Reviews For Hollow9ine

I first became aware of Dave the Klone because he hosted one of my favorite podcasts, American Horror Cast. After powering through all episodes of Hollow9ine, I cannot wait to here more. I love the format. I promise there's a something for everyone which is the best part. I highly recommend this podcast for those of you looking for something fresh and unconventional. You will not be disappointed.
I've only listened to the "What Am I Watching?" show, and I enjoyed it a lot. I don't remember having seen Monster Squad, but now I might have to check it out. I think Gomez is my favorite commenter, but all three guys were pretty entertaining.
You know, when I first started checking out podcasts, I kinda felt like they were all the same...some random people drolling on and on...every once in a while there'd be one that was funny...but THIS show is SICK! Sound effects, hot music, movie-like plots and scenes...like old-school radio shows on steroids...and the guys are hilarious...Klone, Flex, Junior, Cojonez, Commodore, Ben-Jammin'...can't wait for Lady Laura...ROCK ON, guys!!!
Thanks Dave for the love in Episode 5! You guys are the best Keep em coming! As for crazy Spring Break stories, Ill have to fill you in on one another time ;) Can't wait for the next one!
You dawgs are hilarious!! I cant wait for the next episode. Start stirin' S#it up T'sai Klone.