Plagued By Rhythm

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If you enjoy the music played by other podcasts like TUH, ISN, Suicide Radio, ReGen Magazine, and Distorted Circuitry to name a few... You will find PBR to the BEST of them all! DJ IZ offers up a great mix of artists and cuts; newer and older, softer and harder edge, etc. DJ COG_Nition comes in from time to time and plays some sets which add a nice contrast to what DJ IZ is playing. Requests are always welcomed as well (Hey, its always nice to request something and actually hear it played!). And the show is the right length (about 2 hours)... AKA AncientOperator
Glad to see you are still at it my man! Always a GREAT show. peace... -helosix
Great show. The mix of old and new throughout the dark electronic genres is great. I really appreciate the talk and updated tracklistings between sets. A few of the other industrial podcasts don't do the track updating and comments. Thanks!!