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Listening for the past year and 1/2. Good topics and ideas. Supplemental info and points of view to other sources (Kiyosaki, Keller etc). Also, fun to listen to. Some times a little bit much when the guest comes on and does the ginsu knife - and wait, there is more....stuff. But over all a good 30 to 90 minutes of info and entertainment at the same time. Reccomend to anyone thinking of investing in real estate
I have listened to about 2 dozen of these shows and I am always left with the same feeling. The hosts and the guests are much more interested in selling their training material than actually giveing any kind of information. They also market it in a way that really reminds me of all the "get rich quick" late night infomercials out there. "Do you want to make zillions of dollars, work 2 hours a week and do so with zero risk or cash of your own? Then make 3 easy payments of...." They spend probably 75% of the time either hyping the training programs or talking about how easy real estate investing can be.
Great Show. Lots of interesting topics. Thanks for mixin in a little humor and whatever to take the routine out of the routine.
This people just a waste of time!
I could not get over first 5 mins of their mindless chatting. I tried two episodes...The female host just does not sound professional.
The show has good content but since Lynn Voss has left the show has lost some substance, Allison babbles on like an airhead and her flirting with Judson makes me sick. If they would just stick to real estate and talk to the audience more as opposed to each other the show would be much better.
Judson is full of ego at the expense of his wife and partner who he regularily denegrates in sexist and demeaning ways. The show is a waste of air time, especially when they banter about nothing related to real estate information during the show.
This was my favorite podcast. It was real experiences from regular people. It has changed into a business, it is so self promoting I can't take it anymore. I think the loss of Lynn took away the spirit of it. My advise is downloader the older shows and skip the new ones unless there is a particular issue to want to hear about.
I have listened to about a year's worth of shows in the past three months. It seems like 1/3 to 1/2 of each show is devoted to inane banter or infomercial sales job. Luckily you can fast forward through that stuff becasue it gets real old real fast. Allison's "baby talk" style is getting to me too. But I hate to miss an episode because I feel like I might miss something I could use. I have four rental properties so I'm very interested in the subject matter. I just wish they would stick to the topic.
Nice folks but their content is fluffed with non-related chit chat, plus they are constantly promoting their conferences or courses. I much more prefere The Real Estate Guys Radio podcasts.


This show used to be very helpful with some great information, however lately it seems that this is just a money maker for the host who use the platform to promote themselves and everyone else trying to make a quick buck by promoting their cds and seminars‘. Go back to when you first started the show that’s why it was popular.
thank you
it is painful to hear both the guests talking about irrelevant things. Once the podcast is started, it is like you have to wait for few minutes for hosts to get into the actual content. that really put me off and i skipped to the next podcast in my shuffle. So i cant comment on the substance part.
This was one of the first podcasts I found on real estate investing. This show has potential and could be valuable if you are willing to wade through the inane chit chat, cutesy banter. Judson- We subscribe because we want your knowledge and experience, not your "I'm smarter than Lynn" humor and poking. For this listener, it's like fingernails down the chalkboard. For investors looking for serious, to the point, advice- try Jason Hartman's Creating Wealth podcast. He is awesome for real estate investors looking for more passive, less hands on type of investing.
I like to listen because most of the interviews are excellent and provide great information. The hosts of this show might know alot about real estate investing, but they can't explain it very well and seem to speak in sentence fragments and stuble over their words. It gets difficult to listen to very many podcasts back to back because of this. I would recommend listening to this podcast just because there are not very many real estate podcasts out there, but you will get annoyed with the hosts as they are not great teachers. I would recommend listening to Jason Hartman's podcasts as they are excellent for the buy and hold crowd.
if you would quit talking to each other about things that no one else knows or cares about it would be a great show...stick to the content!
Lynn and Judson share their experiences with their real estate investing business. They include a wide range of topics and guest speakers to provide a good understanding of different types of real estate investing. They started the podcasts about the same time they started investing. So if you're new to real estate investing you can start with the earlier pod casts and use their experiences to guide you. Whether you're just starting out or experienced, education is so very important and the focus here is on education while keeping it interesting and exciting. They also explain advanced topics very well. Definately give it a listen!
It's painfully obvious that this program is about self promotion and selling product. I find many of the other Real Estate Investment podcast more credible.
I discovered this podcast two months ago and have almost hear every one. Now that I am caught up I can't wait for the next one to come out. This podcast is fantastic.
This is the best show for real estate investment out there. There is lots of info, they are fun but most of all the podcast quality is superb. I have learned so much and I have compared them to the other REI podcasts out there. Result: still the best!
I read some of the reviews and most agree that the show is great. I really enjoy the show and the information they give. I don't know of any other resource anyone interested in real estate investing would be able to get such a wealth of information on an ongoing basis. The guests who do sale their products have been very informative (IMO) as well. In the real estate investing world I have been very hard pressed to see anyone, who doesn't! It is a very small part of the show... Hey also one of those guests programs just might be the starting point for a lot of would be/want to be real estate investors. I also think they have (Judson and Lynn) used most of their guests systems, which is why they allow them to come on the show in the first place. I really love the show and hope you guys continue to offer it for many years to come. :-)
Jud and Lynn do an excellent job of conveying a significant amount of vital information for real estate investors, and they do it in a very down-to-earth fashion. They feature very knowledgeable guests who freely share their expertise in a large variety of investing strategies. This podcast has good production values. Jud and Lynn have worked hard to provide a valuable resource and they have succeeded. I recommend the show highly.
I love Judson and Lynn and the Get Real podcast. It's so chock full of information that both serious real estate investors and investor wannabes can easily understand and apply.
Fantastic Show that is easy to understand. Can't wait to get through all of the previous shows!
I recently spent almost 10k on a guru mentor. Had I known about Get Real prior to that big chunk, I never would've spent that money. I could've used that money for a down payment on a property.
Judson and Lynn are great! They will give you the real information you need to start investing properly.
they apply the pratical common sense.. They are down to earth REAL people.. Not salesperson driven about programs or somones book.. They say IF we can ... YOU can.. And its true!!! Thanks for being ReAL!! Jud and Lynn!!!
I've listened to a lot of different REI podcasts and this one is the only one that's remained on my iPod. It's consistently interesting, even on topics I wouldn't have though I'd find that interesting. That said, there are two minor issues, both of which have been mentioned in other reviews. First, Judson needs to work on eliminating the vocal tic of using an up-swing in his voice whenever he pauses so it sounds? like he keeps? asking questions? while he's talking? Once you notice it, you can't stop noticing it and it becomes very distracting. Second, I also agree that some of the guests sound more like they're making sales pitches than doing interviews, but I suppose that's a reason why people agree to guest on podcasts, so to some extent that's just for me to filter out. All in all, though, far more interesting and "real" than many of the other casts out there. A keeper.
This is the real estate show for the rest of us.. Can not tell you how many times I have listen to the podcasts.
After reading Richard Kiyosaki's Rich Dad book, I wanted to learn more about getting out of the rat race through real estate investing. I'm so glad I found this podcast! Not only does it provide unbelievably valuable and timely information, but Judson and Lynn are wonderfully authentic people who also show the human side of investing. I love it, I've started from the 1st podcast and am about half way through, and I'm completely addicted to it. I plan to start wholesaling in the next couple of months. Thanks Judd and Lynn!
Great info, i do FF through the first 7 minutes of ever podcast, as its just about their website. Dare to be dumb and questiosn section is awesome. I learn somehting new every time i listen. Thank you much and keep up the good work! Lynn>Judson
This is by far the best real estate podcast out there. I know because I subscribe to all of them. info is real and relevent because Judson and Lynn are real investors just like me. Great info, keep it coming!!!!!!
Extremely useful podcast. Highly recommended with a wealth of information for investors. Judson and Lynn's format is perfect and the dare to be dumb segment is my favorite only because its grounded in the real world. It's refreshing to hear real world perspective because while nothing is easy, it's not overly hard either.
Judson and Lynn really share the "behind the scenes" information that everyone else charges for. Really good stuff especially for the new or novice investor. I learn a ton from each podcast. There website is a great tool also. When you subscribe go to the first episode and listen from there. Don't skip any of the episodes. They really are real and not slick sales people.
For a free show, Lynn and Judson give you a tremendous amount of information. Yes some guests are promoting a product, but folks that's how you get knowledgeable guests on a free show. You will learn something from all the guests (and the hosts) and nobody is making you buy anything. I have listened to all their podcasts and I recommend it to anyone interested in real estate investing.
A warm introduction to the world of real estate. Very informative. A must for any beginning investor.
This podcast is full of great information about real estate investing. Very informative especially for someone who is just getting started and try to educate themselves about the business.
Finally, a real estate resource that is practical and informative. And best of all it's free! I started listening to the show a week ago and have learned a heck of a lot!
Really a wealth of information that no real estate investor should be without.
Jud & Lynn have put together an excellent podcast. Tons of good information for free. What a welcome relief to see good advice and tips from someone actually "walking the walk". Thanks so much guys!
Judson and Lynn's presentation of top investing topics is both informative and entertaining. They stick to the topics instead of promoting products like many others do. This is my favorite real estate podcast.
Lots of useful tips and info
I've almost made it through all 50 or so episodes. This podcast is packed with useful, "how to" information. Judson and Lynn are regular people who have become seasoned investors. Their show covers all avenues of real estate investment pretty equally. This podcast is a great way for beginners to decide what type of investor they want to become. Even though many of their guests are selling a product, they still give out in depth information and good advice. I've read tons of real estate books and find this podcast to be extremely motivating and educational.
This is truly a gem of a podcast. I have personally made it a point to listen daily.
Found this podcast and love it. I was looking for tons of information on this subject and these people give it all and more. I started with the 1st show about 2 weeks ago and am almost halfway through the list. One really good aspect is that they bring in professionals to talk about each of the subjects they cover. Completely Motivating!!!
Great show! Out of all the information I hear with other podcasts I trust what Judson and Lynn say. Very interesting! I never get tired of listening.
Would be great (I like Jud and Lynn's style a great deal) but their guests are often nothing more than shills for some product they are trying to push (not cheaply). Show is worth listening to, but would improve significantly if they choose professional experts rather than self-promoters to give insight. One does not know if these people are experts or you are listenting to a 30 minute advertisement.
if you are looking for a show from real people ,real investor and not some late night cassette tape pushing real estate "guru" , this is the show for you... keep up the great work guys
I have listened to all of Jud and Lynn's shows and look forward to many more. The information on using IRA's for purchasing real estate is right on. Our company specializes in foreclosures and the information provided by their guests in very valuable. Great short cut to huge profits. Their shows have inspired me to do my own podcast on homebuyer and homeseller education.