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By Ghffjhh
I love these concise interviews that get to the heart of current policy that is helping or hindering the public in regards to tech. The ep with Yelp’s Head of Public Policy on Google’s ability to limit external web access can’t be missed.
No podcast has more compelling shows from experts on tech and communications than this! From govt officials to inventors/innovators to consumer advocates, every angle is explored. Very informative!
Imagine attending a graduate school having enrolled in a course with a hefty per credit price. The well connected professor invites high level guest speakers from industry and government to speak about significant and timely industry developments. This program is that kind of education free of charge.
Interviews people from telecoms about legislation affectingt he industry, and interviews lawmakers about telecom releated issues. Sometimes a little boring (can we talk about something besides the digital transition now?), often quite good. There's some sort of an error that fequently prevents it from downloading-same glitch affects other c-span podcasts.