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I love Marketplace in the morning both US and Global editions! Keep up the great reporting.
I like the morning podcast. Right length. But, three—US, Markets, International—each morning is too many. Let me select which to download, instead of requiring all three.
I try to listen to downloads and 3/morning is just too much especially when there is some crossover of the stories. Can we just have BBC and ONE US/markets version?
The weird pronunciation of "good morning" is grating as well as the constant fumbling in reporting.
I really enjoy hearing a brief report in the morning, followed up with marketplace in the afternoon.
I listen whenever I can.
I love Morning Report. I used to look forward to listening to it on my morning commute. That podcast is still great but I can't find it with all the other things they're throwing in. Two or three additional ones that aren't of interest. Finally just gave up and unsubscribed.
This podcast plus the evening Marketplace podcast are the only podcasts I listen to regularly (altho I'm adding "Make Me Smart.") David Brancaccio's attention to the issue of automation and jobs is incredibly important. I'm beginning to think that automation has a bigger economic impact on Western economies than globalization. Brancaccio is on the same page and providing essential information about this topic, including some exploration of how our society can mitigate the impact and possibly head off the growth and permanency of a jobless, occupation-less and despairing underclass.
Outstanding program
thanks for the deep dive on technology and jobs
Content is great, but vocal inflections border on annoying! One or two words are LOUD and the rest of the sentence is almost whispered. Not just the case with one reporter, many reports are like this. Makes it very difficult to listen when driving. What happened to smooth radio voices?
I love this podcast, but for the past week they have been publishing the full episode and then each individual story. The podcast app doesn't distinguish so we get everything twice. Stop doing that. Have a separate feed for each individual story.
It has Marketplace’s interesting and enjoyable content with expert delivery from David Brancaccio.
I listen every morning. Always diverse and interesting angles on economic news.
I look forward to listening to the marketplace morning report every weekday during my commute. Disappointed to hear this morning it was replaced with a new segment. Guess I'll have to listen here instead. :(
Excellent business/Econ news stories and smart host & reporters.
Always there waiting for me to listen to in the morning
Public radio w/ads! No good! Content good.
Great, short morning listen. Keep to the concise times. Add show notes.
So the podcast is great, but not when it comes out so late that I end up getting it the next morning. Why break something that was working?!
Keep up an excellent job guys!
This used to be a great nugget of information and a teaser to the stories coming up throughtout all the shows. Now, I skate through it as most of the topics are presented in both Marketplace and/or the Mid-Day report verbatim. It would be better if they would either eliminate it altogether, or break up the Mid Day into two parts so they have a chance to update instead of replay.
I listen to this show every morning! It brings me the news that is important in the world. Well Done!
I used to listen to this every morning on my way to work at my summer job. I'm not even very involved with the financial market but the show is always enjoyable to listen to. Scott Jagow was my favorite host but the show has stayed great without him.
A quick and pretty entertaining way to keep up with business and economic events each morning. Even if you disliked Econ 101, you'll probably get a lot more out of this podcast, plus the occasional grin.
Radio is still keeping its role of importance in the internet era. One reason may be pretty fundamental. The 2 ears attached to our head. Thank you NPR
Great podcast - when it downloads. I don't want to listen to this morning's business news tonight or tomorrow AM.
Great review of the most important news in finance. Perfect for he morning walk to work.
Why since the new year is apm delaying the post of morning addition? I like to listen on my way to work and not the end of the day,
Marketplace minute on Fridays is the best!
I can rely on Steve to give me an uncomplicated summary of all the days top finance news. Cheers
I like the new podcast logo
I enjoy the Marketplace Morning Report podcasts immensely as they are a great summary of what is happening in the markets. However, the reason I don't give it a higher score is that they are inconsistent as to the time the podcast becomes available. I download several podcasts in the morning(at about the same time, 8 am Eastern, every work day) and take my iPod to with me so I can listen as I review the morning e-mails, etc. It is hit or miss on whether I get this podcast or not.
Love all three of the Marketplace programs, and all 3 are on iTunes. Get them ALL!!! And Support your local NPR station
The Marketplace Morning Report is another fantastic show from American Public Media, showcasing the breaking business and personal finance news stories for the coming day. At just under fifteen minutes long (on NPR in the mornings, the podcast is even shorter than that!), I am always left wanting more. I would love for the Marketplace Morning Report to be as long as Marketplace! 30 minutes would be perfect. I won't knock the Marketplace Morning Report down a star for being too short, though. Like Kai Ryssdal (host of Marketplace and Marketplace Money), Marketplace Morning Report host Scott Jagow has the knack for turning what could be very bland business and personal finance news into stories that anyone would be interested in listening to. He has a perfect combination of knowledge and wit that really helps to keep a person awake on that early morning drive to the office. Unlike Marketplace and Marketplace Money, the Marketplace Morning Report has always been a free podcast. (The other two were previously only available via a paid subscription through Audible.) If you only have 10 minutes to listen to a few money-related stories, check out the Marketplace Morning Report. You probably won't be sorry you did!


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A good taste of Marketplace. I am not able to listen at the "right" time to catch Marketplace over the air so this is a good replacement. It would be great if they could put the full broadcast up! I would even contribute to my local station. Honest! :)
Now I'll listen when im on. I love the news it presents on business, economics, and money. The best of its kind.