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Good if you want to listen to a few 4chan-y dudes make a bunch of sports analogies and rant when their theories don’t come to fruition, or when everything isn’t tied into a neat little bow when this is...not the last season of the show. Do they even like westerns or dystopian movies/shows? I’m not sure why they even make this podcast.
I can’t listen to this podcast anymore. Constantly complaining about how confusing the show is when really it isn’t confusing at all. They miss key details through episodes and for some reason are convinced their views are shared by a majority of viewers.
Great chemistry between David and Danny, guests usually fall right in line with their leads. Massive respect for how hard they work researching and enriching listener experience, and for me they have kept westworld relevant when I wanted to give it up.
These dudes truly want to like the show, but they sincerely despise it. They are tunnel-visioned so much by their theories that they can’t stop to make sense of the littlest things. It’s not enjoyable to listen to and even though season 3 is over, I’ll be unsubscribing to this downer of a podcast.
Love Shoemake and Danny. The two personalities are incredible to listen to interact. Love the pod, find a new show to dive into!
Shoemaker is a solid host and keeps a structure so the show moves along, but the other guy needs to go. Replace him with someone like Concepcion, he’d add some humor as well as we know from Binge Mode that he can at least follow plots at a granular level. Heifetz reminds me of that high school English teacher who tries to come up with some deep philosophical/theological meaning to everything instead of enjoying it for the entertainment value.
I used to love this podcast but at the end I was confused if the hosts even liked this show? All they did was make fun of it. They didn’t have anything positive to say about the show. Got really annoying
Appropriately critical and very enlightening.
Honestly, I enjoyed your recaps at the beginning of the season but good god man, can you be more critical of every single thing in this show? Can’t listen anymore.


It’s a decent podcast but the guys miss some of the most obvious stuff, they need to re watch the episode before they recap, but when they were lost by what the emp on episode 7 of season 3 does was sad, and they try to over think the episode so much that they just confuse themselves and miss the point
One of these hosts clearly understands the show and does his research- the other doesn’t even know how to pronounce key components and constantly gets side-tracked. Please get a better co-host.
I would not understand WestWorld if not for this podcast lol
Said nobody ever
This podcast is so helpful in unpacking the density that is Westworld. I love their infusions of opinions, theories and criticisms. I appreciate the time they spend researching in order to formulate such strong arguments!
Heaven preserve us.
Danny Heifetz is not the guy to review and talk about this show. He makes WestWorld seem worse. Love the ringer. I’m sure he’s a great writer and contributor but y’all need someone else diving in on WestWorld. I know JC CR and MR are busy but y’all have the talent to find a better host to this show.
I’m writing this to course correct the outlier (see what I did?) of the last review. I definitely understand how Sean Fennessey’s critical mindset from the S3E5 recap could piss people off, but to those fans who are bothered by the review episodes there’s a theories episode each week that exhibits the love of the show we all share. Have patience. Unlike what Serac is a noble virtue.
Man, I normally love listening to your guys’ podcast after each week’s episode. But this latest review, S3 E5, you both sound like spoiled children. Who the hell cares if it’s not extremely intricate maybe they needed a break. Opinion aside, would be nice to not hear you guys complain so much, I listen to the podcast because of your abilities to dissect the show, not criticize production...
A podcast that takes concentration. Sometimes I listen twice because of the depth of content. Well done.
There’s a ton of info in this podcast. They present thoughts about how they think it’s going down. Sometimes they go down the rabbit hole but they still manage to stay on topic and convey a ton of stuff.
I have several Westworld podcasts I subscribe to but yours is the one I always listen to first. I live the way you interact with each other and it’s structure. It continues to be the best Westworld podcast.
Great show guys, I quite enjoy the two of you. And when you bring in a third guest for a little recap at the top, that works really well. Stay safe out there, and keep up the great work.
I love the ringer and Shoemaker but I’m not going to listen to smug dudes disparage a show I really enjoy. Life is way too short.
Love the show. Keep it up. As to the question about an app for the crime gig economy... Currently RICO stands for, "The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act." The new app could be named: RICO "Regionally Integratred Criminal Opportunities." Or, RICO "Risk Is Contributive to Opportunity." Or, RICO "Rules Inherently Cause Oppression." Or, RICO "Requiring Illegality for Compensation, Online." Really I Can't Opine anymore.
So excited to hear you guys are back for season 3. Love listening to the insight into the episodes from all of you.
These guys give you the who, what, when, where, and why...and they explain the backstory and potential connections.
Seems like they have been assigned to watch Westworld as a homework assignment and don't seem to enjoy it.
your average should be five stars, you guys are great. thank you, y’all are really enhancing the show
Love this pod, the hosts are insightful, funny, and not afraid to make light of West World when it starts going off narrative. This show is immensely improving my enjoyment and understanding of the television program, great stuff.
I’ve listened to many episodes of this show as I respect the Ringer brand and I’ve finally had enough. The ramblings featured in this podcast sound like the group has done zero pre-planning whatsoever and it is irritating to listen to. There is so much great material to discuss on Westworld and this podcast can do so much better. I expect better from the Ringer. Give me Mallory Rubin- she’s thoughtful and actually respects her platform and understands her responsibility to put quality content into the world. This podcast is a waste of time, I actually lose brain cells while listening to it.
Started out as a good podcast at the beginning of this season but by the finale, has really gone off the rails. While Danny’s theories can be a little off the wall, the rudeness of cutting him off and shutting him down from finishing a sentence is truly unprofessional this cast. Only for the rest of the hosts to respond with their answers, which were: “well no one really knows”, or “they could do anything”, “not worth even talking about”. What is the point of covering this show if you can’t even have one original thought?? Really needs a better moderator who can keep discussion evenly dispersed and on track.
Julliete Litman is without question the smartest and most interesting person on this podcast.
With such fertile subject matter, it is difficult to determine how this podcast can manage to be largely devoid of any thoughtful or compelling commentary. Some self-editing and unspoken thoughts might be in order - not every silly notion needs to be included just because it happened to pop into somebody’s addled brain. An example among many: yammering on about Transformers and Optimus Prime because some prime numbers are referenced in WW - hardly funny, instructive or remotely relevant to the fascinating and impending issues raised in WW. Perhaps Ringer World’s Ford Simmons needs to reprogram these hosts before the next season.
Take Shoemaker completely off the show. He’s the worst one. Or give him his separate pod for the people who think he’s funny. Please please give the show to Danny
Palpable tension as hosts who aren’t named Danny Heifetz seem to chomp at the bit to dismiss Danny’s thoughts or punish him for mistakes. This passive aggressive dynamic becomes the centerpiece of the episode for me with few exceptions. I give Heifetz credit, he clearly puts a great deal of time into his research. Cohosts could learn the value of Yes And and basic table manners.


Get rid of Micah, literally repeats every thing everyone else says, brings no original thoughts
Only one host of this show (Danny) puts in the work to intelligibly talk about this show. And the final podcast episode of the season was derailed by a stupid Transformers comment by another host. The other hosts make digs at Danny all season but don’t bring anything to the table themselves.
They spend far too much time trying to figure out the machine learning and CS concepts in this fantastic show. They also go down rabbit holes that aren’t at all interesting (like dinosaurs, Biblical parallels, etc.). That’s boring and has culminated in too many eye-roll moments for me to listen to this podcast in future seasons.
I listened to the show all through the second season. I loved the “this maze was not meant for you award”, and usually liked the interactions on the show. But does everybody hate Danny? The tension between Danny and the other hosts got so uncomfortable as the season went on. Made me miss the chemistry between Mallory and Jason.
Awesome breakdown every week. An incredibly diverse group of ‘hosts’. Some hate it, some love it, some are William dudes, some are Delores dudets, some theories are accurate, and most aren’t. This is a very goofy (yet satisfying) podcast and nothing more. Grab yourself a glass of wine and enjoy this beautiful piece of media... or become part of it? I just want to party with Danny in the forge.
My main problem with this show is there are no female commentators — none that I’ve heard, at least, and so at least most shows don’t have them. Westworld is a largely female-led show, created by a woman, and the perspective these male commentators provide is exceptionally, near-stereotypically male in their characterizations and interpretations of the plot. As a woman, it is frustrating to listen to. I found myself talking out loud to the podcast, telling the commentators how off-base they sound. Also, they hyper-fixate on some details and theories, which gets boring and also overlooks the main themes of the show (this lack of willingness to explore the show’s larger emotional themes also doesn’t help the overly-masculine interpretations of the plot and characters). A lesser but equally frustrating problem, they also harp on some plots and developments as stupid, when a simple google search into biology, neuroscience or computer science would tell you that those plot points were necessary. If you have a background in any of those fields (even just taking like... an intro college course), it is frustrating to hear them try to mansplain why this or that plot development is dumb — when, if you knew the background science even just a TEENY bit, such developments make sense. TL;DR — no female perspectives so an over-masculine, mansplainy podcast that overlooks any deeper aspects of the show for minutia and fails to even try to understand a teeny bit of the science that would underlie such a show in favor of assuming they know it all. I really wanted to like it, as I wanted a westworld discussion show. But instead I found myself frustrated and grumbling at my phone as the commentators talked.
I wish he would Heif less
Y’all give me a greater insight and understanding. I’m be Robert Ford for Halloween.
Listen the podcast is great, but I’ve seen every episode at least twice and I have zero clue which way is up and after listening I still don’t know. I think you guys know what’s going on though I just can’t see it 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️
Yes, the happy valley = valley beyond joke is what it is like to listen to Danny. Take the time to write down your thoughts, look at them, realize what you want to say, make edits, then talk.
Overall great pod every week. Danny is the best and clearly a great representative for those of us who spend way too much time on the WW subreddit. MiB is a HOST!!!!
I listen to four analysis podcasts about Westworld and despite David Shoemaker doing a great job to facilitate the show, it's among the less enjoyable. The "awards" format works for other Ringer shows, but it feels forced here. And I'm sorry but Danny is annoying. The other reviewer said it best. He does remind you of a year one college philosophy student who gives a theory and acts like he just blew your mind. I do appreciate the passion somewhat. But for a better show, Bald Move has a show called 'Watching Westworld'. They seem to be more critical and passionate (albeit a bit more crude and regularly using profanity.)
Host and make guests seem to glean such a wrong impression of the show that it makes one wonder if they are watching the show they are discussing. The saving light is the female guest- she seems to know what’s going on. Gosh, these guys are annoying.