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One of the best brewing informational podcast I’ve come across. Been listening since 2009 really appreciate everything that these guys do!!! Oh and if you can’t handle the burping on the show read a book you don’t have to worry about hearing it then!!! Cheers!!
Good info but can you stop burping in the mic? It is so annoying.
Great show. I'm faded.
There's some decent discussion in this podcast but it's hard to get over how sexist the hosts can be. Far too often the conversations devolve into sexual or demeaning comments about women. Also just awful to listen to these guys belch loudly into their mics. If attitudes like this our prevalent in the industry it's not hard to see why it's dominated by men.
Great podcast overall, but I would suggest listening to the older episodes (2006-2008). After that time, ads begin to take over the show in larger percentages. Still good info if you don't mind skipping/listening to 6 minutes of ads every 15 minutes.
Listened to the Black IPA show and cringed with embarrasment at a 'brewing with style' show that drinks year old beer...and a sponsor is one of them. It's like sitting in a bucket of fail wearing a speedo that says fail on the back. Drink some fresh examples, people.

By G6.0
Lots of info
Jamil is so knowledgable and his podcast is really informative. Jamil for President…..or Pope!
I really enjoy this show. Both the style descriptions of earlier episodes and the clone episodes are great. Jamil is a wealth of technical brewing knowledge and his sense of humor evens it all out nicely. Plus, the show is free. Yeah, the ads are long and redundant but I like Northern Brewer and I don't mind sitting through a few ads since I know they are supporting an industry that I love. If you're like me and you daydream about making better beer all day anyway, why not listen to this and actually learn how to.
I ended up stopping this podcast after a few minutes of listening to 2 or 3 guys voices who never introduced themselves so I have no idea who they are (I assume one is Jamil) talk about a subject that apparently they have discussed on a previous podcast, but one in which if you never listened before you have no idea what they are talking about. I am referring to the 3/12/12 episode. Oh, and also someone burped in my ear. I'm sure it is a very informative podcast but I was just turned off.
help me you make better berr. IT's that simple
There's a pleasant vibe and a lot of good information for homebrewers even if you're not going to clone every beer.
I love the show and the information is great. My only negative is there is beer outside of the west coast. How about some midwest and east coast beer?


Good information But it seems all of tbn shows are a little more like a series of advertisements interrupted by brief segments about brewing.
This podcast and the "Brew Strong" podcasts are the best resource for homebrewers! Thanks guys!
Between Brew Strong and The Jamil Show, Jamil and Jon even out the roundup of home brewing entertainment and education that is available from the Brewing Network podcasts. Both shows have an unbelievable amount of information, and this one in particular gets down to helping to clone some well known beers, as well as a comprehensive list of 'style' brewing sessions to help keep a brewer dialed in on style goals. You want brewing podcasts? Look no further than the choices from the BN.
I'd give this thing 6 stars if I could. Jamil and Tastey do such a fantastic job of taking that ridiculous amount of brewing knowledge (just look at the books written by those too) - and presenting it to listeners. Right balance of technical knowledge and beer. I have read How to Brew several times (newest edition too), and still learn something from every single show. The recipes are great - they're effing hilarious - and I am a huge supporter!
The shows are great as long as it's a beer that you like. If the show features a beer style that you are not into than its just ok. You can't tell me that these guys are not good at brewing.
I can't believe how helpful this podcast has been for me to start homebrewing!!! Go northern brewer!!!!!! I buy everything from them
Brew strong!
This is a quality Podcast. So many of these are about belching to good beer. Jamil and the gang put together a great package they attempt to clone a beer that most brewers know and love. One thing I like is when it is all said and done they have flat out said nope that is not a clone! Honesty a novil concept. They bring humor to the program and many technical aspects up about the brewing process the most brewers will find helpful. If you are new to homebrewing this will help get you going on the road to becoming a solid brewer. If you are an experienced homebrewer you will most likely pick up some new tricks for your brewing bag. Jamil has one the awards he has for a reason. Brew on my friends!
Easily the best podcast out there. Second to this is BrewStrong, only because of the amount episodes out. Whenever I don't know what to brew, or am about to brew a style, I'll give this a listen, it always helps. Download now!
Jamil and John Plise are amazing knowledgable about homebrewing and share their information without reservation. Every show features a brewing style and award-winning recipe. The show is tame compared to the Sunday Session and keeps to it hour-long format. I hold onto all of these show and reference them frequently. Even if you do not get into competition brewing (which you will hard pressed to resist) your beer will improve from listening to this show.
I have listened to each of these episodes (yes, I DO have a life - just a long commute) and I have learned a lot! I'm not saying that you'll automatically be a better brewer, but you'll have to be at least a little better! The discussions are great and this is the PERFECT companion to Jamil's book - Brewing Classic Styles. In fact, I'd suggest you buy the book and listen (from the beginning) to each style... You might as well be getting college credit :)
Great brewing and style info Brew Strong
The most informative and entertaining podcast out there in homebrewing from my perspective. There are quite a few great podcasts out there on brewing, but this one is by far the one that I have learned the most from, and have found myself laughing out loud in the car at some point in almost every episode I've listened to (maybe I have a dry sense of humor). If you are a homebrewer and want info and experiences from arguably the most reknowned homebrewers out there (JZ), this is the place. Thanks Jamil and guys rock.
No better brewing resource out there for people who already have the basics of brewing down and want to start learning how to master the diverse range of beer styles for either personal enjoyment or competition. Entertaining and incredibly informative. I learn something from every show. Even if you're not interested in a particular style, you're bound to pick up something that will improve your beer.
Simply the best show about brewing beer on iTunes.
This is a fantastic show on brewing. Looking forward to more shows.
This homebrewing podcast delivers the best information for brewing beer to style in the world. Can't say it any more plainly than that. What characteristics make up the style, how to brew the style, and how Not to brew the style. Listener questions help make this a very informative show.
The Jamil Show is a great source of information about beer styles and how to brew them. If you are trying to turn your homebrew into the best beer possible this is the place to be.
Stats: Two hosts + board op Live show with chat and call-in Audio quality - high I barely made it 10 minutes into my first listen to this show before switching to something else. The two hosts are low-medium energy and have a dry delivery. Boy, am I glad I gave it another chance. I believe this is the best resource for recipe-formulation, style accuracy and fermentation process out there. Pick the show matching your favorite (or simply next-planned) brew and you will not be disappointed.
Jamil and Jon, and sometimes Doc, are a great source of information on brewing a beer to style. I listen to them BEFORE I read "Designing Great Beers" when formulating a recipe. I have not brewed a bad beer yet from their recommendations, and Jamil's Robust Porter is such a hit I can't keep it in stock. Keep up the good work.
Love this show, Jamil and Jon give great info on each show. If I'm brewing a certain style this show is my #1 resource before I start my research. Or, if I'm just wanting some good info, I'll grab one and take it on the road. Love it!
Anyone thinking of brewing a beer for competition needs to have this show at the top of his or her ingredients list! Thanks for the inspiration! Keep brewing, Craig B. Brew Bubbas
This show is definitely on top of the homebrew world. Jamil and Jon give great advice and techniques on brewing a particular style. They also have links to the recipes online to follow along. So what I am saying is "IT'S SO EASY EVEN A CAVEMAN COULD BREW IT"