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Chris has made an interesting subject more so . I have a half hour drive to work with no cell and bad radio coverage . Download at home and it’s a nice ride with a friend who really knows his stuff . Keep the VOG . How chris coalesces what he researches into each podcast is remarkable ! Thanks
Well written and fun, as well as enriching to hear. Thanks for your work. I look forward to more episodes. Tom Patten Richland, WA USA
Great podcasts and an easy voice to listen to. History from the dawn of man to the Huns (our current point in the story).
Always enjoy the format, voice, topic and length of the pod. Advise new history podcast fans to start with History of the World Podcast and from there seek more niche topics. I learned things here not covered in similar podcasts and university. Keep up the good work! Some people just have it.
I found the podcast halfway through Roman history, and I really appreciate the depth and detail. It’s got enough that you get a pretty comprehensive viewpoint, but not so much that you are lost in the weeds or get bored. Great work and I eagerly anticipate going back to the beginning and catching up. Plus, much better than listening to the gibbering fools in the news.
Great show although it would help if you can raise the sound volume its hard to hear sometimes I work in a loud environment! Other than that its absolutely perfect keep up the great work Chris!
If you haven’t given this pod a listen and you enjoy or are interested in world history THIS IS THE ONE. Chris’ ideal presentation of his research will allow you to sponge his findings. Chris has a humility and humanity that makes me believe he’s a super good dude on top of it. Give a listen! You’ll definitely enjoy it! Cheers!
Well researched and produced, a comprehensive learning tool. Clear and concise well spoken enunciation and the Texan accent is easy to understand. Thank You for all the work you’re doing to put these together, I’m just a dozen episodes in and looking forward to hearing them all.
A girlfriend finally persuaded me at age 67 to take up knitting, suggesting it would help to fill the extra hours of quarantine. She also suggested I start listening to podcasts while doing so. I found this one at the top of the Apple podcast recommendations so Chris, your weekly entreaties have certainly paid off. I started at Episode One and finally at Episode Fifty-Five decided it was high time I rated the podcast and became a patron. I’m not sure what I can add to the accolades you get each week except to say your podcast has ticked off a long-standing item on my bucket-list. I always felt deficient in my understanding of world history and your podcast is all I have ever wanted and more. I thought about taking a class online but this is so much better—on my time and schedule and while I am doing something productive. I suspect I’m not the only one that has found you during the pandemic. Chris, your organization, diction and enthusiasm is wonderful, as so many have said previously and more eloquently. All I can add is to thank you for bringing something so valuable to my life. I have listened to you all summer long and never get tired of the way you present each episode. Congratulations on a great creation.
Thorough and entertaining, the information is dense and well researched but Chris’s presentation is such that it’s very easily accessible. I’m just beginning episode 12 and I’ve really enjoyed all the insights and history so far. Chris is fantastic in his delivery- clear and succinct and not without some great flourishes and personal theories. Make no mistake, this podcast is very well researched and educational, but fun word choices, segues and the casters evident enthusiasm make for great listening. Chris seems to have done the leg work and diligently shows respect for the archeologists and scientist that he cites. Good audio quality and clear material outline allows easy for following and makes it simple to jump right back in. Just all together very well done.
Very well done , organized and easy to listen to. Helps put all of human history into context.
I have found podcasts help me relax during the isolation of COVID-19. I have finished Volume I, the history of prehistoric man and I am definitely hooked. I am now working my way through Volume II on the ancient civilizations. The podcaster Chris is knowledgeable and has a great sense of humor.
I am learning and enjoying this podcast and I look forward to the episodes
I love watching the podcast
I am new to podcasts and I love this one. History always went through one ear and out the other in school. I always feel like a deer in the headlights when history arises in conversation and have always felt I had a lack of context in the society around me. Enter Chris with this outstanding podcast. Very easy to listen to, maps on the website are very helpful, and really gives me the opportunity to learn things I should probably already know! Enjoy the podcast a lot Chris please keep going! It must be a lot of work to put the programs together, thank you!
Awesome podcast! Really love the depth and the linear nature. I have always been interested in history, but sometimes timelines can get confusing because so many things developed simultaneously. But you have done a great job alleviating as much of that confusion as possible
This is the best podcast of its type, largely because few undertake the daunting task of tracing the modern world from the big bang. Each episode has a ton of information so it can be very dense but Chris keeps it interesting. I listen to this when I am lifting to keep my brain sharp and find it very relaxing and informative.
This is just what the doctor ordered! My son has world history this in high school so I thought I would find something to brush up on something I studied 35 years ago. Wow! This podcast is sooo much more than an overview. It is an easy to digest, sometimes in-depth look at world history. I laughed out loud when Chris says “...in his non-expert opinion”. I listen when I go for my daily 8 mile walk to get out of the house lock down here in Orlando. If I ever met Chris I am not sure I would recognize his voice because I listen to him at 1.5x speed. Wonderful wonderful wonderful! Thank you! I am just finishing up Ancient Greece and I fear the day when I have to wait a week between shows. I listen to 3 or 4 a day. Tim Lambert
I love listening this podcast on my commute to work. Now that I am caught up I look forward to the weekly upload as I start my work week. I appreciate Chris’s hard work to keep to a weekly schedule as I imagine that it isn’t easy. Chris’s Volume 1 on pre-history got me hooked on early hominids as I didn’t know much about the evolution to the human beings that we are today. Chris was able to describe what could have been a very technical and scientific presentation to a very compelling and interesting narrative. He approaches the ancient world and now Greece and Rome in the same creative and compelling narrative. Keep up the great work Chris and I look forward to being a subscriber for many years to come!
I’ve been waiting for something like this for a very long time well put together interesting and very informative. Thank You!!!
My current favorite podcast! It’s a joy to binge and it is very well made and researched.
Starts with pre-human history. It’s great
Outstanding! I have learned SO much. Chris’s delivery is pure ear candy. Each episode is a story, of course, but also the collection of the episodes is another story unto itself. Each topic is respectfully treated and Chris conveys an infectious enthusiasm always. I do hope that young people have the opportunity to enjoy these accounts. They would be so richly rewarded.
I am an avid listener of the podcast and have learnt so many things from it. Especially I lived the ones on Indus Valley Civilization. I hope to see episodes dedicated to ancient India, just like the ones dedicated to Ancient Greece, China and Persia.
You’re doing a fantastic job Chris, keep it up that good work! Its been a tradition for me to tune in with you when having my lunch or dinner. Greetings from Texas!
A big hello from Washington State. I very much appreciate the well crafted writing. Volume one was fun. Just the thing while waiting out the corona virus.
Hats up to the great effort in compacting the historical narrative without missing the highlights. Your biggest fan from the land of Khemet.
Chris gives a great narrative view of history and focuses on most aspects of each era, so you won’t just hear about war or politics of the time.


Best part of my Sunday morning I listen every Sunday while making breakfast, very informative and easy to digest
My degree is in biology, but I’m very interested in paleo anthropology. This podcast does a great job of combining hard sciences with soft sciences. It is very educational.
Love the podcast. One point. Not sure if it’s just me, but there is a deep hum in the background.
Started at the beginning of volume 2, still working through it. Will certainly go back to volume one, and listen throughout.


By eco-nik
So informative!! I love this podcast. Thanks for the continued education.
I love the utter depth of information and presentation. As an avid fan of all things historical, especially the ancient world, I found myself listening to Chris everyday and was disappointed when I caught up in a week. I have replayed his podcast several times while I await the each release.
Great podcast! Keep up the great work Chris
Love the podcast. I enjoy the way it is presented. Keep it up Chris your doing great.
Since the history or the world is such a big, ambitious subject, I was skeptical that it could be done well. But so far, I’m super impressed, as it makes a laudable effort to provide the context needed to understand the major issues and events. Having listened from the beginning, it presents each topic in a clear and organized way. It helps me fill in some gaps in my understanding and provides context for deeper study. I’m curious, though, how Chris will handle subjects as they become nearer in history with ever more information available, and therefore ever more complex. Also, Chris, do you produce the whole thing yourself, right down to composing and performing the music? In any case, great job.


Great show, highly recommended!!


I like his calming voice, his accent and the audio quality is good. In depth information but not overwhelming. I find it very relaxing.
I'm addicted to history podcasts and have to say this is one of the best ones I've listened to. The audio is great and his voice is very balanced. He throws in just enough to let us know he's a real human being, but sticks to the content. The content is in-depth, and, even though I've read many of these topics many times, there's always something he throws in that I didn't think of or hadn't heard before. This is good listen to on a walk, driving, or even falling asleep. I've fallen asleep to this a few times and then had to listen to the podcast again because I didn't want to miss anything. I have high standards, especially for a history podcast, so I listened to the first few podcasts skeptically. After the first 3-4 episodes, I am hooked.
I use this podcast for the days when we have appointments or things outside the home that take up our time so my 17yo can still get his required credits. He loves this podcast and it is very well-informed, interesting, and complete. Thanks to this podcast he can listen in the car and apply what he’s learned to what he reads at home in his textbook (or he learns MORE than the textbook at times too).
Love this podcast!!!!!! Listen to go to sleep cuz his calm voice makes me sleep but the info is incredible and I learn a lot. Super addicted , lots of rare facts. Deep into the pre history part and loving
This is a great podcast. The pacing of the content per episode and the verbal delivery within each episode is perfect. I fall asleep to this often listening to the same episodes over and over. You can tell this is a passion of the creator. It also starts out nicely and continues. Often podcasts start slow as the creator finds their way in the beginning and as they invest in hardware. This is not the case with this podcast. He starts on pace and sounding good.
I just LOVE this podcast. I stumbled across it looking for information on the Assyrians and got sucked in to the whole thing. His delivery is “no frills” but that’s exactly what I want most of the time. I can’t wait to finish the whole series!
Easy to listen to at night- no distracting music blaring in background. Excellent information- great all around if you enjoy history.
I love listening during my work commute.. very easy to follow (even at 1.5 speed :) ...Makes history very clear and easy to digest. Wonderful podcast! Bravo!
Wonderful podcast
Chris is very well organized. He tells a very complete story of our history as a species on earth. He covers multiple areas of the world and keeps it organized so you can see the connections among different areas of the world and are common experience as humans.
Just finished his entire Volume1. A detailed introduction to a broad topic. Suitable for beginners and informed amateurs. His Aussie accent is comprehensible and charming. Give it alisten for a coupe of episodes and decide for yourself.