The Jenn Cork Show

Reviews For The Jenn Cork Show

This is great! so amusing I once spent the whole day listening to this stuff. It is Great! But, I don't see how it is comedy. Jenn, you rock! you can save $$$ because there is stuff on this so you don't have to buy it on iTunes
Wasn't sure what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised by this podcast. Nice mixture of talk and songs. The author gave some thought to her format and presentation. It's unfortunate she's no longer producing it.
PLEASE, make it STOP!!!! This woman has no clue on how to conduct a radio show. Jenn, put your last name to a good use and "cork" it. You mentioned that you went to college, surely you must have some admin skills or SOMETHING.....
all this person does is flap his lips and its really really gay. I lissend to it for about a minute and had to stop. person ether find another job or get comidy lessons