The Millionaire Sexpert

Reviews For The Millionaire Sexpert

Her voice is orgasmic.... I love the content and material
Funny, entertaining and wild
Love this girl and her podcast!! She’s real, keeps it real, raw, funny, and dirty!! May you be blessed with the unstoppable success you deserve!! Mistress A’IE
Raquel is hilarious and raw. I highly recommend listening to her! Out of the box and so entertaining while also insightful!
I am having so much fun listening. I’m living through her
Raquel is the real deal. I love her honest and transparent nature. I love that she sheds light and knowledge in an area that needs to be more mainstream
Wild, rambunctious, salacious Raquel takes you on a journey you won’t forget!!!
Raquel has a unique style and curiosity about her that allows her to ask questions everyone wants to ask and evoke answers that will leave you inspired and ready to play another episode. She explores hot topics in a fun and inviting way! Definitely a must listen!!!
More people need to be this deeply connected to their authentic truth and have the courage to put it all out there. She gives me freedom to be ok with all the parts of me that have stayed hidden. Hilarious & raw. She’s the real deal.
I love the authenticity of topics. It’s. a raw subject most don’t cover and happy someone is doing it.. Seems to be a new podcast and I can’t wait to listen to more.