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This is one of the funnier podcasts I have heard, and I can only hope that they do not stop. They're soooo close to the 100th!
Steve and Maureen feel like friends even though I'm sure we'll never meet. Funny and delightful.
It's a little tough to listen to this podcast straight through due to the almost constant whining from the two hosts here but, if you can get past that, it actually has a few things going for it. Could definitely be worse and I'll probably be back for another listen.
Steve and Maureen are utterly charming and engaging. I enjoy listening to their adventures, I'd love more episodes!
Steve and Maureen offer hilarious stories, video game/tv show reviews, and even consumer advice with an unmistakable New England flair in the package of a family-friendly podcast. Truly an excellent choice for any person foraying into podcast listening.


Its great and very funny family show
Who knew the life of a married couple in the suburbs of New England could be interesting. Living in the big city with a fast life myself, it's funny how much completely different people can relate in everyday experiences. It's a Wicked Good Show.
Maureen and Steve are honest and real, but funny too. This podcast is a great look into their lives, the funny things that happen on an every day basis, and of course a weekly slice of life in New England. Wicked Good always has a home of my subscription list.
Great to listen to. Entertaining. A lot of information about mostly nothing but that's what makes it fun. Keep it up.
An unapologetic couplecast, the Wicked Good Podcast would be unrecognizable from the thousands of other couplecasts propagating on the net if it weren't for the extra touches that Steve and Maureen put into their production, such as some genuinely fun recurring segments like video game reviews and podsafe music selections. That said, if you don't like couplecasts to begin with, and if having to listen to stories of someone else's baby is akin to sitting in on an advanced economics lecture, then this show will probably not change your mind. But for fans of the genre, this is one to subscribe to.
Steve and Maureen put together a great show with a blend of life, love and gamer geekdom. I've learned a lot about games and life in a New England town. Especially fun now that we get to hear life with a baby!
Steve and Maureen tell it like it is and make you laugh at the same time, giving you a slice of life vignette of their life and the craziness that we all go through.
Steve and Maureen are great. I have spent my entire life on the west coast and it is nice to hear about life on east coast. Thanks!
Steve and Maureen are the "fun" neighbors you'd love to have living next to you, and can you ever have enough fun neighbors. The show moves smoothly and gives you an insight into the lives of a New England couple. While some couple casts spur you on to say, "look at the time, can't stay", with the Wicked Good Podcast you'll want to say, "what's for breakfast tomorrow." If you need some fun neighbors living next to you, just subscribe to the Wicked Good Podcast and pretend they live next to you. Well done Steve and Maureen!
After listening to Steve and Maureen for a while I've decided that I'd like to hang to hang out with these two. The show is just fun. A fair amount of gabbing and slice of life, peppered with segments like "Shall we play a game" and "The Tivo Moment". The show is well produced, entertaining, and absolutely worth your time.
One of the most addiction shows out there! These two genuinely awesome and nice people are so fun to listen in on! It makes me wish I was there to join in the fun.
This is an entertaining podcast. The couple preovides charm and flavor to the podcast making it engaging. This on is worth checking out.
Just a unique view on life in New England that should not be missed. From their "Lets Play a Game" segment to the "Tivo Moment of the Week" to their "Indoor Yard sales are scary" moment, this is just an all around fun couples cast. Definately worth a listen and a subscription.
Great show and fun listening! Steve and Maureen, keep up the great work. FWIW
It's approved by The M Show, 'nuff said. Now get yourself over to Wendy's for one of those frosties...