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Joel is an amazing speaker. He’s my go-to guy when my faith is faltering. He always sets me on my feet again. God bless the Osteen family!
He’s extremely gifted and an amazing pastor has ministry he’s been going well and I hope he has an amazing life/Know he will


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Joel Osteen only presents one aspect of Christianity. Once you’ve heard one message, you’ve heard them all. His main focus seems to be, “You’re gonna have that baby!” He’s more interested in presenting a false reality than presenting the whole truth of Gods Word.
Joel guide us to receive the graces of God
Joel is ALWAYS what I need to hear: simple,encouraging, hopeful, promising, positive words to live , prosper, pray, and dream by. God is an on time God and Joel is always cued up to deliver His Word. Thank you Pastor for pastoring me positively through good and bad times!


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Please do your research on the prosperity gospel. These podcasts are deceptive, as they twist the message of the Bible to make it seem like Christianity is all about riches on earth, which is wrong. The Bible clearly warns us to stay away from such false teachers. Christianity is about eternal significance, no matter what we experience in this world. The messages told in these podcast take our focus off of the eternal and place it on the world. Now, God has the ability to give us blessings, which we should be grateful for. However, receiving those blessings are not the final goal of Christianity. Rather, they should only propel us to move forward in the direction God is showing us to be his will. For Joel Osteen, prosperity and the receiving of blessings is what he believes to be the final goal of Christianity, which is evident in how he lives his life and what he teaches. His messages are geared towards deceiving people to believe that Christianity should be about earthly riches, and that living a Christian life is easy and that all your problems will vanish. This is not true, as Jesus clearly taught otherwise. Of course, the messages in these podcasts are more appealing to people, which is why Joel Osteen has had great success. His messages leave out all the harder facts about Christianity that we don’t like to hear but are necessary for living a life fully dedicated to the Lord. This is exactly the intention of the prosperity gospel movement. Christianity is about living the life God has purposely planned for you, and to grow the kingdom of God. However, to do so, we must fill our minds with sound teaching, which is not found in this podcast
He does not speak Gods word
This podcast is amazing!! The words of encouragement and the reminder that our hope is eternal in Jesus Christ, is something that is truly uplifting to hear in every episode.
Continue being bold and courageous for The Lord you have what it takes GOD JEHOVAH is able. YOU are a David versus Goliath in our generation may God bless you keep you make his face to shine upon you and give you his peace in Jesus name. MAY GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS AND KEEP YOUR FAMILY IN JESUS NAME. Words can’t describe how greatful to God I am for your Obedience pastor Joel Osteen My brother and pastor Joel Osteen you are truly God’s child and Jehovah is surely with you.🙌🏾🙏😇🤴. Keep trusting and believing even when you don’t see it. It is on the way. Have a happy birthday month Pastor Victoria Osteen. God is in full control of what you say. He ☝🏽is able. JESUS CHRIST is truly coming back for A GLORIOUS CHURCH 🛐 HALLELUJAH.
This past year has been so stressful on so many levels especially with finances . Ever since I have started to listed to Joel , I have seen so many small miracles happen . I am also so much more at peace with every aspect of my life . I listen to him everyday . Thank you Joel for being instrumental in changing my life
I have enjoyed Joel's messages greatly, and been inspired and given hope. But now My Pillow sponsors him, and I can't get past that. I can't listen anymore.
I try to listen to Joel each morning on my way to work. His teachings just make you think about life and how God meets you where you are. His funny stories at the beginning of each session are Awesome!!
I have been listening since I was a kid his jokes are funny he always comes up with a good lesson every episode!!!LOVE HIM
I’ve been watching Joel on tv ,read most of his books and listened to countless podcasts and can’t begin to tell you what a blessing him and his family are. To see GOD work and speak Thru him and his family is a inspiration.
So grateful for this podcast 🙏🏽
This false teacher is nothing more than a motivational speaker. If you want a true Christian podcast find someone that teaches what the Bible says.
Joel Osteen has helped me change my life with Jesus. I came to Houston in 2017 to come to see his service. My best friend and I drove to Houston from Florida. That Sunday in April at Lakewood Church sitting in the 4 th row listening to Joel Osteen surrounded by 80,000 people was a True Miracle. I have changed my life and staying positive and do my Best to help others and rescue animals. Thank You Joel and Victoria for all Your Prayers and helping me be who I am today. God Bless You
Thank you Joel And Victoria! I’ve just tapped into your pod cast recently. I’ve had a really hard 2020. Broken leg. Demoted unfairly. Eating the elephant of acceptance because there are no other jobs because of COVID, or shall I say Florida State doesn’t pay well. I have two masters degrees and work in a grocery store. I am humble. I’ve been hurt and stuck. I’m grateful to have a job. Just context. Most importantly I’m grateful for y’all. The new thing that is happening in my life is God and I started talking. This is new, so I called my Mom and said; “I think I’m going crazy Mom, I think God is speaking to me. Am I developing schizophrenia? “ I grew up with christ in my life with a horrible preacher. It’s a long story of what this man did and how he got lost. Perry Gaspard! My twin sister was molested in the church. It was handled poorly. It scarred me. A different man/ youth paster tried to do the same to me. God protected me with his/my whit and his grace. I was 15 when I said “no more God. I don’t here you and you’re not there.” I’ve had a great life, but like you say in your podcast I quit giving him the glory. I’m still going through the valley of 2020 as an essential worker, however I didn’t notice that God wanted a relationship with me until, the long story I’ll spare you with; recently. Your preaching makes me cry and laugh and feel so much closer to God because of your positive gift. Thank you for being a vessel and having the strength and love to do what you do every day. Thank you for creating hope and joy in my life daily! I pray for y’all daily and give God the glory for placing you in my life and my husbands life. My husband is knew to faith. What a shocker, the seeds planted within me are so strong, even if the leaders lost sight of how to lead. As a couple, we are hungry and devote at least an hour to listening to you daily. This was hard for me to write and vague, so I apologize. So many details and layers. I really appreciate you! Thank you! Attitude of Gratitude, A. Dawn
My own mistakes almost cost me my family could have cost me my job may cost me my freedom. I hit rick bottom so hard I left a Crater. I replayed some of his messages over and over the Lord and his sermons saved me. Now I have a fire for the Lord and a desire to help others. I’m not out the wilderness yet but knowing the Lord is with you means more than I can describe. God bless Joel his family Amen
I like Joel’s messages. Concise meaningful and a lesson to learn in each one.
God is good.
absolute garbage, the things Joel teaches are completely false and unscriptural, he’s just out to get your money. lmk when he actually helps people instead of just telling them to “name it and claim it.” that’s WAY easy for him to say, boi has a private jet and several mansions cOME ON.
Naysayers can always go read for themselves. Go find the scriptures referenced, read and get your own understanding. I do this every time no matter the preacher/pastor/speaker. This isn’t a substitute for ones own, individual relationship with God. A supplement cannot be your total meal. That said, this is a favorite podcast of mine. It’s inspirational and informative. The format is appealing and it’s been a blessed addition to my study. Thank you.
this guy is a merchant of the faith, a false and deceiver, don't be fooled by his false doctrines disguised as pretty words
I love Joel Osteen, I really do. I just really wish Victoria could get her own podcast. Sometimes I really want to listen to Joel, but I have to skip Victoria’s or I really want to listen to Victoria but then I have to skip Joel’s. I love them both and their messages, I just wish it was more separate. If Victoria decides to get her own, I know it will be successful. She is amazing. Her and Joel both. They both helped me have NO doubts about My Lord. I know He and Heaven are there.
My husband and I were going through a difficult time. God brought Pastors Joel and Victoria into our lives. After following his weekly words, the phrase “front window” became our mantra. Life still has its challenges but I know that the Lord will get us through it as we look through the front window.
Whenever I experience a set back in my life I am grateful Joel & Victoria’s encouragement help me set up for my come back 🤩. Yet wondering how to rationalize bloom where you’re planted versus letting go/moving on?
This is really good advice.thank you for this advice Joel.
I absolutely love this podcast because I haven't found a church home that I love and because JOEL is not only an amazing pastor, but a phenomenal speaker as well! Thank you for all that you do.
This is my ultimate favorite podcast. Every episode delivers the word so clearly 🙏
I truly believe that pastor Joel and his family are truly anointed. I have learned so much in a very short amount of time about my relationship with my Heavenly Father and because of that my life has been enriched and I have been able to teach and inspire others.
I have been a subscriber and I have been listening to Joel Osteen’s podcast for the past few years on and off. But it is today, where I feel he delivered a message that spoke to me directly. This was an inspirational message with a challenge, “how bad do I want it?”. In this message Joel made me realized that for me to make something happen, I have to be invested all the way. I want a prosperous life as much as the next person, and it’s up to me with my will to go get my dream. Thank you for making me realize that God is the will that allows us to do more. I pray your words continue to anointed and fulfilling to other.
Joel you know this yet you mention”went to be with God” or up to heaven..I love you positive attitude,your uplifting sermons..But as the good book says,”The truth will set you free”You are Gods work here on earth.Do you think he would want you to preach what is not true?
I listen to one of Joel’s messages EVERY MORNING, and I repeat the ones that I most need for the week. It is a wonderful, joy FULL, way to start the day with a fun reminder of how much I am loved, how blessed I am, what a wonderful world we have. It helps me share and laugh and love more and more and more. Gotta tell you, if you’re new to this routine start ANYWHERE, but I’m going to replay “Are You Listening”. So good!
Your message has uplifted our family through our life. I love to hear your podcast before bed, I feel the love of our Lord with us, and rest peacefully. Thank you so much for bringing hope to our lives.
I am inspired to be a better Christian and to lead a better Christian life when I hear Joel’s messages. I am blessed to be able to share his sermons with those who need it the most. Thank you Joel!
Always a timely word of inspiration to keep me going!!
Him and his worthless daddy. Both scam artists making money shilling bs to the sheep at their million dollar brainwashing centers on tv.
Best minister
I love listening to Joel and Victoria. And it would be great to hear more from Jonathan. I loved his message The Password.
I listen to Joel’s podcasts every day. He’s a great speaker who gives useful advice on how to live a life full of joy. Thankful for these messages & the constant reminder that God loves us & is for us.
I love Joel and Victoria the ministry is positive and an inspiration to me at times in life when I want and need that positive strength and positive energy in my life and mind. Thank you and I love Jonathan 🙏🥰🙏
This man has provided me with the strength to push through the hardest times in my life. I am so grateful that he shares such relatable, meaningful messages that truly calm my mind & my heart. Thank you for spreading the beauty of God.
I am very honored and beyond grateful that you exist. Praise you and your beautiful family.
I listen to Joel & Victoria everyday. I always receive a positive inspirational message to start off my day. Thank you for this precious gift❤️