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I’m eighteen and about to graduate, do, when I was looking for books to read during the pandemic I wanted to read something that made me feel like a kid, so I read the Chronicles of Narnia. The Last Battle was very bittersweet for me, because it’s a happy ending, but it also meant I could not go back to Narnia. I was so excited when I found this podcast, I haven’t listened to a whole lot, but what I have listened to has made me so happy, to hear the opinions of other fans and of the actors themselves, it’s like I’m still in the wardrobe. Thank you.
Have y’all done many 2020 episodes?
This podcast is like old home week for me. I was there WAY back in the day when Rillian talked with a British accent, people wore paper bags over their heads, and nobody used their real names. This podcast has grown so much since then, and I am so happy it’s continued. Narniaweb’s fanfolk continue to mine treasures and always bring something new to the table. Really enjoying this series on Horse and His Boy right now. Thanks so much guys for all the work you’ve put into making this podcast and keeping it alive and well! - B.B. (The Scribbler)
I started listening back during the production of the VoDT movie and really enjoy listening to thoughtful fans discussing the books (and hopefully more SC movie news!)
I love this podcast because it is entirely Narnia geeks who try to put into words the feelings, themes, fabric of the Narnia books and comment on the struggles translating the books into films. Talking Beasts has gone into detail on the Silver Chair chapter by chapter. You will be entertained and provoked intellectually if you have read the narnia books and have spent time thinking about them and why they are so special. Highly recommended.
A great show to stay up to date on the latest film news. There's also a lot of great discussion about the books as well.
Narniaweb is the best! I get SO excited anytime a new podcast comes up. I've come to adore Rilian, glumPuddle, Warrior, Tirian (*squeals* looooved Tirian on the podcast! Get him back on again!) and all the rests of the narniawebbers who bring us the latest and greatest Narnia news!! When I watched VDT, I bawled at the end, harder than any movie except Hachi... (probably in part due to the emotional intensity I had toward it going in... :P) And I just wanted to die of happiness! I want EVERYONE who reads this review to GO SEE IT!!!!!! (if anyone reads this ever?) It's great! I'm psyched for SC, and can't wait till it comes! *crosses fingers* they better make it! Anyway, I HIGHLY recommend this podcast, and thank you Prince Rilian for being so persistent in making this! <3 Love you all! Further up and further in ;) AslansGirl <3
This is the best podcast in the world! I get super excited whenever another episode comes out! I love you guys on the Counsil. Keep up the good work.
NarniaWeb has the best and most up-to-date Narnia information. They analyze every detail of the movies and compare them with the books. They have discussions and share their own thoughts on the news. They do all this and so much more. This is stuff that Narnia fans could only dream about until now!
GREAT podcast!!!! News about The Voyage and great discussion!!!!! I highly recommend subscribing!!
I just finished reading the Chronicles of Narnia and was aching for some more Narnia-goodness. Thankfully I found the NarniaWeb podcast! The hilarious council sessions are not to be missed, and if you're looking forward to the release of "Dawn Treader," there's really no better place to get your information, in my opinion.
This podcast is great, it's fun to hear people discussing the best books and movies ever becasue they love them as much as i do, it's all the stuff a narnia fan would bore their friends to death with, GO NARNIA!
If you are a narnia fan you MUST listen to this! i listen to the new ones as soon as they come out and am always waiting for a new one. this is a great podcast! and it's totally clean!
I love listening to this podcast! It's funny, enjoyable, and best of all, it keeps me informed about all aspects of the Narnia movies! It's great to hear what Rilian, glumPuddle, Gymfan, and all the rest have to say about the current Narnia movie news. It helps me look at every part of the production and movies in a whole new way, and get in a good laugh as well. All Narnia fans should listen to this! I can't wait for the next one!
This is the perfect podcast for any Narnian. It not only gives you the news you want,but it gives it in an entertaning way. Very funny and a great way to catch up on the news of Narnia.
Whether done one on one, or in a group setting, these podcasts are interesting and will keep the listener up to date on current events surrounding and related to Narnia while also giving them something to think about. They are fun and interesting to listen to.
I am a big narnia fan ( if you couldn't tell by my sn ) I suggest this podcast to all narnia fans out there that speak english! lol! NICE WORK AGAIN!
Hey Rilian, Glumpuddle, Gymfan, and the rest of the group of Narniawebbers!! I absolutely love these podcasts and i hope to hear more with Rilian, Glumpuddle, AND Gymfan. Gymfan is awesome and you three are amazing!! Keep up the great work!!
I've been listening to this podcast for a while, and I just have to say that it is amazing. I don't have time to get on Narniaweb everyday, and with this, I can take Narnia news on the go. It is very informative, so when I return to Narniaweb, I can discuss the latest topics.
Wonderful podcast, definitely keeps you up to date on everything Narnia. The best if you're a fan of the Narnia books, films, or both!
:) The host, Rillian and his friend Glumpuddle and the rest of the cast are so original in presenting their point of view and weekly information. I especially enjoy all the teasing and re-enacting Prince Caspian scenes in short terms: This is the best rockin podcast you'll ever hear :)
This is a great podcast! It's funny, helpful and insightful all at the same time. I actually listen to these over and over again!
Yea it's one of the best Narnia podcasts out there not that there's very much out there
If you want to know the news from Prince Caspian, than subscribe to these!
Awesom podcasts! they pretty much sum up all the big "Narnia" news...suggested highly!!!
Just like the Presidential elections, Prince Caspian will soon be upon us. Thanks, NarniaWeb, for offering a great way to keep up on all the news! There will be lots in the coming months... For Narnia, and the North! -joshMshep The Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast (
omg, i had no idea that there was a podcast for narniaweb! i visit the site everyday, although i never knew they had a podcast! i am a huge fan of both the books and movie, so im super excited to subscribe to this!
I love this. It tells me every thing I wont to know. Thanks Rilian.