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Rays fan here. Been listening for years love all the hard work Buster does with great interviews and insightful analysis. Taylor’s a great producer too. Also love that Busters heart is in the right place. I really admire his sign off calling to fight racism. Really a class act. I haven’t been able to discern any political commentary other reviews reference but maybe those episodes were before I started listening? Any way definitely a great baseball podcast.
Pretty much only big market team talk every day. And gets political. Buster stinks
The podcast is enjoyable but it’s like some teams don’t even exist. The only teams being covered are the dodgers the giants the Yankees and the blue jays (sort of). I want to hear about the big picture not just teams with big fan bases. I like the pod tho but it could use some work. Plus buster needs a better mic. Plus from Thursday’s episode Lee’s battle plans were found wrapped in cigars before the battle of Antietam not Gettysburg.
Buster is great and an entertaining listen. Jeff Passan is the best guest, why isn’t he on each week?
I like the show, but every episode covers the Yankees and Red Sox, even if they aren’t on track to make the playoffs. I get it, you’re in the East and they have big fan bases, but please share the time a little and cover some other teams. Maybe keep a calendar and mark down the day you mention a team so instead of this show being 75% Yankees Red Sox it can maybe be 50% those to clubs and 50% the other 28.
I listen to you guys every day and appreciate the insights, but the coverage is really weighted to the powerhouse teams, not to mention any club from New York. Please consider broader coverage of the other teams. I am a Brewers fan, they are on a great run, rarely hear about it in the podcast. The Yankees or Mets on the flip side seem to come up daily.
If your team IS the LA Dodgers or the NY Yankees, this show is for you. If you want to know about or get any incite on any other teams, not in the eastern time zone, keep looking. This year the SF Giants have had THE BEST RECORD in all of baseball for more days/weeks/months the any other team, yet they don’t even get their scores read 3 out of 5 days a week. In the last 5 game days, the Giants are 4-1, yet have NOT been mentioned other than the one loss. Last night they came back from a 3-0 deficit and gained a 1/2 game MORE lead on the Dodgers, yet the losing Dodgers get a 2 minute segment, and the Giants game was not even mentioned, or that they gained another 1/2 game lead.
All Buster’s opinions are prisoner of the moment opinions. Too much political commentary, stick to baseball.
Love the idea of a daily baseball podcast, but Buster sounds like he's got a tin can on a string attached to his laptop. This is ESPN you won't be breaking the bank to upgrade his mic - hook him up! All the guests sound way better than the host. Gives the whole podcast an unprofessional sound - expect better from the top sports enterprise in the business.
I just started listening to the podcast looking for something to keep me updated on the sport. I don’t have the time and patience to watch many games. Maybe it is just the pandemic, but the technical quality of the pod doesn’t seem to be very high. There is a distinctive echo when Buster speaks. Also, as other reviewers have said, I would love more about teams outside of NYC and LA.
It is likely immoral to bring up the fact that 1 person is earning 40 million dollars a year while many many others are earning 15,000 dollars a year, living in dire poverty. It is incumbent upon you as a decent human being to point this disparity out. This is an injustice and you are in a position of power that allows you to do a little bit about it, and to change the conversation about this issue in a positive way. Please at least consider it. Thanks. I am not saying to bring that 40 million down, but rather to bring the 7.50 an hour up, so that everybody can afford to go to an MLB game. The personal, and the game, even the all-star game, is political these days.... I also don’t mean that you should make the whole podcast about this issue, just mention it, when appropriate. If Tim Tebow was black you would not be giving him this much coverage, please reflect on this. Realize this is not fully conscious, but it part of the ESPN make-up, and the history of America. Think about it, have you mentioned Colin Kaepernick lately? He is just as relevant now as Tebow: actually much more so.... Please stop with the advertisements being louder than the podcast itself! It’s insulting. CC is right on and awesome! —
Does Buster think we want Dr. Phil on a baseball podcast. Stop with the social justice and psychobabble already. ESPN is becoming the MSNBC of sports.
I’ve listened to this podcast daily for many years. It just seems to have lost it’s luster. I agree with others that this has evolved to only discuss large markets (and Shohei Ohtani, we know he’s good, we’re listening to a baseball podcast). The opening highlights are something to only skip past. Most of the weekly interviews are stale. I can’t believe I’m saying it, but it’s time to maybe move on to find another.
I’ve been listening for years, and I like Buster and some of his guests. However, this show is geared for large-market fans. I get it that appealing to the largest number of listeners gets the most clicks and makes the most money. But this approach does a disservice to baseball as a sport. Are you a fan of a small-market team that has been doing well? The only way you will hear about them on this show is in regard to how your team’s success relates to the large-market clubs. Other podcasts-like Talkin’ Baseball-aren’t afraid to give the love where it’s deserved, regardless of market size.
It is good
Great podcast Buster but stop with the Yankees are coming, the Blue Jays are soaring and the Red Sox will be better. The Rays are way superior than the others with a good lead in the competitive AL East and winning the games tha it manner within them. Go Rays!!!!
It is like buster just doesn’t care how bad his audio is. Great a mic, Shure sm7, boom stand, audio interface and go. Stop recording in the bathroom.
I get it the the Coast has the most baseball fans, but cover the whole MLB. When talking about trades what does it mean for both teams? Some weeks don’t hear about an AL or NL Central team for more than 30 seconds a day unless they are on the Sunday night game.


All the guests love pumping the tires of buster and there is little to no push back on any of his opinions. (Doubtful left leaning ESPN would let anyone do otherwise) With that being said you do get most baseball news and recaps with some cool interviews.
Buster spends too much time: 1). Repeating the same things over and over to different guests 2). Acting like he is a great General Manager. 3). Complaining incessantly (in retrospect) on how to “fix the game”. 4) Fixating on the relationship between owners and players union. Okay Buster! We get it. Move on. Stick to the game itself; you are good at that part.
As a Rangers fan, there’s not much in this podcast for me. I get that. But the Yankees are around .500 Buster, enough already. They are not the MLB elite right now. Ok. I love Buster’s enthusiasm for baseball. He loves it and it shows. There are some great baseball stories out there this year and it is enough to keep me excited about the game. There is no doubt ESPN has their favorite teams and big market giants. That said, there are 30 teams to talk about-find something to report on all of them. At least occasionally. I miss the Baseball Tonight tv wrap up. Great highlights on every team.
Thank you all for making such an enjoyable podcast. It keeps listeners up to date on all the major events in baseball, and I enjoy all of the guests giving us unique insights into the game. I’m not on Twitter, but if you ever look at the podcast reviews, Buster, I do have a question: why on earth is Matt Olson not in the top 3 for the AL First Base All-Star Vote? I know Oakland doesn’t have the biggest fan base, but he is absolutely raking this year! Gurriel and Vlad have been awesome, but he definitely deserves to be considered with them. Much more so than Jose Abreu this year. Anyway, thanks for all of your work on this great podcast!
The podcast suffers from all the elements that make ESPN the worst thing to happen to sports. It doesn’t even bother to report the scores of small-market teams unless they’re playing a team in which ESPN has invested in one of the stars (Judge, De Grom, Judge, Tatis, Judge, etc.). Buster has no shortage of silly opinions and gets defensive when challenged—believing if he just yells loud enough, you’ll overlook his lack of logic. The side commentators are a chorus of yes-men and women who have trouble stringing three words together without a “you know.”


By carpr15
I keep trying to give this show a chance but I’m done. Buster is just a mouth piece for ESPN and MLB no originality.
I listen to get up to speed about baseball, insider stuff, spotlight on players and personalities. I’ve used it as a break from other issues and events I hear everywhere else. But this season especially have been topics of social issues on so many episodes. And I get how they are intertwined, I really do. But I just turn it off because my break is now broken. Can we just have less of it?


By kb23
Buster, I’ve listened to your podcast for 3+ years and only this year have I been displeased with the product. I am a Yankee fan so I’m sure I will take some flak....but last week ESPN wrote an article anointing the White Sox the new power team of the AL....the Yankees promptly sweep them and barely a mention!!! The yanks have won every series sense the end of April and hardly a mention. When they were tanking at the beginning of the season there was a lot of talk, but none now. I love listening to your podcast, and respect you and Tim, and all the others, but it just feels lately that the coverage is lax lately and leans more towards “drama” like the Larussa stuff instead of actual teams playing actual baseball. Hope all is well, Cyrus
A fun, fast-paced, in depth look at the major leagues from a group of baseball “lifers” — writers, broadcasters and stat heads. Thankfully, these are baseball experts, not the retired NFL players that are on so many sports talk stations! A great, daily listen.


Just when I think I have had enough dodger talk, you have Charles Barkley on! No thanks.
We can do w WEA s asae was the first single e e see we
Excellent interviews fun stories, how about: Mays,Koufax,For example Questions: Why is it when a ball bounces over the fence it’s a ground rule double, but when it goes off a glove (in play) or a head (canseco) it’s a homerun? Why don’t the umpires stand straight behind the plate instead of side to side? That would eliminate those horrible outside calls. When a bench emptying brawl starts why not play the National anthem over the PA! How about an awning at the top of stadiums that can cover from the pitchers mound to home plate so there is no shadow effect to protect the batters. To eliminate “tanking” change the rule to allow draft pick trades, this will allow teams to trade up for the first pick (offering picks) Mcarlos78 in DC a SF Giants fan
I’ve been a long-time listener a Baseball Tonight before Buster took the show over (when it was baseball instead of politics). I’m a little at a loss to what point Buster trying to make these days he seems to be trying to say that he’s not racist and his audiences is. He’s a guy who grew up in an all white environment, lives in what I would bet is a predominately white neighborhood and went to a predominately white schoolsI and University All his producers have been white. I can’t recall him ever having a person of color as a regular or a guest that wasn’t a current or former athlete. Yet he acts like he’s an authority on race . He keeps saying what a great friend he was to Tony Gwynn, come on who wouldn’t have wanted to have Tony Gwynn as a friend. I’m sorry but I can’t listen anymore.
Am a huge baseball fan and have listen to this podcast for years but cannot support MLB right now while they try to take a political stand. It is not the fact they removed the All-star game from Atlanta. It’s because I follow baseball for the game, not to hear about political views. If I want to listen to politics I’ll watch the news/listen to politicians. Don’t crap where you eat
I listen to this podcast every day - not necessarily because it’s a fantastic podcast (it’s fine!) but because I get the broad outline of what’s happening in baseball and it goes down easy. Buster Olney is an ok host. Farmhand past aside, he’s a corporate guy and a baseball insider and he takes positions you’d expect such a person to take: i.e., he’ll advocate for changes to the game that’ll make his job better, or easier, or to make the game more uniform. Things that preserve historical integrity, or keep the game quirky, are treated as worthless anachronisms that have to be cast aside to cater to the whims and attention spans of his teenage son’s generation. Much (too much) of the podcast is taken up with Buster’s weekly hobbyhorse, which he’ll then ask every single guest about over the course of days. Usually taken from the topic of his latest column or something that happened on Baseball Tonight. Standard question format: “Here’s what I think, what do you think?” This could be interesting, but everyone more or less agree with Buster’s opinion, so it adds up to so much flogging of a dead horse. Recurrent themes are returned to at least once a year: intentionally throwing at batters, the vicissitudes of replay, the nearness of robot-umps, how come the All-Star managers treat the exhibition game as an exhibition game, etc. One’s mileage varies. For some reason Buster treats the Home Run Derby as the preeminent show-stopping set piece of the sport and will start talking up candidates in April. Those are a lot of criticisms, but they’re mild. He’s still an affable guy, and an enthusiastic lover of the sport who’s forgotten more about it than I know. And many of the recurring guests are excellent, and very knowledgeable. Favorites include Boog Sciambi, Sarah Langs (even if her “Gee whiz! Baseball!” schtick gets a little old — though I’m sure it’s genuine), and Paul Hembekides. I learn something from them every time. Paul Radom’s weekly segment is a constant delight. Some guests aren’t quite as good, but everyone’s having a good time talking baseball, which is all I need to keep me happy. All in all, this is about what you’d expect from a daily podcast brought to you by ESPN. Entertaining, frustrating, mildly informative, slick, and very insider-y. There are smarter baseball podcasts, and more entertaining baseball podcasts, but this one does a good job of splitting the difference. PS As to the politics beginning to encroach on the podcast. I have some leniency towards such things. I DO wish it were exclusively a baseball podcast but I have a hard time saying, “Shut up and stick to sports.” And to some degree I get it, Buster and the rest of the ESPN crew work for an elite organization, and come from elite schools, and rub elbows with elite and wealthy participants in elite and wealthy industries so they express The Consensus of Polite Society in 2021. Is it frustrating when, say, Buster takes a facile swipe at Georgia’s voting law, and then doesn’t follow up with any mention of Colorado’s voting laws when the All-Star Game is moved there? Sure. He becomes just another person in the media spouting The Narrative. You can tell he means well, and he doesn’t go overboard, but if you’re someone like me who loves baseball and is also center-right, expect to be mildly annoyed every so often.
Too many guests that offer nothing and way to many appearances and conversations that dumb down the baseball talk. The uniform quizzes, Sarah Lang’s #s games etc., all terrible. I think everyone on the staff needs to read Keith law’s “smart baseball”. Maybe then buster won’t pick the Mariners to make the playoffs......again lol. The baseball talk had gotten so bad and it’s no wonder when you look at the guests.... none of them actually Played baseball......... Karl ravech, Sarah Lang’s, Mendoza, schoenfield etc. Get some people who actually played the game......
I don’t know if anyone at ESPN or even Buster will read this, but I went from a religious daily listener to now unsubscribing. Just keep the one-sided SJW takes away from the sports analysis how hard is that to do? It really just makes me sad I used to love the podcast why did you have to ruin it for me :(
Buster is a good guy and his love for baseball and its people is evident. That said, Buster clearly knows very little about politics or race issues and I wish he would stay away from all that or at least admit he is still learning. His good intentions are currently falling flat- so much “hate and inequality based on skin color” in the US is due to so much more than just skin color. People who make empty, misguided statements like this to convince others or themselves that that they care really frustrate me. I’ve listened to this podcast for years, but I’m rapidly losing interest.
Wonderful podcast but keep away from the political topics. People watch sports to escape the stresses of life, not hear political points of view intermingled into their past time. I’ve been a loyal listener for over five years now but I’m going to delete this podcast if it turns in to the political state of the country and baseball.
There is no objective journalism here. As a long time subscriber, I am tired of listening to you raise political issues and fail to discuss both sides. You are alienating your listeners by pandering to the mob. I can’t believe you’re justifying Manfred’s decision to move from GA to CO. Colorado has stricter voter laws.
I was a faithful listener but I’m deleting at this time. Leave politics out of sports. Not everyone is a bleeding diehard liberal like you all.
Used to listen to this show every day for about 2 years. Then buster starting getting political and talking about things he clearly didn’t know anything about. No longer listening.
In criticizing Texas Governor Greg Abbott, Buster Olney went too far today. There are two (or more!) sides to Georgia’s election reform law, MLB’s decision to move the 2021 All Star Game, and Abbott’s reaction to it, but Mr. Olney didn’t articulate any of them. How about a fair rebuttal, Mr. Olney? But, wait, this is a baseball podcast, not a political podcast. Even for those of you who share Mr. Olney’s political views, do you want to hear them on a baseball podcast? As for the rest of us, Buster, you are slowly losing us.
I listen daily for the recap of the games and the interesting side bars about baseball
Please get better mics, the audio quality shouldn’t be this low for an espn show. Even if Buster is at home ESPN should have a mic for him to use, the amateur podcasts I follow sound better than this.


Buster is terrible. He’s an out of touch and arrogant and comes across so condescending towards fans. And on top of that he’s wrong about almost everything he says about baseball. I really think Olney hates baseball. Do not waste your time.
Is this msnbc or baseball? Came here for baseball not your politics. 1 Star because 0 is not a choice. More leftist nonsense that doesn't belong in a baseball podcast. Vomit.
Used to listen to this religiously for years, until the last year or so. Woke politics are injected into every episode and the new producer isn’t good. The days of Buster and Josh Macri talking baseball and having good banter are long gone.
A must-listen every day if you’re a baseball fan