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Man, was looking forward to listening to he Gone with the Wind episode and got hit with the usual anti racism disclaimers. If you are that weak just don’t do the episode.
This will be the last episode for me. I’m a fan of the podcast but the paywall options don’t work for me. I will miss Classic Movie Must particularly the ones with Ted Walsh. He’s such a movie scholar without being arrogant
Excellent analysis! Would you ever cover David Lynch films?
I just finished listening to your discussion on The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance. It was thorough and insightful, and I enjoyed every minute. I am now a subscriber. Think I’ll give a listen to your take on Lawrence of Arabia next!
A well researched examination of classic movies. Well written, well told, smart, no nonsense, trim and efficient. I particularly enjoy the Ted Walsh conversational exchanges. I am enjoying this movie podcast a lot!


Another podcast moving to an all pay format, how much money do they think people have. I'm going to miss this one.


By mrsedna
Thanks for this entertaining and informative podcast. The problem with you podcasters is assuming all listeners wish to utilize online methods to donate $. I prefer to mail donations. Podcasters need to provide physical mailing addresses for people like me who steer clear of using online methods “to patronage where my heart leads” and will support using old fashioned methods.
Love the podcast from start to finish. I was going to chime in on keeping the beginning summary, but no need now since you learned it assists the visually impaired! How cool is that? Anyway, I really enjoy hearing Max’s comments and insights, and I can’t get enough of the episodes with Ted. Great job all the way around.
The podcast consists of the host spending several minutes recapping the film’s plot, followed by reading an essay that is painfully overwritten, especially for an audio medium. It doesn’t make for a great listening experience. I would much rather read his essays on a blog, and listen to him discuss the film with a co-host.
Interestingly Cool pronounced backwards is Luke. A coming of age film for millions of young men. Absolutely a masterpiece. Thank You.
Max, you’re wonderful. You and Ted together are a true joy! I’m loving this podcast and classic movies.
This is a monotone reading of the synopsis of the movie. No insight. No interesting tidbits or facts. It’s basically just some guy retelling the plot of the movie. I don’t get it. I know what the movie plot is. I was looking for something new. Something about production, back story, anything. Heck. Just go read some IMDB trivia at least. The idea is fabulous. The execution is very poor.
The FIRST movie podcast that I’ve truly enjoyed. Super easy to engage as well as informational. Please give a listen!!
My FAVORITE Podcast for movies!!! Max’s insight into classic films is educational and entertaining for me. I’ve just started to watch the classics this year and I’m addicted! Max helps me to better appreciate theses films for more than just pure entertainment value. He’s the best!
The host runs down the movie plot points very fast, way too fast and who even needs or wants that.... Do not waste your time.
Don’t listen to projectgirl, that’s a mean reviewer, your podcast is the best! It inspires me to watch more classic films and you taught me how to appreciate classical movies! I hope you can continue to create episodes! I hope you have no trouble with this pandemic, and I’m sorry for not being a patron. I hope to become one in the future!!!!! Keep up the good work!
The first show I’ve come across that takes classic movies really seriously! These episodes are so full of information - it’s amazing! Max is so knowledgeable and enjoyable to listen to. I love the guests he brings in as well. I always learn so much about all these amazing classic movies!!
I have been listening to this podcast for a while now. The only episodes I enjoy are the rare ones that are conversational with a guest. Even those can be irritating when Max will have an opinion and ask, “Don’t you agree?”. Most of the episodes are Max reading a text. I would tolerate this podcast if there wasn’t so much marketing and requests for $$$. Really? For blog reading? I was pressed to write this after Goodfellas episode. Max managed to make the most boring episode out of my favorite film.
This is one of the few film podcasts that actually provides intellectual anlaysis of movies. Seriously, if you love classic films and want in-depth discussions then this is the show for you!
Classic Movie Musts is by far the best movie podcast out there! Takes the subject seriously but also makes it really interesting. The host clearly knows what he's talking about and has a great style. I love Max and I love his guests! Anyone looking for the best classic movies podcast should listen to this show!
It doesn't get any better than this show. I'm so glad I found it! Max, the host, is so insightful and his guests are always great. I've loved classic movies my whole life, so I absolutely love hearing such deep and amazing insights about all these movies that I love!! Thank you!!!
Best podcast focused on classic movies. I listen to this every week and I LOVE the film talk. I also love, love, love the Patreon shows. Check out Classic Movie Musts Double Feature for more recent movie talk. Support this show!!!
The movie was good. This unbearably boring cadence is ruining the movie. Can’t get thru a whole episode of this grating sing-song.
I was so excited to find this podcast. I immediately downloaded the Casablanca episode (my all time favorite movie) and a few others. Everything was fine until one of the hosts mentioned Sam at 43 minutes in and called him Dooley Robinson. His name is Dooley Wilson. If you are going to claim to be an expert on a topic, do your research. 😒
I've been going through the AFI100 and looking for accompanying commentary along the way. I'm most of the way through the list, and I just barely found this absolute gem of a podcast! The host is perfect; he gives good information and artistic interpretation while steering clear of self indulgence. This is a new favorite of mine and something that I'll revisit forever.
The excruciating dissection of the final scene of “Now Voyager” should succeed in leaching all the joy out of this classic film. Had Bette Davis been consciously thinking of all the acting tricks here attributed to her, she wouldn’t have been able to perform at all.
I am 76 years old and we need to share of cinema. Please stop digging on Wikipedia and other not safe and real information. Stay good and follow good research. I am librarian and can tell what has been lifted. Use your own creative minds and take a breath
I’m so excited to have found this podcast. I am an isolated cinephile, film noir and classic film fan with no one in my life that shares my passion. Thanks for the education and opening my eyes to new ideas and perspectives on film. I always go back and watch the film after your podcast. I can’t thank you enough from the bottom of my heart.


Please do a show on Seconds!
I just listened to the host read a PhD-level submission of information about Parallax View. I myself have only a PhD in law so much of the read dissertation was indecipherable. The script is replete with “heretofores” and similar self-important rhetoric. What is not delivered in any language that gives the host himself credibility. If he could talk knowledgeably about this film, he doubtlessly would. What I would have preferred here , in the absence of a well-versed host who could discuss in conversational language, is a pdf of the thesis which I could have read as I watched the movie itself. My goodness man! Who is your audience? I am taking this performance with me to my graduate class in About The Movies. I am anxious to hear what my professor says to our class about this podcast. If you are only looking for a man who can read a script with good pronunciation, this is your podcast. Although, you must be prepared for rising inflection at the end of many sentences (a sure sign of an under-trained public speaker) Can someone out there SPEAK knowledgeably about this film and director?
Love the format of this podcast and the richness that Max brings to each film. I especially love the episodes with guest co-hosts and their insightful banter about the films in context of the time, structure, and film technique. I will often relisten because there is so much to learn and I don’t want to miss a thing! The well known classics are great but I also love learning about some lesser known films that I might have otherwise missed. I look forward to new episodes every Friday. Thank you Max!!
Max knows his stuff although it should be possible to discuss a movie without summarizing the plot. Kind of spoils it if you want to watch the movie. Kind of think, what gives him the right to crib note the plot? Doesn't the story belong to the writer, director and producer?


Heard about this from an interview on another podcast. Such a treat to come across something this awesome. Perfect length so much background info. Very well done.
As a film student and movie buff I love Max’s passion for classic film. Hearing his thoughts on movies I’ve seen and even learning about movies I’ve missed. His well thought out scripts are awesome eloquent and well thought out !
Heard your conversation with Colin and can’t wait to dive in!
If you have a penchant for fine cinema this is the podcast for you. The episodes are well put together and the quality is high. I only listen to the episodes concerning movies that I have seen so I have context for the analysis but it has definitely enriched my appreciation for these "Classic Movie Musts".
As usual, Max's analysis of the film has given me an appreciation of what has made this movie such a favorite of mine. His discussion of the themes of the movie in relation to the movie busines, itlself, and of George Cuor's desicions as the director, illuminate the process and added to my understanding of the film. He presents his analysis and makes the connections clearly so they seem obvious after one thinks about it. I'll keep tuning in.
Very interesting and entertaining! Look forward to the new episodes. Brings attention to creators and companies I have never even heard of or know little about! Highly recommended and always looking forward to the next episode! Max 's I love your narration!
I love this podcast so much. Besides being entertaining and inspirational, each podcast makes me feel energized to believe that I Can Do It, too! Thank you, Guy. I adore you and your show. Maybe one day you'll be interviewing me:)
This is the finest entrepreneurial podcast
fascinating and inspiring. This is one of my favorite podcasts!
I listen to every episode and can't wait for the next one!
Excellent host. Kept me intrigued all the way to the end.
Good production values and great classic movie. I listened to the whole series over a couple of weeks: it was that good.
Easily my favorite podcast of all time. I wish I could find more shows like this.
I can't always listen to the interviews but I would love to read them!
Best podcast I listen to throughout my day. Have not missed an episode since it started.
I love this show! Informative and interesting. Highly recommended.
The hosts are always fun to listen to, the topics are engaging. I like Yes, yes, no! Keep it up!