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Reviews For Biliteracy Now

I am fairly new to the bilingual education world so I was super happy to find Biliteracy Now on Instagram. I was even happier to learn about this podcast! *Update because I’m catching up on episodes (May 26, 2020) I just listened to the episode on Imposter Syndrome and I love how it put my feelings into words. I am so grateful for Dyana because she doesn’t hold back and it has helped me improve so much as an educator.
I’ve been following Biliteracy Now for about half a year now and absolutely love all she has to say! Dyana is super honest and real. This last episode on IS was on point and had me reflecting in how I think about my abilities not only as a teacher but in my everyday life. Thank you for the suggestions on writing down things I am great at and keeping them as a reminder!
I have been following BN on instagram for a while now. The content she shares es lo máximo for bilingual educators and this podcast just takes it up to a whole other level! Thank you!! P.S. listen to the imposter syndrome one! INCREDIBLE!!!