Reviews For Crazy/Genius

This podcast used to be pretty interesting. Now is choppy narration with a sound effect for every other thing they say. Extremely distracting, not good for working. If this is their new podcasting mode, you lost a subscriber!
As a fellow futurist, podcasts like these are great and informative
Great learning tool ✅✅
Host is so ignorant he makes your ears bleed.
Love the podcast, super interesting, clear and also fun.
This is a great podcast: entertaining, quick, and you learn something new in every episode.
I love this podcast, please keep making it
Incredibly well-made, well-researched, and well-written! A pleasure to listen to!
A well done podcast about important technological topics that are shaping the world today. Give it a listen!
Well done show. The host is interesting to listen to, asks the questions one would be curious about. Thought provoking!
This podcast is very well done and well worth the time. Enjoy!
Love the content chosen to cover. Love the variety of guests and different directions that are explored in each episode. I enjoy listening to episodes even on topics that I know about going into. They do a great job and explaining the basics and some more nuanced ideas that I haven’t heard before. Keep doing you my guy.
Stunning and yes, scary.
I've found a new favorite podcast. Crazy/Genius is a very well produced researched and presented. Topics include relevant technological innovations that spur the philosophical, existential questions that relate to such innovations. C/G does a good job in covering all angles for a topic with reputable guests.
Show has top notch quality, and the topics are genuinely interesting. Though, I find that some of the more technical episodes lack nuance. It’s obviously hard to describe abstract technical concepts in an interesting podcast format, but if you’re going to take on an issue that requires such concepts to talk about in an informed way you sort of need to. Would’ve liked to have seen either better topic selection to stay in the realm of non-technical topics, or a willingness to go deeper when necessary.
The far right episode was brilliant. First time I’ve heard the issue discussed w such depth and nuance. Wish this was being widely discussed BEFORE the last election 😒
Interesting topics, but presented in such a slow and simple way that I cannot keep listening.
I’ve enjoyed and benefited from the writing of Derek Thompson and Alexis Madrigal over the many years I’ve been an Atlantic subscriber. However, this podcast, which has so much promise, has been very disappointing to me. I would like to know what law enforcement does to ‘predict the weather’ in incidents like Charlottesville and not just how the singular genius Thompson interviewed called it. Did the social media meteorologist notify the authorities? And I’m alarmed at far-right groups both here and abroad, but surely there are similarly repellent examples on the far-left. Maybe. But we didn’t find out in that 27 minutes.
Basically the Rachel Maddow show
I haven't made up my mind about this podcast. Some episodes are insightful and thorough examinations of current events and big ideas of the 21st century. But every so often, seemingly more often recently, the host can't help but default to the big corporation as the boogie man, the individual as powerless, and collective government action as a panacea. It didn't seem that way to me a year ago.
Absolutely amazing podcast! Derek Thompson does such an amazing job! I could hear his voice all day! The topics were right up my alley, as a software engineer in tech! CANT WAIT FOR SEASON 3 !!!!!!!
Would have been amazing if they slowed down & stopped talking like robots. Also what’s up with the high pitched voices. U ruined what could have been interesting & thought provoking. Get new people- or just talk “normally”
The podcast is very well-done. My only complaint is I don't love all the topics they chose. But they always do a great job regardless.


More please!! :)
I’ve stopped listening to music and started listening to this podcast. I’m a 17 year old girl, and I rather listen to this than music. That’s saying a lot about how great it really is. I love how it makes me think about thinks I wouldn’t otherwise think about. I loved the episode about smartphones because it is so true! There’s not a day that I go to high school and don’t hear a “joke” about someone wanting to kill themselves. I believe that really has to do with instagram and seeing all these pretty people and thinking that we aren’t good enough for this world. I also liked the one about self driving cars, I think that is amazing and I think it will save so many lives!


I don’t know what makes this podcast so good! I love how they can answer such hard questions!
Vocal fry moron. Perhaps. No genius here. Clearly went into journalism because it doesn’t require intelligence.
This has quickly become my favorite podcast. It’s one of the few places you can go to be entertained that doesn’t make you dumber.
This show is fantastic. Sure I fit right in the target audience demographic, and in a lot of cases Ive already read extensively on the subject. But I think the production, writing, and host are so good, that I like to see how they package the info into the 25 minute show. And its always expertly done. Great show, I never miss an episode.
Thoughtful, informative, entertaining and not too long. One of my favorites.
What I love about this show is that I always walk away from an episode having learned one or two (or many) new things. The show takes the complex, and makes it simple and accessible. It provides some serious food for thought about the future and is inspiring me to be proactive and reconsider some of my daily choices. I appreciate that their episodes cover topics that are relevant and current and forward-thinking.
5 starts for Crazy Genius. I can’t get enough of this podcast. Each theme is well-chosen and provides context to dive into critical questions we face today all within 20-30 minutes. Looking forward to more.
Love the variety of topics and information, the unique way of looking at an issue. For a few minutes I dream and wonder and learn. Thank you!
Crazy genius seems to capture the pros and cons of technological advances well for a relatively short form podcast.


By Ac2208
This has very quickly become one of my favorite podcasts. Always really interesting!!
I've only listened to a few podcasts by Crazy Genius and I like it already. Great Job!


By pod7s
Interesting and fun and funny.
A wide array of fascinating topics covered in the first season. Definitely one of my favorite podcasts of the year.
Big fan of Derek Thompson’s work at the Atlantic and love the concept of this podcast. It’s great!
It's halfway between Malcolm Gladwell thinkpiece and a more journalistic enterprise. I listened to a few in a row over the weekend. It's a smart show, Derek Thompson is a good host.


By Lukejoe
Not that deep or informative. Not for educated people in tech.


There is no discernible difference between this broadcast & what regularly airs on npr— minus the hype of course. I get the attempt to sound hip, but you’ve oversold it.
So interesting! Can’t wait for more episodes.
I love the variety and in depth look at these interesting topics!
Love the show. Don’t subscribe to much but this is a can’t miss.
Really good introduction to a lot of emerging tech issues from both functional and technoethic perspectives. Show gives different perspectives on issues. Good storytelling. Highly recommend!