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Joel you know this yet you mention”went to be with God” or up to heaven..I love you positive attitude,your uplifting sermons..But as the good book says,”The truth will set you free”You are Gods work here on earth.Do you think he would want you to preach what is not true?
I listen to one of Joel’s messages EVERY MORNING, and I repeat the ones that I most need for the week. It is a wonderful, joy FULL, way to start the day with a fun reminder of how much I am loved, how blessed I am, what a wonderful world we have. It helps me share and laugh and love more and more and more. Gotta tell you, if you’re new to this routine start ANYWHERE, but I’m going to replay “Are You Listening”. So good!
Your message has uplifted our family through our life. I love to hear your podcast before bed, I feel the love of our Lord with us, and rest peacefully. Thank you so much for bringing hope to our lives.
I am inspired to be a better Christian and to lead a better Christian life when I hear Joel’s messages. I am blessed to be able to share his sermons with those who need it the most. Thank you Joel!
Always a timely word of inspiration to keep me going!!
Him and his worthless daddy. Both scam artists making money shilling bs to the sheep at their million dollar brainwashing centers on tv.
Best minister
I love listening to Joel and Victoria. And it would be great to hear more from Jonathan. I loved his message The Password.
I listen to Joel’s podcasts every day. He’s a great speaker who gives useful advice on how to live a life full of joy. Thankful for these messages & the constant reminder that God loves us & is for us.
I love Joel and Victoria the ministry is positive and an inspiration to me at times in life when I want and need that positive strength and positive energy in my life and mind. Thank you and I love Jonathan 🙏🥰🙏
This man has provided me with the strength to push through the hardest times in my life. I am so grateful that he shares such relatable, meaningful messages that truly calm my mind & my heart. Thank you for spreading the beauty of God.
I am very honored and beyond grateful that you exist. Praise you and your beautiful family.
I listen to Joel & Victoria everyday. I always receive a positive inspirational message to start off my day. Thank you for this precious gift❤️
I hope God showers him with extra blessings today
Thank you
Are used to hear your name on TV but I never really watched because I wasn’t really into the TV and ministry or of the evangelical Type. However I heard you on SiriusXM the Joel Olsteen station and once I listen to your first message I was just overtaken by how you speak, of God speaks through you and how it speaks to me. Also your jokes are funny in the beginning as well. So I try to listen to you every single day as your messages speak to the point and directly to me. You can clearly see that God speaks through you and through your members and I would love some day to come to Lakewood Church I think that would just be truly amazing. I want to do subscribe to the Joel Olsteen channel only on Sirius radio lol Thank you for your messages and helping with my walk with the LORD BLESSINGS AMY HAUGE
I started reading Joel’s book 2013 and I’ve watch my faith grow and My spiritual eyes was opened and see God’s work in my life. I feel and I know Joel is a man of God who helps lost souls and brings back to God’s loving arms. I listened to every podcast that was sent to me and I feel spiritually energized and every time . Thank you Pastor Joel and Victoria
God bless your ministry more and more thank you Joel and your family for helping me grow better and brighter in Jesus name!
I heard this sermon on the radio today and would love to hear it again on your podcast. Thank you!
I love them both. Victoria is just as awesome a preacher and teacher as her husband.
So uplifting and encouraging, playing over and over to remind myself no weapon or opposition can defeat me!
Favour minded got me ... real powerful messages I love this guy
I am truly grateful for Joel’s messages and the connection he helped me form with God. I have been listening/watching/reading Joel’s message for over a decade because he helps me to understand the Bible and God’s good intentions for all of us even when things seem dark. Thank you, Joel, for the constant stream of hope, inspiration, and positivity. It has helped me to transform my life.
He’s been helping shape my perspectives of life and my faith has grown so much more just from listening to The Osteens check them out on Apple Music plenty of food for the soul! May the lord bless the Osteens
Going through a miscarriage and feeling like I lost total control, Joel reminded me that the darkest of times will pass and all will be in my favor in time. I just have to continue believing and trusting in Him.
I grew up attending Lakewood Church and still today feel the flow of faith coming through whether I listen to a podcast, youtube, or watch on TV. Through openness can we see God’s light and Joel knows that. He reminds you to take off the blinders of limitation and self doubt and take a good look around you realizing if God the Creator can make all this Universe-there is nothing stopping you from being great too. I need the light for my feet to stay on the path. Thank you, Joel! 🕯👣🙏🏻
I feel like Jesus breathes on Joel Osteen to simplify the Bible verses so people can better understand. I can feel the Holy Spirit every time I listen to Pastor Joel. There are so many circumstances in my life that I was not sure what should be the right thing to do and then I listened to Joel and feels like an enlightenment. Thank you Pastor Joel. God Bless you.
I grew up listening to Joel Osteen. He has always been one of my favorite pastors. I listen to his podcasts as i fall asleep every night. He always has a positive message and is very uplifting. Thankful for Joel Osteen!!!!
Excellent Job & Message Jonathan I Pray That Both You And Your Dad Are Poured Back Into So You Both Can Continue Forward On The Path God Had Place You Both On God Bless Continued Success!!!
Thank you for encouraging and bringing so much love, light and inspiration to my life. Can you please make the video an option? It sometimes stops and starts repeatedly interrupting the speech. THANK YOU!!🙏🏻🌟
This mans message will truly change your life for the better in so many ways it’s not even funny. His message has brought me peace, confidence, and an overall positive outlook on life. I can’t express how thankful I am for this podcast and his sermons on YouTube!
I’m deaf and want to watch it but no cc??? Only hearing people to watch it where’s deaf people watch it too??? Y’all need fix it for deaf people needs!!!!
Why can’t I download “your second wind is ...”?
My daily motivation and love hearing all Joel’s messages. They have changed my life for the better.
Where are the 2018 podcasts located? They aren’t listed like the ones in 2017.
My podcasts have stopped updating since mid December. Tried deleting the app and resubmitting but no luck. It worked great before then.
There's NOTHING biblical about this "ministry. BRING ON THE FAKE TEARS clown boy. AVOID this man at all costs. LIES.
I am not a bible thumper. I am not even fond of “attending” Church. But I do have a spiritual walk. It has been incredibly difficult for me to uncover someone who consistently delivers a positive message in a positive manner. To do so is true my a gift. The sermons seem to be targeted directly at me although I know they are not. This in conjunction with the delivery keeps me coming back again and again. The video version is flawless and highly recommended.
He is a true son of encouragement! What a blessing! Thanks for sharing with us Joel and Victoria. Proud to be a partner in this ministry
Why do people take this dude seriously.
For over a decade I've attended Lakewood, watched services on TV and listened to CDs and podcasts through all the years. During the past hardest year of my life, JOEL and Victoria are my "go to" at night, in the mornings and during the days. Thank you for giving us the best of you to help live our best lives.
Bad juju
Con artist and a fruit loop.
It is is you never learn to listen the to learn you will never listen which that means this when you are told some thing by some one that has the experience you have to listen but is you never do then by the time you would want to learn you wouldn't listen because you did not want to listen do it would be hard for you to learn. That is what I learn from listening to you.
I don't know if it is only me but I would really appreciate it if Joel and Victoria have separate Podcast or at least give the audience an option to filter what they want to listen. No offense, but I connect more with Joel Osteen than Victoria. It is feels like having people listen to Vitoria forcefully utilizing Joel's fame to make her stand. All good but why not do it under her own umbrella of business or whatever this is.. Anything that does not give any other option is not such a nice feeling. Thanks!! And cheers!!
This church broadcasts feel good info not The Good News. I am uncomfortable with his intent. Moreover the recent Texas crisis is the cherry on top. His church pretended to be unavailable when thousands of people were in need. I guess the stadium needs to be protected for when their church goers return from their tragic situations but not during.
He truly showed his colors when hurricane Harvey hit Houston and he did not open his church for shelter. Not to mention his smile creeps me out.
You'd have to be an idiot to like this guy