Reviews For Automators

As we move towards more home automated devices and more ways to control them, this podcast is a great resource! In particular, as we begin to explore Siri Shortcuts, they are providing great examples of how to streamline work flows and automation. Keep up the great work!
I've been a fan of MacSparky for years. But the pair of David and Rosemary unlocks a new frontier of learning opportunity. Love the additional resources and downloads. As a podcaster, I know how much work a show like this is. Thank you so much for your dedication and please, please take care of yourselves... you've gone and done it again, quickly becoming a central piece of our podcast diet and we don't want either of you to burn out! ;-)
Automation is such a benefit, but it can be hard to know where to start. It's great to hear a show like this that really fills a need. The first two episodes have been great. I've adopted some of the ideas they've talked about, and it's also got my brain working on new stuff that's particular to my own life and work. I'm excited to continue down this road with them!
I’m happy to see a show having to do with automation. David Sparks sounds like Billy-K’s super sounds of the seventies from Reservoir Dogs or Thomas Haden Church. Keep up the great work.
Heard about about this podcast on MPU. Love the hosts David Sparks and Rose Olive from their work on MPU. Very excited to hear upcoming episodes!
I’m a super nerd.... I dare to say I’m a Mac Power User 😉. This podcast is AMAZING. I love how nerdy and detailed David and Rose are! The problem I have with it is that I won’t be able to listen to it like I do all my other podcasts. I need to be in a quiet place and be working in the automation tools as they are talking about them. But then... I go down the rabbit hole and don’t come up for an hour or two. A 30 min podcast becomes a 2 hour ordeal as I automate my life more. Let’s just say, “I love it!!!” Great job David and Rose!
I've been a listener to a different podcast co-hosted by David Sparks and the automation shows have always been my favorite. One of the best of those episodes was with Rose Orchard and now there is an entire podcast with both of them! Amazing! Really, really great automation examples and inspiration. The hosts do a ton of work to make this as easy as possible for you to explore. Take a listen - you won't regret it.
Amazing podcast with many concrete and actionable ideas for automating tasks. Of course, not every idea is for everyone, but if you're interested in trying out task automation this is the podcast for you. It is so helpful to have knowledgeable people talk you through using (and even creating) automations. Trying to figure out how to do it by yourself can be painful and frustrating.
You can tell that the hosts have a lot of fantastic automation info to share! The samples provided in the show notes are worth their weight (or better yet, MY weight) in gold! Rose and David are so "into" this topic that they almost can't help themselves but share. I would call them educated automation evangelists! This podcast is going to be a huge boon to the technical community!
As a tech-savvy non-developer, this show really pushes my brain to learn how to automate my day-to-day life, as well as think logically about every aspect of every day. Great first episode and I look forward to hearing about more workflows!
I'm a highly distracted ADHDer with a low tolerance for frustration, and a love of systems, routines, and organization. I am so very happy with this podcast for many reasons. First, Rosemary!!!! I was looking for more female role models and teachers for these topics. Secondly, I 'm a newbie geek in training and the conversation between two hosts makes a great check and balance for any missing details! Thirdly, Prompts with a conversational tone that resonate with a user are helpful for anyone struggling with performance in workplace. My job includes performance management and accommodations for others & opening up this world of possibility can save people their jobs. Next, Other podcasts are long, sometimes a bit more advanced, and I lose interest. I also download all these new tools and make a mess! The fact that examples are provided for each training bite is thrilling. This is exactly the length of training needed to keep people engaged. The timing of the show is amazing! I'm excited to get my dose of learning on a Friday and then practice over the weekend! You have got a huge fan! Hopefully, you will create a community for folks too! for frustration, and a love of systems
I feel like David can make a podcast about watching paint dry, and I would subscribe, he is that good! Excited for this one...
I know this will be a top-notch show, with two people that are super passionate about automation, and know how to break it down for us. Can’t wait for the first full episode!
I’m thankful they will be providing examples. It’s an intimidating topic but I’ve wanted to get into this for years. I’m excited to start!