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I recommended this podcast to my mom after searching for things that could help her manage the stressful life of having a 10 and 2 year old, working full time, and taking care of my grandparents. She has been loving it and making quality lifestyle changes with the information NJ provides. So happy for her and recommend this for ALL working moms who are overwhelmed with stress and trying to improve their lifestyle/mindset. It is also helping her rebuild her relationship with God!
It is so hard to find support as a working Christian mom and this pod cast and the Working Christian Mom community has become the community I have been missing.
This podcast has really spoken to my heart. As a brand new mom, I have been struggling to understand how to continue spending time with God amongst everything else that has been added to my to-so list. After feeling overwhelmed and trying to do things without God, I realized that He was the missing puzzle piece. I found this podcast and it really helped me understand that it is not impossible to keep God in my everyday life.
I have been looking for A podcast to follow for A few weeks now... I will look no further I have finally found it!! Thank you for the Christian working mom encouragement!! This podcast is everything I need!! God Bless ~Amanda @ Stayingkingdomminded


By whbr23
I needed this. These ladies get it and have so much common sense advice. Love it!
So excited to find this podcast at a time where I truly needed it. Sometimes it feels like I’m on an island being a working mom because so many of my friends and people at church are stay at home moms. I love my work and feel incomplete without it so I’m navigating this new mom life, work and all, and I love the encouragement NJ (and all her guests) offer!
NJ is so sweet and passionate about this topic. I really enjoyed listening to her “Battle Cry”.
I just started listening to NJ and Im hooked! I was crying listening to the first episode, you said exactly what I needed to hear! That has to be straight from the Lord. Thank you NJ for having this podcast. I’m sure I will be a regular listener now. 💜
NJ is amazing and real. She’s just as much herself on this podcast as she is in real life. I love seeing Christian women doing truly excellent work!
What a breath a fresh air for Christian moms. I love how NJ digs deep into the heart of her guests and loves on other moms, through the soundwaves. God has given NJ such a needed voice to bring glory to him as she fulfills her purpose in serving other women. I'm so glad to have the ability to listen to this encouragement and learn from godly women.
A lot of Christian and faith based podcasts, blogs, and speakers make me feel like what I am not doing is enough and that where I am at is not good enough with my faith, as a busy mom and business owner it is hard to find the time and one thing that really stuck out to me was when she mentioned that you can fit your time in with Jesus throughout your day. It does not have to be first thing in the morning or look like what someone else is doing. I needed to hear that NJ. Thank you for all you do! Listening
NJ, thank you so much for creating this space and resource for working Christian moms! I'm so hungry for this kind of encouragement and am so so grateful that you are using your gifts to bless other moms like me. Your battlecry brought me to tears! It's rare to find a place where you feel so understood. Can't wait to hear more!
Love this so far! I’m only on episode 3 but plan on listening to more! Would love to hear from a mom who works in a secular environment and who works most evenings and weekends. That has been my struggle the last 3 years with my son.
I've been following NJ (in a totally non-creepy way) since becoming a member of the Boss Moms group, and have enjoyed the stuff she has had to share there. Her and Dana Malstaff have an amazing chemistry together, and I constantly find myself cracking up at their hijinks. Needless to say, when she announced that she was going to be starting this podcast, I was excited with a little bit of hesitancy because I just loved the way she interacted with Dana, and I wasn't sure how she was going to do solo. My fears were unfounded, and from the first episode, she has me hooked. She is an Esther for our times - realizing that God has put her in this spot, with this sphere of influence, and the amazing ability to talk right to the heart of the matter - and she is not afraid to use it. I am impressed and inspired, and I encourage any women in business out there to take the time out to listen and learn!
We use the teachings of the bible in our daily life. We talk about it in our parenting, in our marriage and other relationships. Thank you NJ, host of Working Christian Moms, for starting the conversation around being a Christian and how that looks in our business. It's an important topic to discuss how our faith plays a role in the work place!
Wow! NJ, I felt the Holy Spirit through this battle cry for the Working Christian Mom. I hear this, I feel, and I see you too Working Christian mom.