! Thank you Joel for spreading the word!!!!!!!
Despicable hack.
I’ve been a follower my whole life. (When The Summit was a basketball arena and y’all were on the other side of town! 😉). I’m so grateful for these podcast. I look forward to them, even replay them. It’s like a sweet hug from home to me all the way in Boise, Idaho! Thank you for your positivity 🥰
I’m a Catholic but I enjoy Joel’s messages. It’s something that the Catholic Church is missing. There is a need for practical messages that assist you in your daily life. I’m still 100% Catholic but hearing Joel’s message is an added benefit and good to hear!
Thanks love this podcast
How could anyone hate on this? It’s positive thinking, it’s encouragement, it’s hope. It’s such a rarity in this world and I absolutely love it. In all my times of loneliness, anxiety-I just listen to this podcast and it helps bring me out. It’s made such a tremendous difference in my day, attitude and life. I wouldn’t want to know where I’d be without it. Play it until it becomes your default thinking. We NEED life and positivity spoken into our lives- there’s way too much negative garbage in the world. We need diamonds like this.
Today’s episode, “program your mind”. A point is made through a story about how Carl Lewis Long Jumped 30 feet to break the world record, which is false. A simple fact check would have caught this. You have to do better, your voice is too big. This lack of diligence makes me wonder what else is false. Love the podcast but this irked me.
I love listening to you Joel Osteen! You have no idea what a difference you have made in my life!! I’m going through a divorce and through some emotionally tough times. Your podcast opened my eyes and my heart to the Lord! I look forward to listening every morning!! Thank you !! May God Bless You!!
Joel has such a friendly way of delivering these beautiful messages. He is so charming & charismatic & endearing! I love his sense of humor & welcoming southern drawl. I am always inspired & moved by Joel. He is so relatable & kind. I am glad that I found his podcasts! They have changed my life & I am becoming a better person because of Joel & Victoria. Victoria is such a lovely soul. I love the way she speaks & especially the way she says : “Amen?....Amen!” You don’t need to be a Christian to enjoy their uplifting messages. We just need to have an open mind as their messages are universal & what we all need to hear & try to align our inner selves with & practice & to be. They are messages of kindness, generosity, gratitude, flexibility, honesty, inclusivity, forgiveness, love, striving to do our best, having a good heart, the importance of family & friendship & the power of our attitude. Thank you Joel. Thank you Victoria. You are both such lovely examples❤️
I found Joel on SiriusXM and am so happy to find that I found his preachings here in podcasts for free! He helped save me and change the direction of my life 🙏
This podcast should be an essential subscription for any Christian who loves podcasts and/or God. Thank you, pastor Osteen for your ministry!
Love him he is just great thank you joel
Every time I listen to this podcast, I get a message that allows God to speak faith into my life. Truly, this podcast has transformational power. I listen nearly everyday & it keeps my fears at bay while my faith flourishes.


Listening to Joel Osteen and his wife Victoria really gives me hope,faith, and encouragement a reason to keep my head up , thank you for your beautiful kind words, your prayers puts a smile on my face & my heart at peace .... God bless you Both and your family always
I started listening to Joel’s podcast and God uses him to speak to us!! God tells us everyday to be thankful to love Him above all else!! My daughter turned me towards these podcasts that are very inspirational, positive, and bring us towards God! I’ve always had faith in God and have trusted Him!! We are His children and he loves us like no one else! These podcast encourage us everyday to be thankful to God to trust in Him!! To have faith m, to love your God above all else! To trust Him!! To look for Him and He will take care of us and our needs! The Bible says if God is with us who can ever be against us? Romans 8:31.
So why am I getting Victoria. I like listening to Joel.
So so good! Thankful for this podcast because it provides a piece of church with me everywhere I go.. the gym, the car and around the house! Love the length of segments and Joel + Victoria’s messages!
Why can’t I download and play Dont Settle for Less?