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That’s some good historical presentation.
Such an incredible pleasure to listen to. Beautifully presented and extremely well researched. For those of you that are fans of In Our Time, that are amazed at Lord Braggs granular knowledge of the material, Chris meets or exceeds that test. Thank you for this amazing resource. Dan Laguna Beach CA
Absolutely one of the most interesting and enjoyable podcasts I have found thus far. Information presented in a non dogmatic approach allowing the listener to make up his or her mind on the subject. Need more podcasts like this one.
I first stumbled across this podcast via the YouTube channel The Study of Antiquity and the Middle Ages. Which, on a minor side note, is something I recommend checking out, very much. The videos were made by a gentleman that is on sync with the Narrator to a degree that I was surprised to find out they weren’t made by the Narrator himself. They add something special to an already exemplary production. This makes me chuckle in retrospect, but after watching all the YouTube like 3 or 4 times I thought “I wonder if there may be more available? What’s this Podcast thing he’s referring to?” I am 40 years old, been connected to the smart phone scene for 10+ years now, voraciously consume history documentaries, and had never actually listened to podcasts. I know, ridiculous right? That has all changed thanks to Chris Hasler. I went from V1E1 to the Alfred the Great episode in maybe two weeks. This podcast is so exceptionally put together that I, and I’m not joking when I say this, nothing came out of my AirPods besides THOTWP until I listened to every last word of this podcast. Chris opened my world to podcasts. Turns out there are all sorts of people interested in the same sh*t as me, and have interesting opinions to share. Thank you Chris, and a big thank you to Nick Barksdale, who’s infectious love of history turned me on to Chris. Rest In Peace Mr. Barksdale. The world is just a little bit better place of a place because of you. Now on to my favorite Chris Hasler colloquialism: “where she fell pregnant.” This makes me laugh every time. Whenever I hear Mr. Hasler talk about a queen or concubine becoming blessed with child, I hear “ The Lady was traveling down the path, where she stumbled upon her husband’s exposed member, where she then fell pregnant. We may never know what her husband’s member was doing there in the first place.” Anyone who is familiar with Chris’s cadence and oration style will probably both be able to hear this in their heads now, and probably never be able to unhear it again. That was my light hearted and jovial gift to the group. You’re welcome everyone. I was always told to leave on a high note, so, with that? I’m getting out while on top. Cheers!
A stunningly in depth reflection on world history with the perfect balance of factual evidence and personal theories. His passion for history is evident while he doesn’t allow his personal opinions and influence to erode any accuracy in his reporting. Cheers Chris, you do a truly brilliant job.
Can’t believe someone is taking on literally all of human history. Doing it with good fun and light heartedness too. Really great stuff for history lovers
Just finished s3 ep6 of your podcast and I am addicted! You have a away of telling a story that’s easy to follow and loaded with information. I can’t wait to catch to listen to the rest. Keep up the good work. Thank you so much.
Greetings from Newark, Delaware, USA (aka the 1st state!), I was a history major/anthropology minor in college so naturally I was drawn to this podcast. I was looking for something that went to the very beginning, but it was difficult to find since no one went in chronological order (I realize history doesn’t happen in a straight line but this does a great job of grouping events into periods). I’m very glad I ended up finding this. I process a lot of documents on my computer and listening to this helps pass the time and every so often I learn something new. Thank you for taking the time to research and record this, with such a long timeline this is no small feat! Keep up the amazing work!
I’ve been listening for about 3 weeks now catching up and I’m on the unscripted series in between 3 and 4 already! Only really was looking for pre-history and got hooked on your podcast right away! Just wanted to say keep up the amazing work and can’t wait to catch up to the current episodes!
Thank you for this. I am on Volume 2 the Phoenicians. At this point you are like an old friend with whom I don’t have to make small talk.
Finally… a history podcast that is NOT a rambling, fast talking textbook. Had enough of that in mega collage lecture halls. Entertaining, educational, captivating and very well researched. Chris’ presentation is well paced, clear, organized, does not talk at or down to the listener and you need to love that accent. Highly recommended. Keep up the good work Chris - CHEERS! JL NYC - USA
Absolutely the best history podcast. We waited a long time for someone to cover it all, and here it is. Love the topics and the objectivity. Very well researched and presented. ¡Keep going Chris!
This is a very long overdue 5 star review, as I have listened to every episode through to Volume 4… many episodes I have actually enjoyed multiple times, gathering new info from every listening, and I just wish that history had been told like this when I was back in high school! Chris’s work joins the likes of Kevin Stroud’s History of English as essential listening if you want to understand the true roots and formation of the modern world. Undoubtedly there are other podcasts that shine lights on the perspectives of other cultures and language families, and I look forward to exploring them… but as an English speaking American without a strong sense of connection to where my family came from, the combination of listening to Kevin’s History of English and Chris’s History of the World has given me a much deeper appreciation of the long and tumultuous human story and how we became the peoples we now are. Thank you Chris for your incredible, humble, and engaging approach to telling this tale. You are like a friend I just haven’t met yet, but your voice has constantly joined me as I walk and work, and even when I have run out of new episodes I can always be happy to know there are tales aplenty that I can scroll back to and enjoy yet again. Cheers to you Chris, thanks for all your amazing work to make this podcast a reality!
Truly amazing show. Chris’s episodes are well-researched, well-written, and well-presented. I enjoy learning about the History of the World and I really appreciate Chris’s hard work and enthusiasm for the podcast and our history. I’m on Volume 2 and learning so much!
This podcast is simply amazing. I discovered it during Christmas week when a lot of other podcasts were on a break and I needed something else to listen to. I immediately became addicted and have spent the months of Jan and Feb bingeing all 200 episodes. I am now sad to be caught up and can’t wait to spend the next 5 or 10 years listening week by week until we reach the modern day. I, like many listeners, am ashamed to admit how little history I knew, and how little I thought history interested me, until I discovered this podcast. Chris makes learning history fun!!! Why couldn’t history be taught this way in school?! I would have paid much more attention! Before I found this podcast, I knew that Aristotle, Caesar, Napoleon and Picasso were important historical figures. If you had told me they all lived in 500 BCE, I would have believed you. If you had told me they all lived in the 1800s, I would have believed you. Chris’s podcast has allowed me to place historical figures into their proper historical context, and to truly finally understand history step by step from the very beginning. Thank you Chris for taking us on this amazing journey, I have become a Patreon member as well and am honored to support you and your cause. I can’t wait to keep listening! The only outstanding question is: Will we reach Christopher Columbus by the end of the year 2023??? Can’t wait to listen and find out!
Amazing podcast that is presented in a way where you only want to know what happens next. Started in January this year binging on my commute to work, now finishing volume 2. Appreciate all your work you do. Greetings from Aruba
I have been looking for a history podcast and I’m not disappointed. The host speaks slowly and deliberately making it easy to digest all the information without adding his own spin leaving the listener to make up your own mind. Please keep up the good work
I’m really enjoying this podcast. Chris has such a relaxing and clear way of speaking and is always interesting. He’s very professional and entertaining yet never becomes annoying by trying to be funny as some podcasters do. It’s obvious he is smart and loves history. Thank you Chris!
This is an excellent and addicting podcast. I always wanted an interconnected history of the world, that draws both parallel and interdependent timelines across ancient cultures. I am in season 2, and my only complaint is the amount of attention paid to British archeologists. In my opinion, their contributions to archeology are emphasized (disproportionately from historians from other countries), without acknowledgment of the extractive/exploitive nature of foreign archeologists in the age of Imperialism. That being said, this is a small point and I overall love listening to this podcast.
Scope and scale are mind bogglingly huge, and he’s pulled it off marvelously. Shame all history lessons can’t be delivered in that sweet sweet cockney. I love the throwback sound effects and music. Don’t listen to the naysayers. Scores big on old internet kitsch while still presenting an acceptably modern production with great sound quality. Keep up the good work, Chris!
Why listen? You want to journey through an overview of all of human history in chronologically-arranged ~40-minute chunks. There's really nothing else like this project available in your podcast feed, and why should there be? The scale of the podcast is enormous, and I can only imagine how daunting it has been to arrange the material. But Chris Hasler has an incredible knack for discerning the crucial facts and stories that help outline each culture and era he covers while not getting derailed by unnecessary complexity. After all, there are other more narrowly-tailored history podcasts that will do that for you. His thick English accent might be difficult for American listeners at first, but once oriented his delivery of his scripts is engaging and genial. Thanks to Chris for giving the world such a well-researched and enjoyable show.
I love this podcast! Extremely informative and one of the best history podcasts out there. Do yourself a favor and subscribe!


You know how they say “the book was way better than the movie”? The same can be said about Chris. He’s a real page-turner…bravo
Nice survey of world history. Music is horrible and makes the show unsuitable for bed time.
Intense / straightforward/ detailed/ well read


By bvfgjn
Bravo👏 but please reconsider the type of music and the piercing nature of it.
I’ve been listening to the podcast for about 2 months. I started on V1E1 and am now up to V3E40. Each episode is filled with fascinating content and Chris does an amazing job of producing and presenting. Between the content itself, Chris’ Cockney accent, speed of speaking, and his diction, Chris keeps the listener engaged from beginning to end. Without a doubt, this is one of the best history podcasts that I’ve run across.
I just finished listening to Volume 2 and I can wait until I start V3 - Was looking to get into listening to a podcast worth my time and this is as good as it gets!!! Chris does an excellent job - keep up it up and thank you for all that you do. Thanks 😊 Eddie M.
I started this podcast a couple of months ago for my commutes. Before this, I wasn’t much of a listener to podcasts. In only the first couple of episodes, Chris demonstrated what I was missing. His delivery, humor, and love of the subject matter are enough to grab you, shake you, and enthrall you with stories of yesteryear. If you’re looking, look no further. If you love history, you’ve found a home. If you are uninterested in history, prepare to change your kind. Regardless of who you are, Chris will blow your mind. While I’m currently in the middle of Volume 3, I am astounded by learning that what I’ve learned. And I’m excited to hear more about early England. This was a particular focus of learning for me when I was younger and it’s like taking a trip down memory lane and finding my memory had a lot of holes. No matter what you do or who you are, learning new things is a gift. And it is good form to thank those who give you a gift. So…thank you Chris. It is very much appreciated and very much what I need.
As usual I came late to the party for this one. Having listened to a number of other history podcasts this one is currently in my top 3 favorites along with History of Ancient Greece and History of Rome. I'm only on volume 1 so far but am loving the material, the in depth detail and the way the information is laid out with each episode building on the last. Chris does a great job researching the material and his humble, yet in my opinion, expert presentation keeps me engaged and wanting more. As mentioned, eagerly catching up and hoping to see more to come!
I just discovered it recently. I’ve been listening to it every weekend for a few months now, trying to catch up to the current ones. Easy to listen to and fun and educational. :)
Thank you so much for providing such an accessible source of historical knowledge that is both fun to listen to and accurately aligned with the current state of scientific knowledge.
Pepe from ridgecrest California here ! I recommend this podcast to everyone I know. I love the transition music and always enjoy the end of the podcast when you recommend other shows and enjoy the comments. I will be checking out other podcasts but first I must catch up with yours ! 10/10 Many thanks Ps. Best moment is when you built up Alexander having to make big moves only to die haha
Love this podcast. Found it from YouTube Channel “Study of Antiquity and Middle Ages”. It is easy and fun to listen to and you will find many more excellent podcasts that Mr. Hasler recommends well worth your while. Thank you Mr. Hasler
Chris does a great job presenting information in a clear and concise manner. Love his accent too. I’m working my way through volume 2 now and enjoying every second.
I'm from Iran and I was amazed how accurate you were about our history. So, now, I'm digging from the beginning 👍
Enjoying your podcast. Thank you for the time and research it must take to put it together. Hope I will eventually catch up. Texas grandma who is fascinated by ancient history.
The conversational tone of this podcast makes me feel like I’m just listening to someone in a conversation, not being taught. Chris makes the topics interesting with just enough details to contextualize everything without getting into the minutiae.
Dear Chris, for some time now I wanted to rate your podcast and give you thanks for such an enthusiastic and informative podcast about our history. I’m from Uruguay living now in Florida US, I can’t wait to about the history of the Americas. Great work and thank you again. Jorge E. Barcia
Dear Chris, I listen to you in Michigan. There is dirty of classes on eastern history. Thank you for the thoughtful and thorough narratives. I finally understand my own history.


By Khiuny
Hi Chris. I’ve been listening from Venezuela for the past couple of months. I’ve learned TONS about things I didn’t know I didn’t know anything bout. All this knowledge would have remain hidden to me if it wasn’t for you. I really appreciate what you are doing and I agree that this podcast should be celebrated as a service to humankind.
jon thomasma
I came across this podcast after accepting a middle school social studies teaching position and wanting to learn more about world history in preparation for my new job. I could not be more thrilled with how the information is presented in this podcast. Most of all, I appreciate the humbleness with which the information is presented. Mr. Hasler constantly reminds the listener that history can be created, distorted, manipulated, etc. and that we can never be 100% certain of the accuracy of the stories we read, hear, and tell. I will take this lesson into the classroom with me to teach my future students the complexity of studying and interpreting the past and how it affects our present and will be a contributing factor in our future. Thank you for taking on this labor of love, Mr. Hasler. Your passion and effort is appreciated and has a farther-reaching effect than you probably even know. Keep up the great work!
I have had an interest in prehistory and ancient history since my school years. The History of the World podcast has lit that flame again. Thank you Chris for sharing your love of history with the world.
I stumbled upon this podcast trying to find out more about our early human evolution. Due to the way episode one opened and the podcast quality, I was unsure if this was going to be the substance I was looking for but decided to continue listening. Now after completing the entire volume one, I must say that this whole podcast should be a prerequisite for education in the place of history class and all of the schools worldwide. It is such a straightforward and comprehensive look at our relevant history, and presented in a way that most people can understand. I absolutely commend Chris on his efforts and I do consider this one of the most valuable pieces of information podcast thing that I have ever come across. Keep it up!
Fantastic podcast. I’m throughly enjoying the podcast well worth a listen.
Tight scripting while managing a trove of unfamiliar terms, names and locations makes for a truly interesting show in under an hour. I particularly enjoyed his month’s long dive into the Roman Empire and his focus on emperors along with the broader Roman history. I just got an iPad and this is the first thing I did after setup- the show is that good. Cheers Chris and I look forward to volume III.