Reviews For Math4Knitters

Lara, I need this information so much. I love what you did with the notes on your last couple of pod casts. Can you go back and do the same on the earlier ones? Thanks for a great service. You should write a book.
Lara provides a very generous service to all knitters, whether they ar math challenged or geometry whizzes. Her explanations are clear and concise. Not just functional, though, it's FUN, too =)
What a great podcast. It is very interesting. Don't be fooled by the title, it is a very entertaining. I love it.


I love this podcast - I learn so much and it is the kind of knitting podcast that most appeals to me: no music and 100% knitting content.
Listening to this podcast is helping me understand the knitting concepts that I have struggled with. I prefer to knit without a pattern, but Lara Neel gives the information in such a way that one can use it to adapt existing patterns, create new ones or do pretty much whatever. Other knitting podcasts may have more commentary, news, opinions, etc., but Math4Knitters gives practical solutions to common knitting issues. Thank you Ms. Neel!