Violent Gentlemen's Hammer Time

Reviews For Violent Gentlemen's Hammer Time

For real. I wish I had anymore friends who haven’t gone COT so I could turn them on to it too.
OK Mark the guys earned this one. Not more than a few minutes in and when Biggie said “that’s like me saying I am a mechanic because I put gas in my car”. Had we cracking up. Great show keep up the great work.
I’ve been a fan of Violent Gentlemen since 2011, but have only started listening to Hammer Time over the last couple weeks. It is the perfect listening experience for my work place. Tons of laughs, tons of dirty jokes, and almost every cast makes me hungry with the food talk. I can’t pay for the COT, but I would just to hear the rest of the podcast!
Been listening for quite a while now, definitely a part of the Friday commute! Glad to be a paid subscriber too!
I’m on board. I’ve listened to Marky’s rambling for long enough to not be a member. Plus I’m sick of him guilt tripping us freeloaders.😁 Thanks for keeping us company with great content. Cheers. 🍻 SXE 😂
The perfect big dog podcast for your big dog lifestyle.
Love AID, but can’t get enough of that sweet tavo lovin’ from hammer time! Let’s go ducks!
If you want to learn how to hang with your friends, what real friends are, and how to be a big dog and love the big dog lifestyle, this podcast is for you.
The friends you wish you had growing up.
Tavo, Hammer, and Brickey are the buddies you wish you had in your crew. Hang out and learn what it means to be “steak poor”, who is Monkey Math, why calling an “eagle” on Brickey won’t stop him from showing up at Emilio’s birthday party while wearing a full mariachi suit, and the value of being a real 1099 Jones (sorry Tavo, we need you to stay late tonight, sweep the floor, and fill Fun Caps). If debating the merits of blueberry PopTarts interests you, if you want to know who would win in a McDonalds playoff bracket, if you have a friend that might be on the Road to the Betes, you should check out Violent Gentlemen’s Hammer Time.
Hammer Time is the only podcast I listen to. Food, hockey and Rover shaming? I’m all in!
Energy and laughs. Nothing better
When keepin it real goes right.
Kill it Hammer!!!