Cello Journey

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I just found your podcast and completely taken. My daughter plays cello and it has been a pleasure to share this with her. I hope you will keep playing and sharing.
I guess I found this podcast a bit late since the last podcast was done in 2008. I just loved watching you play and hearing more about the history of each piece. It's so inspiring! I used to play the cello myself, but it's been over 15 years. I hope to one day get back into playiing the cello, and thank you for posting this vodcast!
I myself am a cellist, although i'm not that very good, this really helps anyone push thmselves to do better, i would know, i got motivate even more just by watching some of the videos, its a great source of motivation and the some info in the beginning really helps to understand some of the songs that they are abot to play. If there was a star above the five star limit i would definaly give it the top score. If you agree click yes.
Your podcast is a great find- if I was backed by years of classical music snobbery I could reflect on how you have completely grasped the interpretation of fine music and dug deep into the emotions of composers. All while playing your instruments with precision and perfection! But the truth is I’m not a huge fan of classical music and my only real immersion into it was high school band. With that said- I totally enjoy your music selections, how you play, and the video is nice (and at times hilarious- i.e. the Halloween episode) Well done, I enjoy your podcast.
I left a reveiw before but I want to come back now that I have some experience and say brovo and thanks.
This is really great! My son and I both are cellist and are enjoying the video podcaasts. I enjoy the little bit of history behind the piece. I wish your podcast could rise to the top 10 podcasts to inspire others, this could really be helpful for tthe musical instruction / education area, as well as simple enjoyment. Please keep up the excellent work!
I'm fourteen and a former cello player for two years. I stop because my sechudle got hetic. But I have to say I miss it alot. And I love watching you play because it brings back memories.Your very well talanted. Keep "vodcasting."