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This woman is impressive. Must listen; the host is guided by the light, and progresses societal conscientious through her discourse ♥️🔥🙏 cannot be underrated However, I’m not on-board w/medicalized birth experiences. Too easy to fall down the slippery slope of unnecessary intervention. Chelsea is like half-way in between unassisted homebirth and BigMedicine and this is my one critique . But that’s why I follow Free Birth Society ;)


Heart and mind opening as well as practical. Can’t wait for the Alchemy of Becoming! So grateful I found Chelsea 💖
Episode June 5, 2020 minute 14. Wow. Never heard the healing process described so concisely and spot on. I was skeptical because there’s a bit of woo here, but this woman knows what is up!
I started listening to this before I got pregnant and I am so proud to say that I am expecting soon!!! If you haven’t read the books, you need to! Looking forward to a conscious birth and family!
Chelsea is truly an expert in her field, and offers valuable insight to healthy pregnancies. Chelsea has totally reshaped my vision of what a healthy pregnancy can and should look like. I love this podcast and recommend anyone to listen to it if they are considering giving birth to a child.
I’m so glad that I have found a source of knowledge to help guide my family. These podcasts cover everything needed to become more conscious and enlightened. Highly recommended!
These podcasts are incredible. I find it amazing to see that women everywhere are helped so much by Chelsea and actually get pregnant and have healthy and happy babies by working with her.
Since beginning down the paths of spiritual growth, Mystical Motherhood has helped support me by offering community with other like-minded souls, to share struggles and joys. I’m thankful to have found the book, and through that the website, podcasts, private sessions with the author herself, and a group of others walking this path as I am.
I feel so blessed that I found Mystical Motherhood! Chelsea guides you through everything needed to enlighten yourself and your family! I feel so much more grounded now that I’ve begun my journey with Mystical Motherhood. Also, if you haven’t ready the book yet, get a copy today!
Chelsea is a true expert in the world of motherhood. She has great guests, discusses provocative and relevant topics, and blends such a wealth of knowledge from both the Western medical and Spiritual/Esoteric worlds. I recommend her books and her podcasts to all mamas and future mamas out there. It's a tremendous resource!
This show will help you become a better woman and human being.