FreeFall w/David Bassin

Reviews For FreeFall w/David Bassin

Week after week Freefall drops amazing tracks. The music is underground but mainstream, brand new but familiar, and always surprising. I can honestly say I have nothing on my cd shelf resembling what he spins but somehow everything he tries is a gem.
perfectly eclectic. endearingly eccentric. warmly sophisticated and sublimely intoxicating. David Bassin's Freefall is perhaps my favorite podcast, embodying the beautiful eccentricities of san francisco, the magical masterpiece of a city it calls home. perfect for a sunday night, red wine, with the windows open just a bit bringing in the cool san francisco air. i have discovered some amazing artists through Freefall and it is truly a highlight of the week. Nicely done, Maestro Bassin!
minimaltechno-jazzydub'n'bass'n'downtempo-roots'n'scratch-hop. small amount of R'n'b which is bearable but not always, but I'd say 90% of the tracks are top notch.
`this is what good radio is all about.
I have been listening to David Bassin's show for several years now... on the radio, streaming online and now, finally, via podcast! The music is nu jazz, old jazz, hip hop, broken beat, lounge, everything in between and some surprises thrown in. I have discovered many new artists via this show. In fact, when people ask me what kind of music I listen to, I just point them to this podcast... highly, highly recommended and it's free, so give it a listen!
If you like the show 'Metropolis' on KCRW, you will love FreeFall. David Bassin is the best!