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Thanks for bringing us this wonderful music. I may be falling for Mme. Gencer...
Now that it has come to my attention that these are bootlegs and were recorded illegally, I sadly must delete my downloads. I mistakenly thought they were from public domain.
Thank you, thank you so much! How wonderfully generous is this contribution you have shared with us! Yes, I saw the video clip of her singing the Francesca excerpt; always a surprise and a very intriguing performer, now she has become a canonized opera saint! (almost). There was also a beautiful video of her singing "Ave Maria" in a choir loft, when she was a "young artist" in her mid-90s! Besides, it's more fun to listen to her and the other "muses of the 20th Century" from Ponselle and Muzio up to . . . play this one safe . . . Caballé and Stratas, than it is to practice! Auguroni, mille grazie, e grazie ancora.
the most entertaining, informative and general all around great opera podcast. Mr. Handelman's love and knowledge of opera is inspiring. He is a treasure who is sharing his treasures with the rest of us. Thank you Mr. H.
I've gotten into opera in the past 5 years or so, but I am always limited by the expense of opera recordings to the more common ones from the radio or to the 10-15 CDs I have managed to collect. This podcast has really broadened my exposure, not only to different operas but to different time periods of recording, really deepening my love of the artform. Charles, your effort is a great example of what podcasting can achieve--grassroots, personal, enlightening. Thanks!
Thank you in manifold ways for your ongoing series of unusual, entertaining, interesting, and always musically challenging podcasts. Please don't stop.
Charlie, How kind of you to give us these wonderful gifts. I love em...keep em coming...so informative; golden age singing! Rob
Being able to listen to and compare performances from past and current stars makes for fascinating listening. The delusional performances are also welcome! I appreciate the commentary and Mr. Handelman's passion is evident and contagious. Thank you!