Reviews For The Malex Minute

Awesome podcast! the best one on my iPod by far. this podcast follows three hilarious characters, Malex, the human host, Linus, the pessimistic laptop, and Snufflefungus, the talking fuzzball with no arms or legs. my favorite episode has to be episodes 111 and 112, where malex gets, lik, 10 phone calls from his longtime rival, Johnny John Johnson. take my word for it and download a few episodes. ~gooseman~


By Mei H.
This is the best podcast....I can't believe that only 2 people (including me) have written reviews. WHERE IS ARIEL dMAR?!?!? I know she loves this podcast too, and I'm surprised she hasn''t reviewed this yet! Oh, and just in case the Markley brothers read their reviews, this is so you'll recongize me: Log'd. Hyper Linus. (Beat that! ^^) ~Rina