Teaching for the Future

Reviews For Teaching for the Future

Not only are Dave LaMorte's opinions, ideas and podcasts well organized, articulate and intelligent, he is entertaining, and a great individual. A friend of Dave's, I'm honored to know he will be molding the future minds of America.
This podcast is great! Dave does a really nice job offering a wide and interesting variety of topics! Personally, i really enjoy when he interviews other people and discusses their opinions with his own. Anyone involved or interested in the educational experience should definetly take a listen.
This podcast got me interested in podcasting in general. Mr. Lamorte has a pretty good grasp on the whole format, and his podcast serves as a jumping off point to other podcasts, websites, and generally interesting things that are out there floating around in the world. It is also filled with a lot of common sense (usually!!) commentary that pertains to kids, how we raise them, and how this new media ties into the whole process. Really interesting stuff! I recommend a subscription to this cast! -seagull charlie