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I was looking for a podcast that would help me learn Biblical Greek. While I commend Mr. Pappas for the podcast, I was not looking for sermons, just knowledge of Greek terms. Therefore I'm unsubscribing.
4 stars because I can't find anything else like it, and I'm very grateful for the resource! For me to change it to 5 stars: the intro and outro need to be shortened as they get annoying quickly. Would love to see them get shortened to about 5 seconds after lesson 1!! Totally unnecessary frustration. still, thanks so much for the resource!
Dr. Pappas has done a fantastic job in providing a resource for those interested in learning Biblical Greek.
I am so grateful to you and your wife for these lessons. I have a good friend who used to teach this helping me occasionally as well. He was very impressed with you online materials. Thank you so much.


By SJohn
I appreciate that you have kept these lessons free. I like the pace and the audio-visual presentation of the lessons. I can't seem to find lesson six.
this is cool, to the point, easy, good visual, love the greek music
Thank you John Pappas,i pray God will reward you abundantly.


By Talmuid
As everyone knows, learning biblical Greek is a must for pastors and anyone who wants to properly handle God's Word in such a godless time we live in. This podcast is quickly removing my apprehension for tackling biblical Greekf! More please!! God Bless what you are doing!
Sure beats Highschool Spanish class, although there are some similarities between the two... A great podcast that helps you learn some of the basics of the Greek language, and its not even that hard because you want to learn and can do it at your own pace.