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Joel, Victoria and Lakewood Church are positive and encouraging. In a world full of people and circumstances that could crush your soul, your hope and your view of yourself, they are an essential alternative. I save some of the podcasts so that I can listen to them again to reinforce the teachings. Despairing? Sad? Hopeless? Down on yourself? Consider immersing yourself in the messages from Joel. Stay encouraged.
This ministry has been life changing for me and my family!
But God used Joel Osteens ministry to bring me joy in the journey. As a single mom with no family and no money, both myself and my son could have been a statistic. Instead I listened to Joel’s messages and immersed myself in Gods word. We are positive and optimistic and I fully believe I owe it all to Gods love and Joel’s heart for peace. I highly recommend anyone from any walk of life to give Lakewood and Joel a listening ear. God bless you 😘
Thank you So much amazing messages. I listen this podcast often and enjoys it is So much. It explain God words so well I understood so much. Thank you again and God bless Joel Osteen and all his team members. Keep up amazing work. You Rock
Ok, let’s be real here, this podcast is decent and it is not the worst, BUT there are so many better podcasts than this one! Father Mike Schmitz is better in my opinion. Even thought he talks quite fast, I still would rather him over this sheep in a man’s clothing! The bible warns people about these kinds of false prophets, please do not listen! - Much Love, Ava


By 8103n
I am pleased to allow the Olsteins into my Home each and every day for at least 30 minutes I have tried to make up time I have missed. I have lost a daughter a beautiful 48 year old and I am seeing a psychiatrist and a great counselor however since listening to the podcast I am feeling much better and trying to get my whole self back together again. It is amazing what I have learned. A “friend “ of mine told me Joel is nothing compared to his father but to me he is an angel. He gives me joy, hope, and inspiration. I never heard his father speak however I cannot imagine anyone any better. I look forward to his messages everyday. The world really needs him everyday. I am using the St James version of the Bible but will need to purchase the New Testament. Thank you so much! ❤️
We just love the Osteens. My oldest son was born in 1999 around the time Joel took over for his father at Lakewood. Even though we’ve never met personally, I believe God is using this family in such a unique and awesome way! I love that in a 30 minute tv broadcast or podcast, God uses Joel to show how we can love and live our lives peacefully regardless of any ugliness that is happening around us. Over twenty years later, we are always in awe that his sermons ‘hit so close to home’. He taught my husband and I to keep God first in our marriage, in our parenting and friendships. Even our finances have been blessed…not because of Joel, but because of his is faithfulness to our Heavenly Father as well. By reminding people who they are in Christ, Joel and Victoria both use their platform to remind the hurt, the sick, and the lonely who they really are as children of God. In those 30 minutes, they leave you wanting more…they will continue to be in our prayers as great leaders and stewards of Christ!🙏
Joel uses scripture and real life examples to get you to see things from the side of faith... while not super deep his messages will lift your eyes to God and his power.....and actually the more I listen I realize his sermons are much deeper than I first thought..... I LOVE Joel and Victoria.... they deal with subjects that are rarely taught, like Vindication., promotion , and levels….. good stuff
I am not a huge religious guy, but, I listen to these podcasts daily. Joel’s message has helped me thru life’s troubles and very tough times. HE HAS ME PRAYING BIGGG !!!!!
Their message is crystal clear. If you need spiritual motivation and cannot get to the Service of choice tune in with an open heart that is ready to receive and take in these sermons and apply them to your life and watch God work on your inner being. I am just a witness with an testimony.
With the Infomercials it really makes this sound fake. It is also very annoying I did not come to this podcast to be sold on some products I came here to be uplifted with a nice cheerful message about Jesus
Epic gamer move
The conniest of con men
I have been listening to Joel for about two years now. His sermons are inspiring and he truly speaks from the heart. I have had extremely traumatic and vulnerable situations during the times of listening, and if it weren’t for his healing and transformative messages, I don’t know where I would be. Believe me, I am not the type of person to listen to television evangelists. This man was truly ordained by God, he is a gift. If you don’t believe me, download this podcast and listen to it while at the gym, I promise it won’t disappoint.


Your messages make my entire life better! Thank you for showing me that God already knows the things we will go through in this life and has taught us to trust Him through them all. Thank you for reminding me that He is always in control. Much love to you and your family.
I moved to Cal From Texas I got a Divorce and my family turned on me but by listening to you I turned everything over to God and let him have it I no I am Blessed I listen to you all day wanting on My Right Now Blessings Only God
Three ads on the front is ridiculous! Osteens message is good for those who think God is mad at them or they have gone too far. He is preaching out of a children’s Bible for the more sensitive type.
Everything that I have listened to today has been on point. Pastor Joel’s message was something I needed to hear as well, it refreshed my spirit in so many ways. I came from a very controlling household this message reminded me that I went through that for a reason and Gods path for me is become more clear.
These sermons are absolutely fantastic. Get a new one nearly every day to download and listen to at your convenience. Great teaching and powerful story. I listen everyday and am never bored. Learn something applicable to myself everyday. Try it for yourself and see what a change it will bring.
To the people that say Joel is a motivational speaker, I say YES HE IS! He motivates us to be better, make better choices, be better parents, better leaders, to make wise choices, to go to the next level, to believe in who God created me to be! He reminds me of God’s promises, which motivates me to rise up and reach for the dreams God placed in my heart!! After all, the Bible is the best motivational book ever written! Thank you, Joel!
I love listening to this podcast. Joel has helped me through my toughest times in life. He has revive the connection of the Holy Spirit in my life and has allowed me to strengthen and renew my relationship with God and Jesus. Joel is an absolute inspiration. I try to listen to his podcast almost every day to help get me in the right mindset. Joel has truly changed my life through his messages. He has ignited more fire inside me, more forgiveness to forgive others who have hurt me and too give light and fuel to my dreams and goals in which God has bestowed upon my life. He has shown me God’s love and how much God loves me and how I have a huge destiny to fulfill. Thank you for helping me to restore my soul back to my heavenly father. You are an inspiration and one of the most positive people I know.
Joel Osteen is a heretic, a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The documentary American Gospel: Christ Alone completely debunks Osteen and other similar prosperity preachers. If you listen to this podcast regularly, I highly recommend that documentary.
Good to hear a message from the Bible. I feel encouraged, empowered, and challenged at the same time.
WOW…just look at how he’s changed! He looks as Fake as he sounds! 🤮🤮🤮


Stop teaching your lies! Repent and believe the true gospel. Yes God loves us but he HATES our sin!
Joel, thank God for the knowledge and wisdom that our Lord has given you and Victoria. We watch your TV programs every Sunday morning … your love messages gives us inspiration and we receive the many blessings of wisdom from God through you! God is So Good! Joel and Victoria, we lost of our beloved Ashley, June 15, 2021, she was assaulted, beaten and robbed … she died a week later at Methodist Hospital of Dallas from Severe trauma to her head! My heart is shattered while writing this, because she shouldn’t be gone… she should be here with us! Ashley, was such an outstanding person… there’s no words that can do her justice that I could write…! To know Ashley was to love her. She was the happiest brightest most loving Person to exist and I'm so proud, that God chose me to be her mother for her 32 years of her amazing life… Since her death things have not been the same. Everything in this house reminds me of her every day ... some days I can't sleep and food is not appealing...I know that in time our Lord will help us recover from this nightmare, but for now, it seems like it's an endless heartache. We can't seem to let her go from our hearts and mind!😢😭😭... Friday, July 2, 2021 my husband and I brought her Ashes home…😥😭 She will be home for a while, until the time comes for us to take her ashes to their resting place! We are missing our Angel 😇 so much only God knows how unbelievably and unbearable our heart aches for her! 😔😢She was the “Sunshine” of our lives! We are so grateful to God For allowing her to sent us the yellow flower and the feather we asked for, the day before she died. It was a beautiful jumbo Sunflower and a small feather! If only I could tell you why the story of the feather! We are sure that our Ashley now resides in heaven and is Resting In Peace in God’s loving arms! God is Awesomely Good! Amen! 🙏
Joel and Victoria Osteen inspire me to always trust in God. I listen to a podcast every day and even go to sleep listening to it. This is by far the best podcast I ever listed to and Joel and Victoria will always be a role model to me!
If I knew being a Christian was this easy I would have became one long ago! Thanks to Joel’s guidance I know realize that I don’t have to be perfect to be a Christian or be loved by God or to receive his blessings! He loves me with all my flaws!
Love listening every day to you
My day isn’t complete without listening to this podcast. Joel and Victoria always fill me with such hope and encouragement. There are no telling how many lives this ministry has saved!
Listening encourages me and helps me keep God’s word constantly in mind. Learning to pray with scripture and the knowledge that God is a perfect father improves my ever growing relationship with Christ. Joel is inspirational and speaks scripture as truth in our lives. Fire & Brimstone preaching had it’s time but society has grown up to now hear the word as Love.
My family is in crisis due to recently incarcerated brother. We pray healing over him. He has mental illness and has addiction to drugs. No matter what his charges say Jesus knows his heart. He will have a life after this. Joel Osteen helps keep our family together United in faith. We are his prayer warriors. Thank you Lakewood for giving him hope and reminding him he too is a child of the most high God.
Dear Joel Your sermons on this podcasts have helped me through major attacks on my spirit and livelihood. You helped me to keep my faith and for this I am thankful. Your smile alone helps me feel good. Thank you for what you do!


Heard this sermon the other day while driving home on SirusXM and it basically confirmed what God is doing in my life. Thanks for the God sent confirmation
Thank you for all your Godly messages! I pray God continues to use you and your ministry to continue to spread God’s love!
Joel Osteen, thank you so much for the inspiration, wisdom, and uplifting 🙏🏾 Your message is always spot on, healing, and so needed💚
there’s something wrong with this person that is all I’m going to say if you would read your Bible you would see that too.
I appreciate your work and you’re the best you changed my life and my family’s life . Am from Africa and I pray to attend Lakewood one day that’s my only prayer to God . I hope you see this and keep up the Good work of God . Thank you


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Go to Ligonier Ministries or Behold Your God for the true gospel. Joel Osteen does not speak the truth.
“It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven.” You want to be a man of God? Get rid of your mansion, nice cars, nice suits, sell them, give the money to the poor, and live a simple life. Until then, you’re LYING to people, convincing them to give up their money “for God’s kingdom” while lining your own pockets with money you’ve derived from exploiting the faith and desperation of Christians. Jesus would have flipped your tables, Olsteen.
God has used Joel to reach my heart for many years. I am a recovered addict and I am beyond grateful for Joel. I really try to apply Joel’s sermons in my life and I am seeing the favor of God in all areas of my life. I have been given beauty for the ashes and every day I see the goodness of God in my life. People ask me the secret to my joy and it is only Jesus! I am believing God will use my life to show his grace, mercy and love. I am in my time of being polished so I can shine even brighter. I encourage you to apply Joel’s sermons and not just listen. Give it a chance and you will see like I am, that God is faithful and so good. All throughout the day I thank God for what’s here and what’s to come and I am living victoriously!!! My year of Jubilee is right around the corner and I declare and believe that with everything in me!!! Glory be to God but thanks to Joel for helping to be a person who has forever changed my life!
He just believes that if you trust God and live according to what He tells you your life will go better. Joel never promises that you won’t have difficulties or face opposition, on the contrary he often focuses on how serving God means facing challenges in this world, but the whole point of faith is to please God by our lives and to put our hope fully in Jesus as Savior of our souls and as the only One who is able to make our lives better. There is nothing wrong with believing that God is good and wants to bless us (Matt 7:11)
Please do your research on the prosperity gospel. These podcasts are deceptive, as they twist the message of the Bible to make it seem like Christianity is all about riches on earth, which is wrong. The Bible clearly warns us to stay away from such false teachers. Christianity is about eternal significance, no matter what we experience in this world. The messages told in these podcast take our focus off of the eternal and place it on the world. Now, God has the ability to give us blessings, which we should be grateful for. However, receiving those blessings are not the final goal of Christianity. Rather, they should only propel us to move forward in the direction God is showing us to be His will. For Joel Osteen, prosperity and the receiving of blessings is what he believes to be the final goal of Christianity, which is evident in how he lives his life and what he teaches. His messages are geared towards deceiving people to believe that Christianity should be about earthly riches, and that living a Christian life is easy and that all your problems will vanish. This is not true, as Jesus clearly taught otherwise. Of course, the messages in these podcasts are more appealing to people, which is why Joel Osteen has had great success. His messages leave out all the harder facts about Christianity that we don’t like to hear but are necessary for living a life fully dedicated to the Lord. This is exactly the intention of the prosperity gospel movement. Christianity is about living the life God has purposely planned for you, and to grow the kingdom of God. However, to do so, we must fill our minds with sound teaching, which is not found in this podcast
I am so THANKFUL for Joel Osteen’s family that started this wonderful life changing church. You and your church have upgraded my quality of my life bringing a positive message of God into my life. Truly so grateful for all of these priceless positive loving messages that help families everywhere. Spreading a positive message in this day in age is truly incredible, life changing and beautiful.
The day I heard Joel osteen podcast I wanted to end my life but after hearing his message that day I changed my mind ever since that day I have been listening to his podcast everyday . Joel osteen is a life saver I’m a testimony
I just started listening and this is so amazing, God bless you. But why does he say “2013 is my year” I heard that in the two podcasts I listened to today. Was this recorded in 2013 or is there a differing reason ?
Joel Osteen is a false teacher. Deny the prosperity gospel.