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I love podcast and this is one of my favorite! So random and I learn quirky things that I can spring on the unsuspecting, usually my husband. Thank you for bring us the strangeness
Me and my family often take trips to places fairly far away and I listen to this podcast all the time. Also I love weird and random facts so this podcast is great for me.
I love this podcast! They way the girls interact is amazing, I absolutely love that they are not doing Covid-19 episodes cause some other podcast im listening to... well COVID-19 is all they talk about. My only problem is the swearing. I try to listen with my 6 yr old brother and an F-Bomb pops up, then he starts repeating it and I get in trouble for teaching him that word. Also, ppl say “they make too many mispronunciations” well they say beforehand that they probably will. And to all those ppl who say “they say like to much” well... listen to how u speak!! U should actually stop critiquing them for doing the say things u do in ur everyday life. Most Americans say like a lot too, so pls keep the bad things to ur self.
👵🏻👵🏻👵🏻👵🏻 OK BOOMER
great show - you really will learn from it. Wonderful chemistry with the hosts. Please keep the swearing to a minimum - detracts from a great show.
So funny and informative! Love listening to these gals, and can’t wait for more episodes!
Entertaining and educational. I love the banter between the hosts. The podcast is light but still packed with substance. I enjoy learning about weird things and they can be fun conversation starters.
I enjoy this podcast, and enjoy the topics, but the hosts CONSTANT use of the word “like” & the upspeak is very distracting.. I hope they fix address this or I will be unsubscribing.
Thanks for doing this podcast. I would love to hear about gustatory sweating. The reason some people can eat spicy food without sweating but can sweat by simply opening a bottle of Italian dressing. Frey’s disease.
I absolutely love listening to these ladies! Cant wait to find new weird facts to share during family gatherings. I’ve been trying to catch up on all the episodes during the pandemic. Y’all keep me sane working from home. Thanks for all you do! Keep being weird!
At this point, I can't even recall how I stumbled onto this podcast, but it checks off all the right boxes for me. What's not to love about a group of strong, intelligent, ironic, sassy, and salty young women tossing about bizarre (and often times obscure) science-based tidbits of information laced with humor, puns, and jabs at the patriarchy? Initially, I found the vocal fry and uber casual "Millenial speak" a bit hard to take. But with each successive episode, the merit of their enthusiasm and thorough enjoyment of their work won me over 1,000%. My only complaint is that I burned through all the episodes too quickly and new ones aren't dropping fast enough. Sidebar: Maybe I'm projecting, but I've also had a realization that these ladies are the future selves of my teenage daughter and her friends (who attend a male-dominated STEM magnet school). I love being able to share the podcasts with her, especially presenting her with positive role models of women who are into science and have made a creative career from it.
Weirdest Thing is a good science podcast. Perfect for lovers of weird science and history, and very entertaining. I have to admit that the frequent use of filler words sometimes annoys me, but everything else about it is great.


By cmc250
I like really like the information but like you better like the word like a lot because it’s like every third word in this podcast like for real.
Simply terrific. Always interesting with truly surprising stories backed by facts. The hosts do an excellent job researching the topics and their dialogue is so genuine it feels like you’re eavesdropping on a personal conversation. Their spontaneous remarks about facts that come up during the tales make me laugh in public. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!
The rapport between the hosts is so lovely, and genuine. The show is as interesting as it is funny as it is endearing as it is function and fantastic conversation food. I have never consumed anything with as much consistency as this podcast. I mourn the time between episodes. Highly recommend. I am embarrassed it took me this long to write a review. Forgive me!
So I’m a 27 year old SAH mom and a psych nurse student and needless to say I’m a special breed of weirdo. I just kind of fell into the arms of these wonderful ladies and I’ve never been happier about an unexpected discovery. I also just wrote a final exam paper about how much I love this podcast and got a well deserved A that these wonderful weirdos help me get! Thank you for everything you do and please don’t stop doing it. #selflove #ilovepoop #iloveyourloveofpoop #weirdos
I stumbled upon this podcast by accident and I have completely been hooked. Not only are the stores interesting, but the way they’re described with so much care and detail allows you to really learn and feel like you’re in the room with these hosts. By the time you finish your first episode I promise you’ll be just as obsessed as I am. It’s completely worth the listen. ♥️♥️
My son and I have binged this podcast and are eagerly waiting more. We love that it covers science, history, and social sciences. I especially appreciate how certain weird facts are put into the context of the historical ethos so you get to understand that while we may think the fact is weird now, it may not have been weird at the time, and that is an amazing insight you don’t get from most podcasts. The outline of the podcast- 3 facts and then a vote for the weirdest- keeps the pace of the podcast from rambling like other personality based podcasts do. I also love love love their voices. I know some people throw shade about up speaking and blah blah blah but that makes me love them more. Because the fact that they are also intelligent and eloquent defies this weird male scientist paradigm that you have to sound serious and dry. I hope you can bring your lives shows to Portland or Eugene, Oregon some day. It would be worth the drive.
I spend a lot of time alone on my job and listen to several podcasts to keep from dying of boredom. The title of this podcast had me interested enough to give it a shot. Unfortunately, listening to it is too much like my daughter and her friends at a slumber party giggling and carrying on like 8th grade girls do. If the three hosts weren’t so alike then maybe this would be more listener friendly. I’m out.
My boyfriend and I have added this podcast to our weekly routine. Every Wednesday I have him guess what the weird things are by giving him hints and he never gets them right 😂. We’ve back tracked and listened to every episode. Love almost all of the hosts. One makes some mouth sounds that I don’t particularly like, but that’s just me, and typically presents topics that I, and I feel like most, already know about. Other than that, it is one of my favorites!
I love the hosts and I end up laughing out loud at the facts that are shared!
Great topics, fun hosts and it is all info I can regurgitate at parties to sound super cool!!! Haha
Love listening to this bc the info is super interesting ... what I can’t stand is how the people delivering the info sound so uneducated and really come across like they’re talking about topics they have zero understanding of. It’s like you gave a script to high schoolers and just said ‘hey read this’! Fun but just a little too dumb when the info is supposed to be scientific.
The up-talk (ie, ending statements as if they are in fact questions) and the “likes” are so distracting from the information. At least there is no vocal fry. “Oh. M. Geeeeeee” ladies. Soooooo Riiiight???? Yaaa.
It's always my first priority to listen to because it's short and it covers everything you want in a podcast. It's short but still enough to give a significant amount of detail with a mix of dry and often morbid humor. Even if you listen to other podcasts with similar weird/morbid topics (Futility Closet tied for favorite), Weirdest Thing will still come up with a new way to look at it, and they rarely intersect because there's so many weird inappropriate things to laugh about! Plus, they give you a hook with a short version for weirding ut your friends
Such a great show and a good way to learn something new!
I love this podcast! I love learning new weird science things and I know a lot of weird stuff and know a lot of people who know a lot of weird stuff, but I always learn new things from this podcast. I love sharing the things I learn with my friends and family. This is an amazing podcast that I would recommend to anyone.
As someone who likes to learn new things about any ol’ subject, this podcast has it all! The hosts are super charismatic, intelligent, obviously do great research, and present things in fun ways. There are a lot of facts about poop, 5 stars still tho!
I want to like this show more than I do. In fact, I used to like this show more than I do. My reason for knocking off one star might be a good thing for other listeners, so read on. It’s not the quality of production or information, but because I have been hearing less and less content I haven’t *just* heard on another podcast. If you have several podcasts on your playlist that center on similar scientific and historical oddities, then you might notice what I have. The weirdest things these ladies learned this week is increasingly often the weird thing I learned the previous week on one of the other podcasts I listen to, except they offer less info and with attitudes I find less relatable than the original content.
I. Love. This. Show. It’s been in my top five podcasts list for awhile and has recently moved to number one. It keeps me happily focused during Shelter in Place while giving me the sense that intellectual rigor can be use For Good. The science keeps my interest but it’s really the humor and goodwill that the women share that makes the show super powered. Much gratitude to you, your brains and your hearts! Dianah Jackson Bainbridge Island, WA
I really love this podcast and it’s content and the hosts seem to have minimal side chat and when they do I don’t mind it so much. That being said, their use of the word “like” about 15 times in each sentence is really hard to ignore once you notice it. I think they just need to be conscientious of the way in which they are speaking. They could try to sound a little less like 15-year-old girls. They’re very smart individuals.
I have only gotten into podcasts over the last year or so and this is the one that pulled me in! Thankfully I have now discovered many other wonderful shows to get me through my tedious commute and work day, but Weirdest Thing will always have a special place in my heart for being so consistently entertaining, comforting, and interesting.
Just found this podcast a few weeks ago and I love hearing about all the crazy things y’all talk about! I usually listen to y’all before bed. I’ve been trying to hear all of the last episodes. One thing that I haven’t heard y’all talk about is Fire Sales. Look up the history of that crazy term! Love ya’ll hope ya’ll stay safe during this time of uncertainty! up in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Love your show! Keep doing what ya’ll do!
Started listened and was delightfully surprised! The chemistry between the women are amazing and the delivery of their facts are hilarious! Highly suggest it during this time and any other time.
I've listened to you wonderful ladies on and off for the past year but have probably crammed in about 20ish episodes this past week. I'm working remotely and only have my cat for company. Nothing beats opening a bottle of wine and listening to you and the guys over at We Looked It Up for You. Love learning random new things via podcasts. Please keep it up.
I am in love with this podcast!!! My friends are constantly being grossed out by the strange stuff I share with them! Thanks for that! Also I have a request! I have a weird fact for you fabulous ladies to maybe hopefully do a fact on! 🤞🤞🤞 I found this weird thing on Wikipedia the other day and the title was “Alice in Wonderland Syndrome.” It sounded super cool, and as I’m only in high school, I unfortunately cannot go onto the Anchor app to leave a voice message for it! So I hoped this would work!! Love you girls keep it up! 🌻🔬🍁🔬🌻
You guys are an extremely healthy coping mechanism for fixation and depression. Your podcast helps with constructive distraction. A true help. Thank you.
As a mid twenties early career professional lady, listening to this podcast feels like hanging out with my best nerdiest funniest friends. Thanks for everything!!!
Rachel and co. have such delightful stories and personalities. I would love to hang out with them sometime.


I like, want to like, listen to this podcast because like, the topics like, seem like I would like them But these ladies have used the word “like” so often that I want to like scream! Like you know?
This show caters to my love of strange, unique, unusual bits of information - and this show has the choicest bits. Butts, guts, pigeons and Victorians - these weirdos talk about all of it. I especially love the primary sourcing and LADY SCIENCE HUMANS. and the butts. and all the Victorian bits. I hope the live show can eventually travel. I just want to chill and talk about weird stuff with all of y’all. Obsessed.
While I am onboard with the idea of a science podcast hosted by women, these particular hosts sound like giggly preteen girls at a slumber party. Beyond annoying. Is it too much to ask for actual grown ups? Unsubscribing.
I love cilantro so much. I ask for extra on everything! It is so good for you. I have heard people describe it tasting like toothpaste, but I don’t see it. I can’t describe what it taste like but to me it is delicious. I guess I’m just one of the weirdos. 😂
Definitely not the expected science angle or style I was expecting; more like eavesdropping on a millennial chat session. 20% actual content. Can’t get over the extra commentary or voices.
The Weirdest Thing I Learned This Week is a bizarre, strange, educational, and surprisingly hilarious form of audio literature. Thank you for all the delight! I thoroughly enjoy loving your show.
This is the first podcast I ever listened to. I hated podcast until you guys! My family had a game of who knows the weirdest random facts and now I can win the game with all the lovely knowledge you share! Weirdos forever!
I have caught up and listened to most episodes until now and decided this morning I was finished listening for good. I love the wonderfully strange and beautiful stories told in the podcast, however, (and this may be an interesting story to research) I cannot stand the way which at least two of the hosts pronounce many “hard” words and one of the hosts pronounces the letter T in many words (not all the time but often). For example in this weeks episode Mortar and Pestle was “mortar and pest-ul, instead of pessul, as I was taught and assume is dictionary correct.) That is one of the milder examples I can come up with. It seems at least two to four times per listen I cringe at some pronunciations and worse, it takes me out of the interest I had in the story. Please consider consulting folks before publication on proper pronunciation. I know it seems like a small thing, but small things spread and lead to larger groups of people degrading our language. Great stories, but needs better reading efforts.
It’s annoying.
Delightful tales of science through the ages