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i doesn’t matter what your perspective on ‘the rock’ is, this podcast is so information heavy: that you will be enriched. i didn’t like it at first, then i heard steve lillywhite casually talking about making the soundtrack of my youth. it is great to hear your heroes praised or heartily ‘dissed’, especially how it’s done here. it is a good natured podcast with loads of ‘cursing’ and laughter..and all manner of ‘rock n’ roll’ behavior is discussed.
Fantastic podcast - but the audio for Episode 217 (Bob Harris) is identical to Episode 218 (Where are the Crisps?). I can't find the audio for ep 217 anywhere!
I somehow stumbled on to The Word podcast on a friend's recommendation. I started with a couple and I've just gone hog wild. My commute to and from is filled with episodes and I've gone and done a subscription. I think if you love music this is the best podcast available.


By Lukadog
The decision to offer only a truncated version of the podcast to non-subscribers is mean-spirited and thoughtless.
I've been a subscriber of the Word magazine since the 2nd issue but a newcomer to the wonderful, wacky world of podcasts. Along with Danny Baker's Radio 5 show, this is, so far, one of the most entertaining podcasts around. Would you like to hear my Beatles HORA, Word?
Can't believe I haven't been downloading this before. Just listened to Danny Baker, one of the best, talk about London of his youth. As a Yank living there then, it was tremendous. I'm going thru the back shows now and giving them a listen. Please keep them coming. I'd love to hear a show about all the Indie labels like Stiff and Rough Trade etc., and rogues like Jake the Snake Riviera. Get Nick Lowe in for a sitdown. All the Best
There are very few experiences which take me back to a simple boyhood pleasure the way this podcast by the editorial staff of The Word Magazine does. I await each weekly episode with the glee and anticipation that I awaited my Rover or Wizard comic dropping through my mailbox when I was a small boy growing up in Scotland. Endlessly fascinating and hilarious commentary on the state of all things rock, from guys who have been building their record collections for forty years. Pompous, opinionated and delightful. Funny as only a bunch of lads sitting around talking about the meaning of life can be.
Even if you don't read The Word magazine (and you should, it's by far the best music mag on the market) you'll enjoy listening to the main contributors sitting down and waxing lyrical on the latest releases and sharing hoary rock anecdotes. Good natured and informative it's around half an hour of blokes who are obsessed with music sharing their thoughts with the listeners. What it lacks in production values (it sounds fine, but, as has been pointed out before, is probably recorded in an echoey shed) it makes up for in entertaining banter and the chance to learn about new artists and glean nuggets of trivia about old ones; especially Pentangle for some reason... And if you're reading this Word Podcast peeps, I listen from Guadalajara, Mexico which though never part of the Empire doesn't preclude me from taking of my tiffin from time to time.