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Before I had kids and a business I had plenty of time to play with open source software. Now, however, FLOSS weekly is a great way for me to keep up with new projects that I would normally have time to discover.
Amazing there’s been a 12 year gap in reviews and this podcast is still going strong. I’ve been following it for much of its history and attribute much of my ability to keep abreast of developments in the Open Source world to this podcast. Keep up the great work!
Has a great variety of open source projects as guests on this show. I love the format of interviewing one project and going in depth on it.
FLOSS Weekly is a constant wealth of knowledge. Unique insights into open-source culture. Useful or common tools explained in impressively comprehensive detail. I must also make mention of the exceptional sound quality. I find most podcasts have trouble being played at 200% speed or higher. I’m able to leave FLOSS at a solid 2x without worry. Thanks for everything you all do ;)
The variety of projects that are interviewed on the podcast is great. Every so often there is a dud. But definitely a podcast that gives the listener an excellent idea of the many open source projects out there.
I'm really into open source and this show has helped introduce me to same great projects over the years. I enjoy Randal Schwartz's perspective and his rotating co-hosts. This is one of those podcasts that is well worth downloading the whole back catalog since there are so many interesting projects/discussions over the years.
I came across the show about six months ago and have since listened to every show. It's awesome! I've learned so much about open source technologies and issues. they discuss the bleeding edge of software each week with very big names in industry. I recommend to any who work in tech.
I like it, found lots of neat projects because of it.
Such a great show , I recommend it for those whom interested in learning more about opensource software.
Server Management Software, Network Management Software, Something Good, Server Management Software, Server Management Software, Something Cool, Network Management Software, Network Management Software, Something Interesting, Server Management Software... Rinse, Repeat.
Leo is the only thing keeping this podcast bearable, and he only occasionally pipes up. The topics are not interesting, Randall Schwartz isn’t a good host, and often the audio quality is terrible. I can’t waste any more time with this podcast; too many good ones out there.
Boy, I used to love to listen to this podcast as well as Security now. However Floss weekly just lost that zip. Randall schwartz is a nice addition, but as Leo said needs more "broth". Jono bacon was great, Just not feeling the love now. Sorry got to unsubscribe.
There's no better way to learn about how and why people create open source projects.
That this podcast is enjoyable is the best way I can think of phrasing it. Some good information thats wrapped up in entertainment. The info/entertain ratio differs *in my opinion* depending on the guest, but it has all been very pleasant on my ears.
One of my favorite shows to listen to on my way to work!
This podcast is great!
This is a great show! I love not only that they are discussing free software, but that they are able to cover such a wide variety of software. Even when I don't think a topic will be very interesting, they always turn out to be great shows! I have learned about several great projects I would never have heard of if not for FLOSS Weekly. I love the hosts too. They are always eentertaining and personable.
Randal does a great job of mixing up the content from week to week to keep it interesting. Open source is not only about Linux and this show does its best to point out that fact.
I've been listening to this show for a long time now, since Chris DiBona was the host. I'm glad to see Randal Schwartz has gotten the show back on a regular schedule after all this time. I enjoy the wide range of topics covered--everything from frameworks, to languages, to operating systems, to development tools, to open-source hardware, to filesystems, etc. There's a pretty good balance of technical info (mainly from Randal and the guests) and info anyone can understand (mainly from Leo). The only issue I have, sometimes, is the call quality. When you're dealing with different guests every week, making sure everyone is properly setup for a high-quality conversation on Skype is tough, especially when guests use their built-in laptop mics. That minor issue aside, if you're interested in learning about the ideas behind FLOSS or just want to learn about some cool projects, check out this podcast.
This show is routinely interviewing some of the most interesting and hottest open source developers and project leaders available. I currently wait with baited breath for each new release and am never disappointed. Randal books some of the greatest developers to talk to on here. Two superstar guests from the most recent shows are John Resig of JQUERY and Aaron Newcomb and David Brittle of ZFS from Sun. Just great stuff.
The episodes are a great introduction to the breadth and some depth of the open source world. I enjoy hearing about the interesting people and projects out there. I enjoy learning the large part that open source plays in the products we use every day.
This is by far the best podcast dedicated to open-source software. There's a great spread of guests from various fields, and the hosts are great. I do wish there was a little more Linux tossed in the mix, but that's a minor complaint. I am so happy that this show is now weekly, and the guests lately have been awesome (jquery, xbmc). If you like this show, check out the other shows on the TWIT network, but this one is my favorite.
A most excellent podcast on Free/Libre/Open Source Software with great hosts who vividly yet lightheartedly engage and steer the conversation. Guest speakers are always interesting, knowledgeable, and from diverse backgrounds. For myself as a Perl programmer-fanatic it's an added bonus to have Randal Schwartz on the show. Keep up the good work!
This has been a good show, though it has certainly not been weekly. I have enjoyed the interviews with the movers and shakers of the OSS community. I understand that podcasters cannot always hold to a regular release schedule, but Leo and Chris have really pushed the irregularity envelope. R U Listening?
Mr Laporte has promised on more than one instance that they would make this a weekly show but as you can see from the dates, he has fallen short of that goal. This is another example that Mr Laporte needs to step back and retool. Is the so-called 'network' more important than the individual quality of the shows?


By xsound
This is what i was looking for: Great information about open source software. Keep it comming.
I am the tech director for a large school in Southern Maine. We use a lot of open source stuff to help provide services at a limited cost. I also used to watch Leo on Tech TV back a few years when Leo was on. What a great combination. While I love the intense open source talk I also like how Leo tries to bring it back to some nice plain English. Great Job and keep up the good work.
I read some of the negative reviews here, but they were mostly about the earlier episodes. But it has matured now. The quality has improved, right from the EXCELLENT opening theme. (the old one was rather sombre) Leo Laporte has taken more involved role in the interview process and guides the show back on track when it leers off path. Being from radio, he's an expert at interviewing and moderating. And Chris DiBona asks the deep techie questions. It is one of the few tech podcasts which gives a nod of the history of I.T at the same time delves deeply into the subject at hand.
This is an excellent podcast on open source (OS) technologies. Chris DiBona is a long-time member of the OS community and has a lot of knowledge about its various histories and developments. He is also the Open Source Programs Manager at Google. As such, he is a great host for this topic. The interviewees for this podcast are also top notch.
This has to be one of the most interesting podcast that I have come accross. Great for the history buffs and open source fanatics. The other reviews show it is not for everyone but this is a true gem
I read some of the more negative reviews and have to disagree with them. I think this is a great podcast on a great subject. I guess it is a matter of opinion. The hardest part of finding a good open source podcast is finding one that is both interesting and understandable by the "average" computer user. I say give it a chance.
This is a total waste of time. Leo Laporte has several great podcasts. This is not one of them. Chris DiBona is a joke. There's very little actual FLOSS content. It's mainly just DiBona yapping away about star trek, his breakfast and other totally off topic things. If you want real talk about FLOSS check out LugRadio or The Linux Link Tech Show.
This makes a really great addition to TWiT.tv. Once again, Leo Laporte sits in with an expert on a subject and interviews people. One FLOSS, the topic is Open Source Software. The first interview is really good, but leaves a little to be desired. I feel conforted by knowing one of the reasons for this podcast was to interview many of the "characters" in the open source world. I know there are truly many "characters" out there so am leaving my 5 stars. Chris DiBona makes a great cp-host as well.
...it would've been more interesting if it had been about teeth or say the varied categories and vintages of over-the-counter plaque string.