Reviews For FuseBox Radio Broadcast

FuseBox Media LLC FuseBox Media’s groundbreaking entertainment show gives an explosion of talent and news to the world of Hip-Hop and Soul music. It mesmerizes audiences with diverse styles of real rap music. This station encourages independent artists, and enhances their exposure. Opening up new doors to new talent in the hip-hop and R&B world, setting FuseBox apart from the others. The DJ’s have a dynamic energy with great passion for music. They understand what the listeners want. The show provides the listeners with real news, excitement and it keeps them coming back for more. FuseBox Media makes me want to open the box to a new world of culture, music, and expression. Each time I listen to the show, I have to be ready for new blast of great new Hip-Hop and Soul. Music in these genres will keep being pushed to new heights as long as we have stations like FuseBox Media on board.