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What a great collection of classic noir radio broadcasts form yesteryears are are just enjoyable to listen to today. Thank for posting them!!!
The intricacies of this phenomenal Agatha Christie mystery is only augmented by the classical diction and characterization infused by the great actor Hugh Fraser. Famous for portraying Hercule Poirot’s trusty “sidekick” Colonel Hastings in the BBC mystery series (starring the great David Suchet), Fraser breathes the fire of life into Christie’s characters. Thank you for making this great mystery writer’s story come to life!
First timer here. Just listening to “After The Funeral” and so impressed with the brilliant reading. Perfect diction and remarkable acting ability.
Ah yes, the nostalgia is hitting me like a bus.
May 8, 2018 episode makes no sense at all.
Please get more episodes. I listen to this podcast every time before I go to bed unless my mom catches me listening, anyway I thinks it’s great, but I wish we could have longer episodes. I’m not saying you could make them longer like you can just go into the 20-60s and remake the episodes. I just with you could make some of them a double episode.👍
The narrator is a writer of many years, which explains why his insights and introductions of the episode are an examination of the writing of these older radio shows. These have helped me notice many things about plot or character that I would have not noticed on my own. The category is listed in iTunes as Kids & Family. So, the episodes aren’t too dark in case you have kids sitting in the back seat!
This podcast is amazing and as a teen, I love going into the past and learning what it was like!!!! 17/5 stars!
The best. I was looking for an entertaining podcast while stuck at home for a week recovering from a cold. Stories a welcome break from politics, self help, etc. I love the "gender" specific roles (OMG!lol) and the bad guys always get caught(Woohoo)!


These are the stories from a lost era. They transport me bak to a time I never was able to experience
Most enjoyable OTR


By LmD634
I love radio shows and this one is superb!! Thank you so much!
Both me and my brother love this podcast! I listen to it all the time. It's great on long car or airplane trips!
Great selection! I highly recomend you give it a listen, you'll be hooked!
I have to agree with the other reviewers. I listen to a lot of Old Time Radio and this podcast exceeds them all in quality commentary.
The host of this show is both professional and passionate about the genre he presents. I am forever impressed at the great effort and time he puts into these excellent broadcasts. The occassional guest interviews are a treat and Mr. Widner's ability to find programs and episodes that you cannot find anywhere is is admirable. Bravo! to Radio Detective Story Hour and its host, Jim Widner. FYI: I love this program and I am only in my twenties. I encourage other young people to discover this lost art!
The background to these detective stories is so fun to listen to. Jim Widner does an amazing job. I am from gen X and am learning about a whole new world. The one my parents used to tell me about. This is a podcast well worth downloading. Thank you for all of the hard work you put into making this program.
Thanks so much for the 'inside' info. It makes it so much more interesting, like the Lucille Ball background on Dime a Dance. Fabulous! Keep it up!!
Thanks so much for taking the time to put this together for us! I love learning more about the shows and actors as well as the fabulous stories you pick out for us to hear. This is truly my favorite OTR podcast!
The historical information put into these really makes them come alive. Thanks for all the hard work!
I very much appreciate the effort put into the presentation of these shows. I know it must often take a lot of time to prepare the research on the shows' histories. They are wonderful to listen to. This is one of the best podcasts for OTR. Thanks.
some of the best detective dramas ever. a great overview of the era of original pulp fiction
I don't normally write reviews but I've been very impressed with the radio shows and the thoughtful intros for them. I've listened to quite a few old time radio podcasts but this is my favorite.
Widner does more than just play an old-time radio show. He researches the actors, the networks, the sponsors, the writers... adding interesting, relevant commentary that provides context and sense of the time of the show's creation. His audio levels are consistent and he or someone does a good job of cleaning up the audio. These are some of the best-quality shows you'll hear on a podcast.
Jim Widner's Radio Detective Story Hour offers a wonderful way to escape and unwind. Widner's well-narrated and highly informative introductions would make even less captivating material interesting. The stories on their own are great fun, but I suspect that on their own they might occasionally miss the mark for some of today's listeners. Widner's introductions make these old classics shine...
These are very well put together, and I love the info/commentaries/interviews included. I LOVE the old radio mysteries, and these are the best of the best. I've learned alot about the shows and the actors- facinating. A definate MUST if you like old-time radio!
Stuck in LA traffic can be rough - now I listen to this podcast on my way to work - distracts me from traffic woes. Love Jim's preface putting writer and performers in context with the times. It's a traffic and road trip savior.