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Currently relistening to AHG from the beginning. Christy is the perfect background to anything except eating and drinking. Unless you want to choke to death from laughter. Yes *those other two* are also entertaining, but seriously, squeak laughter!
…delivered to you by three fun and entertaining people. I have been listening to this podcast for several years now and really look forward to each episode. Christy singing video game themes is not to be missed…as well as Mother Story time segments, and who can forget "Dad Ham"? Chris and the games he tries has helped me find gems that would have been completely missed otherwise and hearing him loss it when Christy says something funny. And Mike - what can I say, his perspective on things hits home with me and I enjoy hearing about his reactions to things. He is (it seems to me) a great counterpoint to Christy and his conversations on coffee got me into roasting and grinding my own. But they all bring good information, a great variety of experiences, and the best attribute of the show, in my opinion, Good Fun! I hope anyone seeing this podcast in a search or hearing about it from someone will give it a listen at least once just to say, "I have listened to the Hole and I liked it". ;) oh, and what can I say about the new "mostly" silent guest host, the Chris' puppy... Thanks guys for sharing this with us.
I have been listening to this Podcast since day one and I have to say that it (together with The Instance) is the best podcast out there. The podcast is so humerous and natural it's like listening to some friends talk about their daily happenings over lunch. Each of the 3 have their own personality and bring great stuff to the podcast but my favorite has got to be Christy. Her daily happenings and dilemmas make me laugh so loud sometimes and when she gets started about her mother I have had to wipe some tears away from laughing so hard. Although Christy is the only one that still occasionaly plays WoW and not a lot of air time is devoted to actual gaming the concept just works. I look for a new podcast every day and am delighted when I see one available. Keep up the good work guys and I look forward to many more antics in the future.
One of the best shows out there on the Internet, from ranting to video games, it's just a freaking great show :) With love from Lithuania MegaBlindy
im way too %^**^^ for an intelligent review..... but i like the podcast and stuff.. my favorite host is randy deluxe
Freakin' fantastic! The hosts of AHG have been perfecting their variety-show banter for years--I've been listening for the last 4--and the result is unrehearsed but organized, sometimes technical but always accessible, irreverent but non-judgemental, politically incorrect yet intelligent, and persistently laugh-out-loud funny. I echo some other reviews: Christy, Mike, and Chris grow on you like the best kind of friends. Friends that are always ready to talk and entertain when you're ready to listen, but won't ask to borrow your lawnmower.
I'm really not good at giving reviews, but if you like to laugh and enjoy hearing about gaming news, then you'll really enjoy this podcast. Each one of them gives you imput on different subjects, and it's all enjoyable. Really makes my day go by quickly. I look forward to each new episode, and look forward to many more.
I have been listening since 2008. The hosts cover games of all types and updates on their personal life. Hilarity ensues. My favorite podcast.
I'm giving it a bad review due to poor audio and content, Christy's seemingly endless ranting about her mom has killed the mood for me. Christy's moaning about mom can take up to and hour or more of the show. Yes we all have problems in life but its better to do something about them rather than constantly moan & whine about them on a podcast.
True they aren't my real friends, but the way the conversations flow on this podcast you feel like you are sitting at the table with Mike, Christy, and Thay. If you want a podcast that covers gaming (video & table top), accounting, bootie shaking, real life blacksmithing, and the latest trends in fitness apparel then AHG is for you. I genuinely look forward to each episode and miss it when real life gets in the way of their regularish recording schedule.
Very entertaining! I first found out about Analog Hole Gaming by one of Christie's guest appearances on World of Warcast. I love it so much, that I saved that podcast and listened to it a few times! Then I caught the name of her podcast and was very pleasantly surprised to hear all three of them together! It's awesome and entertaining! Great balance of male and female points of view - though Christy is my favorite. So listen to it!!! You won't regret it!! Highly recommended!!! SKYRIM!!!! Woo-Hoo!!! :D
Hey I'm doing what you told so many others not to do by going back and listening to all of your back log of shows. You guys keep my from going down the tracks at my mindless job. Not really but even your old content is hilarious and I will continue to do so. I just noticed the tips about reviews for iPod reviews... They are obviously not at all relative for you podcast. Ok sorry for the rambling, but awesome show. never go anywhere you guys are as Christy has said "A Tsunami of Awesome."
This is literally the only podcast I listen to. I'd vote for Christy for President, but I wouldn't for a minute wish that on her. Great job guys, thanks for many many laughs!
AHG is a pretty cool dude. It fights monsters and doesn't afriad of anything.
This is a seriously addicting podcast. Most claim that that's after you get past the retching, but I loved AHG from day 1-hour 1. They spend a good portion talking about their lives... Which is normally something I wouldn't be interested in. But the personalities make that part of the episode both amusing and entertaining. I could listen to this podcast if it was JUST that. And I hate reality shows. But to have such smart, honest people, with day to day things; it's great. Christy is about the best thing since sliced bread. She's funny, smart, sarcastic, and brutally honest. Singing songs and opening the show in amusing ways, or talking about her crazy cats (that should totally be on the show too). She's the e-peen jokes, the horror stories, and the gay man electrocuting himself. Mike is the other half with his DND, geeking out, maniacal laughter, and quick whit. With his interesting attempts to weave plot and entertainment into his DND games, his different, but sensible, way of looking at every situation and random road trips that are work related. He's yer average joe, but not so average. And it'd never be the same without him. Then they brought in Thay, who has to be the best thing that happened to AHG when Bad Chris left. With his past speech impedimate coming out from time to time, his tripping with beer, and singing random songs when everything goes quiet for over 5 minutes. The only thing better then that is when Christy breaks him. It's good times, good humor, mature themes, rotting food, poop on kitten paws, painting rooms, and gaming. They are up to date on news, on top of every thing, and off topic often. And it's perfect. I'd tell you to listen, but I shouldn't have to. This podcast is everything you should be looking for. And the fans obsessions with going back and re-listening to 3-4 hour episodes is both reasonable and understandable.
Would like more game talk.
Hey guys. Awesome has ensued in this podcast! Keep up the analy goodness. Also, I was promised, a long, long time ago, This Week in Socks. Why u no giv us TWNS?
Great podcast, despite the D&D carebears.
Long time listener, first time reviewer. Great overall show, love the personalities of all of the hosts. Been listening for almost 3 years and still love the show and how it runs. Christy adds tongue in cheek humor and great WoW talk to the show, while Mike and Chris add news and other topics of geekery. This is an overall great show with a ton of content, a must listen.
This is a tough show to rate. It's really both a "1" and a "5", so I split the difference. I enjoyed AHG for quite a while. Mike, Thay & Christy can be hilariously funny. They can also be insightful and informative. For example, in a recent episode Mike & Thay had a great discussion on D&D that got to the heart of "role playing" vs. "hack & slash & gather loot". What's the downside? Well, I used to really enjoy Christy's rants. They were funny and irreverent and generally light amusement. Now, however, she has started taking herself way too seriously, and she just sounds whiny and extraordinarily self-centered. Whether she's complaining that someone got in the way of her getting an achievement or ranting about being killed during a PvP quest, her voice just grates on your nerves. I got to the point where I was just fast forwarding thru her complaining and finally decided to give up on the show. All that having been said, it's worth downloading an episode & listening, although the explicit tag is well-deserved... be warned!
Come for the gaming talk stay for Christy's rants. Even when the show is less then "on" it's still full of win.
I LOVE this podcast. It is a great blend of Christy's humor and Mike and Chris's information about current and upcoming games. I am one of the many listeners that Christy attracted from her appearance on World of Warcast. I'm now going back and listening to the older podcasts, and I thought episode 18(Christy's first appearance on the show) was hilarious. I don't care what anyone says, drunk podcasting for the win. If you play video games, do not mind excessive swearing, and like to laugh, go subscribe to Analog Hole.
i would gladly pay a dollar for each podcast these guys come out with or evan more if it was asked of me. grate podcast keep it up
if you play wow or any video game for that matter and dont listen to this podcast your a tard.
they provide an interesting view on gaming as they play the games themselves and talk about it. oh and also, it leaves you asking: "how's your" what did you think I was going to say!? Thank you Mo
As Christy would say "I'v got herpes!"
Absolutely love the show! I've been a long time listener, first time reviewer. Mike and Chris do a fantastic job of updating their listeners on their thoughts on Games, D&D, and diverse topics such as Digital Rights Management. Christy, well.....she is simply a "Tsunami of Awesomeness". Glad to hear on the last show on Christy's diagnosis. Often, just simply naming a condition helps quite a bit. The explicit tag is here for a purpose all. Great show, but not for those easily offended. Keep up the good work!
Really fun to listen to.
Analog Hole Gaming is quite frankly, excellent show. Asuming that your definition of "excellent show" is a show that is riddled with profanity and astonishingly childish sexual jokes from a woman in her thirties, copious amounts of D&D talk and sparse but amazing anecdotes about possibly the worst Amercan mother that hasn't commited homicide yet, and a nerdy guy that can't properly say the word "again". Then yes this is an excellent show. In all seriousness I highly recommend this podcast.
Best podcast made!
I started listening to this podcast through another podcast and at first I was a little hesitant because I don't consider myself much of a console gamer and never play anything on the PC except WoW. Here I am at least a year later enthralled by this podcast. Christy makes this show awesome through her infamous rants and swearing and Mike and Chris do amazing work in keeping the podcast somewhat on topic by having all things nerdy to talk about. They have console gaming, PC gaming, and even D&D. Don't start listening unless you've got 3 hours to spare because you will be addicted to the show like a streetwalker is to crack.
And i like it,I am relieved to find others in this world that understand that some times S happens,and sometimes they might bring up a game they played. Fear the Christy!!!
I can't get enough, it's like crack but not as bad for you.
I started listening to Analog Hole Gaming quite a few months ago after Mike and Christy did guest spots on a certain World of Warcraft focused podcast :). Since then it's come to be my favorite podcast by far. The show utterly lacks direction and it's amazing for it. I listen to to AHG during the workday (with headphones - open air speakers is NSFW :)) and it it makes it feel like I'm hanging around with a group of close friends all day. A little bit of current events, a little bit of video gaming, and a little bit of Christy letting it fly - heck listening to her rants relieves MY stress vicariously. Keep it up guys!
Analog Hole Gaming is remarkably informative and completely entertaining. Chris, Mike and Christy continue to deliver knowledgeable and interesting topics throughout every episode. I was one of the many who journeyed here from W.o.Warcast and am very fortunate that I did. Gaming news, personal gaming experiences and current technology are but a few of the subjects that keep me captivated. I highly recommend this podcast to each and every gamer who play on any platform. Do not let the "Explicit Content" rating discourage you from listening. It is not abused by any means, just 3 adults casually discussing their personal opinions about games and life in general. -You will listen to this podcast… the Shadow knows. -Shawn


By oyea55
I love this podcast
I just listened to the episode where christy was a guest on World of Warcast and listening to her finding the right words to keep starman's rating was great it made me go out and find your guys's podcast just so i can hear more.
Possibly the best video game related podcast out there (retching included). The mix of humor, snoring, technobabble and toilet humor makes this a show to enjoy with your very soul! Long live the Open Hole.
I started in radio in 1988 and talk for a living. The worst thing about broadcasting is hearing a thousand varieties of commercially hip, packaged cool and rehearsed spontaneity. Analog Hole Gaming reminds me there are real people out there that are worth hearing. I find myself really looking forward to every new Analog Hole Gaming episode. I am pretty sure I am older than Mike, but he is like a sensible older brother who keeps things anchored. His intelligence blasts through the headphones and with his delivery and style, he could tell me Kennedy was killed by Elvis and I am sure it would be a lucid and convincing argument. Thay is fun for me because he and his tastes and interests are most like mine. If he likes or dislikes something, I usually find his reasoning makes complete sense to me. I know the reasons he gives are the reasons I would have discovered if he hadn't saved me the time and effort of discovering it by myself. Isn't that what a review is all about? Christy. Well, I hear so many people going into strange and creepy stalker frenzies going on about her voice and a legion of her other virtues that it is tough to praise her without falling into that. Let me just say that she is quick of wit, smart as a whip, and one of the funniest people I have heard in a long time. Her kind of funny cannot be found on TV, radio or movies. Her humor is the kind you can only get from that one friend you just love to hang out with who can get you laughing so hard you cannot breathe. They may think I am pathetic, but I am pretty sure I am not alone in this. This podcast is a real treat for me. For a few hours a week I can vicariously hang out with three of my favorite friends, while they talk about what interests me, even if they don't know I exist. Subscribe to this podcast and you will become a fly on the wall in the hippest gaming get together on the web.
This is the only Podcast that i can stand to sit and listen to you guys are amazing you should really do a video podcast just once lol FOR THE HORDE
This show is a new media gem that has blossomed over time and really found its niche, especially with the advent of Chris the Later. In the two years I've listened, I've found many engaging dialogues about all aspects of gaming from console to PC to MMO, despite the fact that I have little interest in gaming outside of MMOs. I realize that the mature language will be a barrier for many, but if you can get through that, there's some great dialog about gaming and the business behind it. The life stories woven in also provide for a fair bit of laughter, and at times shocking poignance. The profanity, which at one time seemed gratuitous, is now less heavy-handed, so if you listened early on, give it another shot.
Awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I recently started listening to the Analog Hole and I find it hilarious. This is the funniest podcast I have listened to. I started with episode one because even though its old news now, I did not want to miss a word. Anolog Hole helps me get through a long, boring day at work, and the long commute to get there. I am in the process of ordering my very own ACA t-shirt! You guys do a great job. Keep up the amazing show. -zachpsx
Simply the best podcast out there right now for gaming and tech news. The information is always interesting and engaging but the personalities of the hosts are what truly makes the show. Mike and Thay always bring great conversations but it's Christy who brings the laughs and usually a slightly different insight to the table. It wasn't long after I heard her on World of Warcast that I found that that podcast just didn't live up to the wonder of the hole. You guys are awesome; I look forward to a new episode as soon as the latest one is over. Everyone subscribe!
You pronounce "ahgeyin" right. :)


By Yohan
You guys rock, Ive been listening to you for about two years now. And i cant think of another podcast that is as much fun and entertaining to listen to.