Reviews For MoonieCast

Ive only listened to the first 2. its obvous from those that you no nothing about the series
Im so sad it ends at episode 15. I really enjoyed your podcast. But anyway, you did an AMAZING JOB. You were accurate with your information, entertaning, and HILARIOUS. Im glad that throught your episodes, you didn't change, you DIDN'T add other annoying co-hosts (Like Bryan did with Sailor Moon Sidekick), and you were always a joy to listen to. Thanks, Stacie and MJ, for this really great podcast! We'll Miss You!
This is the best Sailor moon podcast i have heard. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a great Sailor Moon podcast
Your podcast is pretty good, just try to stay near the microphone.
you're sailor moon podcast exceeds all my expectations! however, everyone has been patiently awaiting your next episode, but none have come out. since it is summer, you should have plenty of time to make a new episode. once again, i love sailor moon! (Neptune is my favorite!)
Keep up the good work MJ and Stacy. Sounds like you're having a good time on there. Stay cool! Hey, do you know what happened to Sailor Says with Justin? He's fun to listen to and so is Bryan on Sailor Sidekick.
everything else is fine, but the singing sucked royally
this podcast rocks! you gals need to update us though.(wheres #14-?) when you do, (make it very soon!!!!) i need to be informed!
This podcast was okay alot of facts and stuff like that but it had a ton of pauses and it was not very tastefully. It was kind of just two young girls making a podcast. Nothing really special and kind of boring.


By leeza26
i'm really happy that u girls made a podcast for sailor moon. i always love sailor moon and i wall always will. i want to know wat state u ( Mj and Stacie) live in i live in nevada. yall are so cool.i'm 12 not 26. leeza26
I luv ur's so cool because u guys give us all information on Sailormoon...which I Luv!
I LOVE THIS PODCAST. I listen to it all the time, even if I've already heard that episode, just to make sure I don't miss anything. I love the Japanese 101 you have, and it's so great that there are still Sailor Moon fans out there. Thanks a ton! Sailor Usagi
this pod cast is amazing i love sailor moon and i don't have anyone to talk to about it so i think this podcast is GREAT.mj and stacie are the best!
you girls rock. my name is Annie Jackson and i am the president of the sailor moon fan club. i'm trying my best to bring her back but so far nothing has worked. but what these girls are doing is actually helping me. isn't that great?!!!!:):):):)
I was thrilled to see a Sailor Moon PodCast! There is no real SM music in the iTunes Music store, and SM is just about falling off the face of the earth. But I like the way these two girls entertain you with their show. I especially enjoyed listening to the MoonieSong in Episode 2! Very fun! If you're a Sailor Moon fan, or a fan of any Anime/Manga, I suggest giving this a listen!