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Great podcast but Lindsey makes me wanna punch her
I have been listening to a lot of other Lost podcasts, and craving more I downloaded this podcast and gave it a listen. I was shocked at what I heard. My first impression was that the hosts of this podcast do not understand the show. They are all caught up on things that have been answered, or things that they dont understand. I would recommend that the creators of this podcast rewatch the show and try to understand the show before recording the podcast. Until then, their lack of knowledge about what is really happening on the show makes them sound like they have been watching a different show then I have.
This is the most interesting and has the most intelligent content (without losing the fun) of all the Lost podcasts - bar none. Curt is a great moderator, Dan's irony brings a nice edge to discussions. Nancy Drew was a great addition when they brought her on. Her analysis and mastery of details is amazing. Lost Lindsey rounds out the crew with her heartfelt responses and trademark, "you're wrong!" And they have a great set of regular guests. It has been good fun experiencing the whole TV show/podcast phenomenon and, for me, Black Rock was central.
Lost haters you have a podcast.. Not sure why they do a podcast as the last couple weeks they have slammed Lost. I suppose that is the Black Rocks perogative.. I just unsubscribed. Ive put up with the annoying cat fighting Kate Hate by the females on the show but after most other podacasters agreed "Why they died" was an awesome episode I am sure the Black Rock will say oooohhh we watched it a 2nd time and it was the really great.
Smart dialogue, interesting, and always thought provoking. Lots of hate on Lost Lindsay. I don't quite get why, she doesn't seem overly negative at all. If everyone agreed with you on these podcast, it'd be a bore. Anyways, I always listen to this stuff before going to bed. My only harp is that the community call comes out so late on Sunday. Not much time to listen over a few days. Then this really doesn't matter.
Just need to work on sound levels a bit more.
Super podcast. Long time listener. Just wanted to put a rating out there.
The potential is there for a 5 Star rating, unfortunately, Lindsey is disrespectful and annoying. She negates a star from the rating. Additionally, at times, poor audio quality makes the podcast difficult to hear/understad. Could be much better!
I really enjoy your podcast and listen to both eps every week. But I am so tired of Lindsey's negativity. She interrupts people, she yells at people... she makes it very tough to listen to. Its fine to have an opinion but she should try and approach it in a more respectful way. please ask her to work on this!
I enjoy this Lost podcast over all the others. While there are some technical issues I find the conversation real and enjoyable to listen to
The content of the conversation is worth listening to. The podcast is frustrating, though, because the sound quality is generally poor - specifically, the participants are recorded at a wide range of EQs and volume levels. Additionally, Lindsey is humorless and whiney. Listening to her speak with my earbuds literally hurts!
Ive listened to most of the podcast for lost and this one is more like sitting in a conference call.The dead silence between the host will make you drift off.It seems like they pay more attention to the chat than each other.Im all for the uncomforatable silence on a bomb of a joke but they are not joking.However they did raise some points that I havent heard and were woth thinking about.But I could only make it through about 50 minutes.
The good news is that this podcast provides some of the most insightful Lost theories and information available. I'm not aware of any other podcast that will give you this level of analysis and detail about the show. The bad news is that if you feel like a bit of a dork for listening to a Lost podcast at all, this certainly isn't going to make you feel any cooler. Imagine being a fly on the wall in some 40 year old guy's parents' basement as a bunch of vintage geeks pontificate on Lost, and you've got a pretty good idea of what the podcast is like. That's actually not much of an exaggeration, as the podcast is pretty lo-tech, lo-res, and comments are not directed at the listener at all, and are instead directed at one another. Listening is like really lame voyeurism. With that said, however, I still listen and I always come away with it with things I hadn't considered, because these folks REALLY know their stuff. Only you can determine whether wading through the unfathomable nerdiness is worth it. For me, it is.
It would be a 4 star podcast if you dropped Lost Lindsey.
The Black Rock folks don't try to dazzle you with crazy sound effects and production values (except for the occasional crickets)...they just keep you coming back with great Lost discussion. All who contribute are normal fans and are relatable. Also, the theories shared tend to be more on track and grounded than the typical wild stuff that gets thrown out on Lost podcasts. Great job guys!
Working during podcast or I'd join in live. Excellent and thorough cast of podcast all-stars.
While I do appreciate a sometimes up to four and a half hour podcast devoted to pure Lost theories......this podcast is so shoddily put together it is at times completely unlistenable. Recorded at a low rez to accommodate the length, no editing, the various speakers' voices mixed some very high and some barely audible, voices garbled and distorted to the point of's a true devotee that can sit through this amateur hour mess. Though many of the theories are excellent, a lot gets Lost via the terrible presentation, lack of technical ability and lack of personalities.
Curt talks too much! On the community show (the Thursday show) he dominates the conversation, as if he's trying to show how smart he is. I would love to hear more from Dan and the "community" or just go to a show where it's JUST Dan and Curt....and Nancy Drew!!!
There are some great Lost Podcasts out there. If you want to listen to some folks who really know what they are talking about, this is the podcast for you. Dan, Curt and Nancy Drew are great. And I love the Community Call! I appreciate all your hard work and devotion to Lost!
I love the format and the show hosts. I am always waiting for their analysis of the previous show. Keep it up guys. --AbeFr0man
If you are a Lost fan looking to continue the experience after the show, you must go on over to talkshoe and join in on the Black Rock podcast. Curt is the man; a terrific host who can handle 5 or more callers at once while still having amazing insight and theories. Dan, Nancy Drew, and Matt from the Smoke Hatch are all insightful, funny and chock full of Lost goodness. If you are serious about Lost, you must listen to the Black Rock.
I really enjoy listening to their theories and views, but I am sooo distracted by the bad production. Everyone is talking over each other, some people speaking are very loud, others you can't hear at all. And you can constantly hear people moving around, or typing. Please, I know that your using TalkShoe, and it's not the best, but can't you mute yourselves when your shuffling papers and moving around? It is seriously distracting!
Black Rock is a long running LOST podcast that in large part attempts to reconcile known science with the plot of the story. If you are interested in an intelligent discussion of various LOST theories and an update on the latest episode give this podcast a listen.
I am obsessed with one tv show. So are all of these people that talk on this podcast. It may not be the most entertaining lost podcast with funny dialogue and that kind of thing but they are so well informed about the show - better than any other show. they don't fall off topic or drift like ben and ralph they stay strictly to the lost story. If you don't like this show then you are a shallow shipper. But it's great to know there are other people who are so into LOST and thanks for a great show.
Dan and Curt do a very thorough job of analyzing more than just the episode itself. They go deep into the mysterious nature of the plots and characters. I really enjoy the great work they are doing and look forward to more episodes. see ya! . . Len .
I Listen to every LOST PODCAST, some great and some ok. The Black Rock podcast is amazing! They know their stuff and they are very interesting and I love the flow of their show. I highly recommend subscribing to this podcast. Great work!
I thought for season 4 I'd give this 'cast a try, but was sorely disappointed. The production values are extremely low, and the repetitive circles of conversation quickly become frustrating. The hosts are monotonous and lack engaging public speaking skills. I found myself growling at my iPod and barking unheard commands to the hosts to "get on with it"! LOST's primary theme is about "sides", and leadership, and recruitment - yet all they want to talk about is the science fiction / fantasy elements of the show. For example, they dissed Sayid's character in The Economist for just being a rehash: before the island he was a torturer and after island he is an assassin - see, no big difference. Except that because of what we have seen on the island we know that Sayid is a good person at his core, so assassin work is not his choice. What does Ben have over him? How is Sayid driven or coerced to do this? Why has the "headhunter" been recruited for killing? This podcast is really short on intelligent analysis, even in relation to the "geeky" elements on which they do focus. And as if that were not enough, it isn't even entertaining.
These guys are so wrapped up in the "island mystery" that they often overlook the fundamental limitations of television and storytelling. Details become more important than the overall story, meaning they sometimes miss things that are apparent to a more casual fan. The heart of the show, the characters and their relationships with each other, doesn't matter to these guys -- it's all about the greater mythos and nothing else. Frankly, that can be quite tedious at times.
Incredibly articulate and smart. Well deployed theories and surgical interpretations of Lost. This is great stuff . This isnt popcorn and recap. These guys could just as well be in a boardroom discussing.....whatever people discuss in boardrooms. Overall impressive .
Curt and Dan bring a ”no nonsense", "no frills" approach to Lost podcasting. This show often has analytical and enlightening discussions that stimulate my “monkey brain”. If you enjoy Lostcasts, give Blackrock a listen.
This is the best podcast I've ever listened to, by a longshot.... You guys are intersting hilarious and unique... You guys should consdider expanding to other avenues, maybe even an XM radio show, because I know I am not alot in thinking you guys could be really big beyond Lost... Ill listen to anything you put out.....
yeah i dont know how i feel about this show. Ive' heard Everythinglost. now thats a podcast. go check it out.
This is a thought-provoking podcast that is intelligent and easy to understand. The podcasters explore various theories related to Lost - both their own and their unique compilation of other theories going around the boards. The result is an intuitive and intriguing experience that continues long after the podcast ends. These podcasters know how to spark interest. The listener is motivated to further explore and research many things that they probably would never consider researching beforehand. Lost is good at providing obscure references that turn out to be very interesting. This podcast helps to put these ideas into a cohesive pattern. They discuss theories about Lost in a way that inspires the listener to want to learn more. Their discussions provoke questions that are hard to put out of your head, Further study just follows Some of the podcasts which focus on episode recaps & predictions are very entertaining and fun. However, intelligent theory based podcasts are few & far between. I highly recommend this podcast. It will keep your mind busy between Lost episodes and give you a whole new perspective on the show.
For an intelligent, no BS look at Lost, this hits the spot. They go into detail about each show. Also, they find some good theories out there as well as have good theories of their own.