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and I love this podcast... because... I also took the time to learn German. How arrogant to give something ONE STAR just because it's in a language other than English. Go find a podcast in English if that's what you want!
This is a great podcast, but how do I start at the beginning? I want to hear Band 1, if it is out there. Anyone know where it is?
I agree with you there. If even though it's german doesn't mean people like the others should just put it down. There are plenty english and even a few spanish ones out there. If you can't fathom that harry potter is for all then you shouldn't even be reading it. Though i can't understand i'm sure it's as good as others and who knows i always wanted to learn german. maybe if i do succeed i'll listen to this , understand it, and write the review i'm sure it deserves
Oh my god, you people are HORRIBLE. Seriously- attacking a podcast because it's in GERMAN? You don't understand it, you keep your mouths (and ratings!) shut! It's not in your language, it's NOT for you! You bring the rating, which the podcast thrives on, down because YOU have to have it in YOUR language or else CLEARLY it cannot be a good podcast! Leave it alone and BACK OFF.
I don't speak german


By Flipi
I speak german and I can only say .... this is the best Harry Potter Podcast !
I don't think people should be able to give this one star because they don't speak the language it's in. I'm just trying to get this rating up to halfway...
no way i can tell wat that is sayin!!!!