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For a show done Mon-Fri from spring to Oct. you will never beat this. Not a lot of rambling discussion but focused on the discussion topic of the day.
Let’s not forget Mike Soroka is having the best rookie year of any rookie pitcher plus most non rookie pitcher. Once again playing for any of your precious north east teams he’d be in the running for rookie of the year and have non-stop coverage. I’ve surmised that baseball reporting boils down who the reporters only talk about there teams Mets, Yankees, Cleveland, Twins and oh let’s not forget the Astros and the Dodgers. If you wanna see baseball not be a sport dominated by super teams stop only reporting the super teams. Grow up and do real journalism. Talk about significant moments from all teams geez. MHau
The best baseball talk show known to man


By dyl02
Hard to listen, doesn’t sound as good as some other podcasts. They should get a new producer. Content is good


Best baseball podcast
I miss the scoreboard being it’s separate podcast, but I understand consolidating the two. I love Tim and could listen to him everyday. Great show everyone.
One of the things I’ll miss most acutely when the season ends is this show.I wrote this last year and forgot to send it.It’s still true.Could use more Keith Law.
Ever since Josh left the podcast has gone down. This is probably my last week giving it a chance. Troy is great but Buster shows bias towards his listeners. Fans are being alienated by not being featured on Friday bleacher tweets like Rena is EVERY Friday. Nothing personal but fans are being alienated. Right the ship before it’s too late.
I have been listening to Buster for years and he is constantly hitting all the right notes about what’s happening in the sport and what can and needs to change. His guests are always top of the line and this is the one podcast I wait to download every day. Keep up the great work!
Buster and team members are very good, upbeat yet honest.


By mac__26
This is tough to get through even a day away from the trade deadline when it should be must listen
Can’t believe I began listening last week. Listen to several baseball podcasts, this is the best.
Listening to the 7/23/2019 episode, Buster interviewed the Red Sox grounds keeper. This one of the many reasons why this podcast is special for baseball fans as it covers many aspects of the game making it always interesting to wonder what the next show will bring. Thanks.
This podcast is informative with interesting insights from the guests. But it would be so much better if Buster didn’t ask every show’s guests the same questions and didn’t proceed those questions with the same monologue that he gave before he asked the last guest the same question. We end up getting Buster’s take on every issue at least twice, and often three times. And Karl Ravetch’s monologues are ponderous — thank goodness for the ability to skip ahead. Keith Law is the best guest by — once a week is not enough. When he guest hosts, the show is 5 stars and a must listen.
Previously you had a separate podcast for highlights. Please consider doing that again. I have to bypass the first 10 or 12 minutes every day to avoid the annoying feature. Then of course I miss some of the good discussion about games and players.
If you’re Andrew Friedman would u deal 2 out of Gavin Lux, Dustin May, Will Smith and Keibert Ruiz for Felipe Vazquez?
My only complaint is that I wish it was hours longer and came out on the weekends! Buster’s insights into the game are great and must listen material. The rotation of guests from Ravy to Boog to Keith and Timmy. I miss the Million Dollar man Jayson Stark, the Maine Man Jerry Crasnik, and even Josh Macri but Sarah Langs and Hembo are outstanding. Also I love when Buster tells Tony Gwynn stories and anecdotes. Never get enough Gwynn.
Best podcast! Everything about it is great! I am disappointed when it is over everyday.
Never miss this podcast. Great guests every week and the expert ESPN talent provides great info
Great reporting, news, analysis of the goings-on of the world's greatest sport! Refreshingly devoid of (most) of the inanities of the modern sports radio show. I listen every day.
The show is really good, not sure why there are so many 1 star ratings. Buster sticks to baseball, is passionate about it, and invites on guests who share a similar love for the game. I look forward to this podcast and appreciate that it comes out early each morning. It’s nice to listen to a show that’s more laid back and fun then the more serious political podcasts I’ll listen to as well.
I hate that Josh is leaving. He keeps Buster lined out. Buster is not as self aware as he thinks he is. This is a hit to the podcast and not in a good way.
I am a huge baseball fan and listen to a lot of Fantasy baseball podcasts. Even though this isn’t a fantasy baseball podcast, I must say that just listening to this one is really enjoyable. The Ravi train and Timmy “K”are great additions to the podcast. Sarah adds her insight with the numbers game...I love it all! I download everyday!
Love Buster and Josh and the guests, but the show is becoming diluted because of all the ads. I could deal with one at the start and end, but please try and trim some.
Love the show. Buster & Josh work well together and provide good information !
This show is only interesting if you want to know about the terms of mlb contracts. I find it incredibly boring and irrelevant to real baseball fans.
Most days I really look forward to and enjoy this podcast. Buster is a great host who is clearly knowledgeable and gives a good snapshot of the current happenings during the season. Every once in a while, like the “Good Guys” episode on 6/5/2019, it derails a bit and it’s basically always due to the actions of one of the other commentators. This one had Boog Sciambi go off on a rant about how much fans should care about reporters’ access to players to ask all questions they can about failures or successes of the day. He went off on how much money the reporting organizations pay to teams and leagues for access and how all fans should care about it. This was in response to one player not making himself available to the press after a bad game. The opinion would certainly hold more weight if it came from someone whose livelihood was not directly affected by the subject: he’s a reporter and wants to get attention for the questions he asks. The real problem that I, and I think most fans, have with the whole thing is the massive amount of inane questions that reporters ask. After a bad game, the vast majority of questions are some form of “What happened out there”, “How did you feel when you dropped the ball” and “Are you concerned about your position with the team”. The guy had a bad day and your questions will not divulge any revelations about it. The same goes when players do well, many versions of the same questions that are pretty pointless. He feels good, the other players did a great job and the management is supportive. There, you can use that in the rest of your reports this season and next. I think reporting would get much better if reporters had to answer to the press for a story they missed because they were late to the scene and got 37 questions asking how it could’ve happened, what would they do differently and, from someone who showed up late, another how could it have happened. Then maybe they’d recognize the humane treatment that should exist when someone has a bad day. If the guy kicks a puppy on the field then sure, fry him with all the questions you want, but if he just did a bad job then maybe recognize that it happens to everyone and stop whining that you should’ve had access to him. BTW, if that was completely uninteresting to read then please realize that took maybe 1/10th the amount of time that Boog went off on his self-promoting tangent. In any case, this specific episode was the first one in maybe 60 this season that made me delete it before it was over because it was so opposite what this podcast typically provides: good reporting with good personalities and interesting facts. Good podcast to subscribe to and almost always a great listen.
I’ve never heard so many ads in a podcast before. I generally like the podcast, but the constant advertisements are getting to be too much.


Listen to Starting 9 it’s way better. Barstool > Espn
I grew up watching the nightly baseball tonight episodes to the point where by the end of every season, me and my brothers had competitions with each other on every starting position player for all 30 teams. It was sad to hear baseball tonight was discontinued besides the weekly pregame show for Sunday night baseball. But this podcast is probably the best and most convenient alternative to the daily night airing of baseball tonight. Doesn’t get much better with having all the daily news, interviews, audio highlights, and weekly appearances by the ESPN baseball crew and writers. Even when I miss a few days/podcasts in a row, I go back to the day I left off and catch up chronologically so I’m not missing any news. Buster and Josh do a great job in providing all of the news, content, highlights, etc. Keep up the great work!
Skip the replays of previous games . Listeners are baseball fans and fantasy geeks , like what the experts have to say about teams and players , less logo talk , replays, and more baseball!!
I only listen on Thursdays, when Keith is on. I fast forward to his portion and don’t listen after his segment. He thinks about the game in an intelligent way and MLB prospect & MLB draft talk is a lot of fun. I typically listen to MLB pipeline and MLB Executive Access.
Podcast is great but bring back harry kalas from the dead
I subscribed to this podcast back in 2007. Obviously I really like it. My only criticism is that Buster repeats a story or his take on a situation several times in a podcast. Each time a new guest comes on he starts over to get their take. The redundancy gets tiresome. Still, I’m a faithful listener.
I don’t care for ESPN. But I love this podcast.
Look, I’m not a big of fan of ESPN and it’s baseball coverage, but this is the best daily podcast covering the MLB. I’ve tried to find other podcasts but I keep coming back to Buster and Co. The guests are knowledgeable, have good insights, and Buster has his thumb on the pulse of the MLB. I just wish they covered all the games from the previous day, not just 5 or 6.
Love it- Buster and company are great but my only complaint is: just need more white journalists.
Love it—Buster and company are fun, professional, and always on-point with the latest. The only criticism: please add African-American and Latino/a commentators!
Why are they not doing scoreboards this year
Generally ok podcast, but these guys need to spend less time yammering about how hard they work and how much they have to travel to do their hard jobs. That stuff is boring and a waste of time, focus on baseball, lots of good info when they do.
All the players are so trash.
Buster Olney bleeds baseball nerdage!! These guys do a great job of covering everything baseball. This is a must listen for all baseball fans.
I’ve listened to this podcast virtually every day for the past three years. I enjoy the information, the guests, the trivia game with Todd Radom, number game, etc. I miss the “This Date in Baseball History” that used to lead off the podcast everyday and I wish that would be brought back. The one thing this podcast has evolved in to over the years is more bantering between Buster and Josh. I enjoy Buster’s take. That’s why I listen. He’s informed and has high-intelligent, baseball conversations with other high-IQ baseball people. But, I truly could not care less for what Josh has to say. I do not care about his take on the Red Sox, Patriots, any other sports team. His insight representing “the fan” is so narrow and east coast-centric, it’s a turn off and, quite frankly, annoying. Overall, best baseball podcast out there. Josh does do a terrific job with production— but I don’t care for his overreacting takes and bias towards everything Boston. What is he trying to be: a producer, in which he appears to be extremely talented, or a journalistic-type, which should be a non-biased stance.
Will only listen to the episodes with Keith Law. When he is on the show, I only listen to that segment.
Don’t need the play by play highlights. I listen to this pod for analysis.
Buster is knowledgeable, humble, and extremely dedicated to his craft. It's just fun to hear him talk about baseball. I love the player and manager interviews, and I like some of the regular guests (particularly Kurkjian and Law). Sometimes, the show gets a little too heavy on silly banter. (Josh is, I'm sure, a great producer. But I could do with less talking from him. When asked for an opinion, all he does is parrot what Buster has just said. Or else make some dumb joke.) I miss Jayson Stark quite a bit. I'll continue to tune in every day, though.
Look forward to it everyday. Great mix of analysis, interviews, and playful banter. You get it all here!